Let me tell a you a bit about what I’ve learned about #Love and #Life: Being able to share laughter with the one you’ve committed your heart to makes every blow, disappointment, frustration and set-back in life that much easier.

Don’t say, “…one day, we’ll look back at this later and laugh…” Laugh NOW. Laugh by/in faith if you must. Laugh because one, what you’re going through is likely not as big/horrible as you think and laugh because, it truly is a medicine.

Thank you, @theplutocrat for always making me laugh and smile, even through my tears. #MarriedGram #TheBrewtons

#Meanwhile in #Hampton…

#Repost @theplutocrat “Confirmation that you’re married to a #natural sistah. Food items normally found in the kitchen, now reside in the bathroom.
#haveyouseenthesalt #ibuymybeautyproductsfromthegrocerystore”

My husband is judging my life and I’m not even at home!? LOL #GetOuttaMyBathroomSir #iMissYouToo #MarriedGram #TheBrewtons

I’m doing too much and not enough all at the same time.

This is a challenge to do better and be better.

Guide my steps, Holy Spirit.

This book from fellow church members Sharon and Ozzie Mays came RIGHT on time!

Thank you both for always being so supportive of #TheBrewtons and aiding in our growth as man & woman individually and as husband & wife collectively!

#MarriedGram #KingdomWoman #TonyEvans #FocusOnTheFamily

Between my eyes being closed in the first pic and @theplutocrat’s eyes being closed in the second one, we had to take what we could get. *smh* LOL

We thoroughly enjoyed our first @gosquirrels game though! Thank you @jonbibbs of #TeamBibbs for the invite! Congrats on the success of the #SmoochaPig campaign! - Love, #TheBrewtons

(at Flying Squirrels Baseball)

#TheBrewtons would like to thank everyone who celebrated sixth wedding anniversary with us through the connectivity of social media.

Along with the grace of God and an undying love for one another, it is the love, prayers and support of family, friends, t