Fic Rec

Ok people, this is the singe hottest thing I’ve EVER read:

Dreams and Fantasies

By  thebookworm214 and ladycorvidae.

Seriously, it’s a collection a stories that are all extremely hot!

There’s something for everyone here.

This is the summary from AO3:

Various scenarios of various Sherlock characters doing unspeakably filthy things to “you,” the reader and observer. A bit unorthodox yes, but we approached it kind of with the attitude of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. Give it a shot.


I highly recommend it.

Also they are taking prompts for future stories!!!!!

Even If The World Ends by thebookworm214

Rating: Explicit

Summary: Sherlock Holmes was seven-years-old, sitting on the swing set in his back yard, crying and rubbing his arm, wishing for somebody, anybody to come help him.

Review: Poor, poor Sherlock!! It’s a cross-over with Torchwood and is pretty creepy at times but it’s Sherlock and Torchwood together so you have to love it.