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The book goup was created for book lovers. The members of this club will be able to discuss their reading experiences etc

To join in, you must:

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  • Be following me and her
  • It can be any type of blog!

To increase your chance of join the network tag a post with thebookgroup explainig us why you like to join 

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The Book Group is looking for new members!

If you are as passionate about books as we are, you should try to join the book group, where we talk about books, and other stuff, but books in general, because books are awesome!


  • must be following me
  • must check out the other members
  • reblog this post, likes don’t count!
  • follow the instructions on this page (application form). If don’t submit your answers you won’t be considered!

See this, if you’re interested in being on my winter favourites list!

I promise you’ll have loads of fun, and you’ll meet awesome people!

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Why I want to Join the book group

I want to join The Book Group because I really need a group to fangirl with basically. I really love books and im apart of every major fandom here on tumblr. I love making new friends and love books too, I also really need to find some new books to read so maybe some people can help me out? hehe.

Thanks for reading this,

Zoe :)

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reblog this to become a member of the book group!

this is not a promo group. 

it’s simply a group of people who love books.


  • read books & enjoy it
  • be friendly
  • no likes
  • you can be any type of blog with any amount of followers

Message me here for any other questions.

I will tell you if you’re in as soon as possible. <3

Why I Want To Be In Book Group?

I want to be in book group because I love reading and I would love to interact with other who love my passion. What is it about delving into a fantastic story that gets your blood pumping, why would you encourage others to read, what makes reading so special as opposed to watching a film? I find reading relaxing and enlightening. It is like breaking a secret code and learning someone’s secrets. Books can also be the source of creating memories in your life and even at whatever stage you may be in your life, reading a good book can help you deal with life quite a bit. 

Why I want to be in zee book groupp <3

Hey there lovelies, I love to read and I even took higher level literature at school because I love books. I’d love to join a group where I can fangirl/discuss books with other book lovers. thanks for reading and have a lovely dayy <3


I’m so deserving of this network. If you check out my personal. You will understand that I love all kinds of books, authors, and I’m apart of a lot of book fandoms. I don’t limit my reading scope - I read from classics to YA fiction. I’m currently reading five books right now. I would love to be surrounded by like minded people who love books as much as I do.