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Oh wow, chemistry and timing was absolutely wonderful! It's very atypical for a remione time turner one, which I'm usually so skeptical of since a lot of the ones I find are the same but yours is very individual and well written! :) hope to see a sequel or something, anyway, you seem to be a wonderful writer

Oh wow! Thank you so much! it’s always great to hear people are liking my story! Thanks for taking the time to message me!


A quick note, though. You mentioned you were looking forward to the sequel, so just letting you know that part II has been posted online! For clarity of reading, it has just been continued within the same piece on FFnet.


“Though it is hard to be a king, it is harder yet to become one.”

Trapped between responsibility and recluse, anonymity and celebrity, Prince of Wales, Freddy, and wife, Fredericka struggle with the public eye and the expectations of tradition. Seen unfit by their family and peers and with the current Queen only getting older, they are given one last challenge to prove their ability to rule. And, like kings on the verge of failure before, their challenge is to conquer-–in this case, America. While the book is satirical in nature, like all Helprins’s novels, its extreme detail and luscious writing style give huge heart to this story of love and discovery.