#BlackHistory: Happy B-Day BOB Marley


Music is considered by many as the universal language. Music brings people of all ethnicities, religious backgrounds and social classes together in a rhythmic tone; penetrating the mind, body and soul. Of the many artists of modern time, Bob Marley is arguably one of the most influential. Born today, February 6, 1945, Bob Marley brought attention to social concerns through music that embodied love, humanitarianism and unity.

Happy Birthday Bob!

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#TheBIGLIVETV Ways to Happiness: Common Sense Guide to Better Living

Do It #BIG

Over the past year, #TheBIGLiveTV has encountered many inner city youths that always ask the same question “how did you start #TheBIGLiveTV. Much like any dream or vision, you must look within yourself and find what first makes you #Happy. This sounds cliché, however… many of us have a hobby, and that’s usually how it starts. A hobby or a field of interest brings us joy and it’s that very joy that fuels #BIG things!

We all have a God given talent, life is about beautiful experiences that develop and manifest that talent into #BIG things. The problem is however, life is also full of distractions. We all suffer from difficult times; death, family issues and societal problems are evident all around us. Yet, it is finding the lesson within those very experiences that allow greater things!

America is home to free enterprise and the “rags to riches” ideal of capitalism. All of our major success stories are of the underdog that succeeds through hard work, determination and finally following his or her dream! In the words of the late great Notorious BIG, “It was all a dream!”

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#Black History Month: The Power of Education



Ruby Bridges 

Alma Lucille Bridges sent her 6 year old daughter Ruby Bridges, the first African American child, to go to a white elementary school in the south. Lucille wanted her child to have a better education than she did.  Because of Lucille’s strength and motivation, and Ruby’s strong willed to endure the crowd she faced that day, this made it easier for other blacks to go to white schools, get a better education, and help improve relations between blacks and whites. Ruby now works on connecting our children through their schools. She travels to schools to manifest the importance of reading, power of education, and integration of races. Let us not take education for granted, but instead let us use that education to become something great. 

#TheBIGLIVETV Ways to Happiness: Common Sense Guide to Better Living

Get Motivated!


Motivation is something… but what happens when you’re feeling down or unable to get motivated? Here are some great quotes for your week to keep you #Motivated! This is #BIG #TheBIGLIVETV #RT

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”- Dalai Lama

“After a storm comes a calm” – Matthew Henry

“If you’re going through hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts “- Eleanor Roosevelt

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later”- Og Mandino

“Do it #BIG or don’t do it at all”- #TheBIGLIVETV

Happy Monday guys!

#TheBIGLIVETV Ways to Happiness: Common Sense Guide to Better Living


Don’t Do Anything Illegal

"Illegal acts" are those which are prohibited by official rules or law. They are the product of rulers, legislative bodies and judges. They are usually written down in the law codes. In a well-ordered society, these are published and made known generally.

Any member of society, has a responsibility, whether young or old, for knowing what society considers an “illegal act”. Within the inner city, it is unfortunate that urban youth are placed at the fore front of illegal activity as a result of a lack of resources.

One can debate this as an argument; however it is more than a coincidence that areas with higher crime also yield lower test scores. These same areas that yield lower test scores, also result in higher teenage pregnancy. Finally, higher teenage pregnancy creates a social disparity that creates a generation of under privileged youth to continue the cycle all over again.

The life of crime if a difficult one, which causes financial, educational and finally societal short comings that in turn put many minorities behind bars. The way to #Happiness does not include the fear of being fund out, because in the end…. Someone always does.

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#TheBIGLiveTV Ways to Happiness: Common Sense Guide to Better Living


Take Care of Yourself

This might seem like the most obvious way to happiness, however between demanding careers, a challenged economy and or personal goals we often neglect what’s best for us. Overlooking our better health can, and often leads to stress, which in turn affects our health. Here are some common sense ways towards a better life:

1. Preventative measures are the best ways to avoid sickness. Proper diet and exercise, rest, and making time for hobbies or personal interest will not only make you feel happy, you will look happy also!

2. Cleanliness is Godliness! Be sure to wash, bathe and manicure regularly. Proper hygiene within our bodies can spread into our day to day lives. Simple habits such as washing hands will reduce the spread of germs, thus reduce harmful viruses that can spread sickness.

3. Taking care of you can also mean taking care of others! Helping within your community, giving to charity and providing assistance where it is needed will build your moral obligation to humanity! “Do on to others, as you would like done to you”…

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#TheBIGLIVETV Ways To Happiness: Common Sense Guide to Better Living


Seek to Live With the TRUTH!

False data can cause one to make silly mistakes. It can block one from absorbing true data, thus causing us to make defective choices regarding our lives.

If those around us lie, one is lead to make errors and his/her survival potential is reduced. False data can come to us in various ways: love, academic, social and professional lies.

Many want you to believe things just to suit their own ends. However, what is true… is what is true for you. Essentially we have a beautiful divine purpose in life; seeking truth. Think your own way through tough situations; discard the lies that cause hindrances in our personal lives.

Avoid lies that are a product of fear, malice and envy. These lies are traps and in turn damage the very concepts of #Happiness! Along the way to #Happiness lies along the road to truth, travel safely!

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#TheBIGLIVETV Ways to Happiness: Common Sense Guide to Better Living


Set a Good Example!

Each one of us has a social responsibility to influence each other, directly or indirectly. The influence can be good or it can be bad. If one conducts his life to keep these recommendations, one is setting a good example.

#TheBIGLIVETV is at the fore front of advocacy for such social awareness in setting good examples. Yet people will try to discourage you, your dreams and goals. This is when you know you are working on something #BIG!

The point is, your dreams are means to your #Happiness. Don’t discount the effect you can achieve on others, even when they are the same ones that are discouraging you.

Your own survival is limited when you fall to those who want to see you fall! So, set a good example. #neverfail #neverfall #behappy

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#TheBIGLiveTV Ways to Happiness: Common Sense Guide to Better Living


Love and Help Children

Over the past year, #TheBIGLiveTV has services hundreds of youth through high risk areas of New York City. We strongly feel that today’s children are tomorrows civilization. Bringing a child into the world today (especially in NY) is a like dropping one into a tiger’s cage. Children can’t handle their environment without additional resources that aid in their development.

This is a delicate problem to discuss. There are almost as many theories on how to raise a child (or not to raise a child) as there are parents. Yet if one does it wrong, the results can yield a life time of complication. Some try raising children how they themselves were raised, others attempt to do the exact opposite. Non of these methods are full proof. However, one thing is for sure… if one does not take the time to develop a child’s better parts today; our tomorrow does not look very promising!

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#TheBIGLiveTV Ways to Happiness: Common Sense Guide to Better Living


Be Temperate (control your cravings)

This universe is filled with abundance and there are all types of pleasures to enjoy! However, we must be aware of our limits. Dangerous addictions such as drugs, alcohol and sex (hmmmm, even sex?) in excess can be very harmful to our health.

We all have a social responsibility, but we also owe ourselves the best experiences that will develop our lives. Thus is is crucial that we choose to have everything in moderation, giving us what we want and still not jeperdizing what we need!

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What does being involved greatly mean? Laura Somma

Being ivolved means knowing you can multitask. In sort of a way knowing you can do several things at once, while staying balanced and focused. Joining clubs at school going to events or even making effort to know as many people as possible, really getting your name out there. Being involved also gives people a short guide on your personality. You are outgoing and a live spirit, you want to stand out and make a change. #thebiglive #THEBIGLIVETV
-Laura Somma