Thoughts on Becoming One of the 100 finalists in The Big Blog Exchange


The happiness I am feeling right now is totally beyond words. Being in the top 100 finalist is surely some tough work to do but it is not yet done. Truth is, the real competition has just started.

Believe it or not, one of the reasons why I made this blog is because I want to join The Big Blog Exchange. Crazy but true. When I initially found out about TBBE last year, it was almost the end of the contest. It was too late for me. I told myself that I will surely join TBBE2014 and hope to kingdom come that I become one of the blessed participants. I am so overwhelmed that my family and friends have given me all the support I need because they know that I truly deserve this amazing opportunity.  I know, the internet might never understand the tremendous amount of help I got from my loved ones for this competition.

Thank you to everybody who voted for me. Thank you to everybody who believed in me. 

Congratulations to everybody who were shortlisted to become part of the 100 finalists. May we continue to make the world aware about our love for travel. 

Since there are close to 1000 bloggers who joined this competition, how will I set myself apart from them? I wish I had enough blog posts to show everybody how much I devote myself to travel. How will I make the world know that Filipinos are passionate travelers? Here are my 5 travel ideas that will make me stand out from all the Big Blog Exchange finalists:

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