My gf thebearoness was havin’ a bad day, so it seemed appropriate to draw her a picture. She really likes this story about the twins who lived across the street from me: Whenever they’d get an order of french fries, if one of the fries was inordinately longer than the others, they’d exclaim “French fry too long” and toss it across the McDonalds. That tickled her quite a bit.

So, she’s lovely, fries are delicious, and I hope she smiles when she sees this. Tater surfin’.

thebearoness said:

Fat Babe meetup? Tell me more! Tell me more!! <3

Welllllll! I have a lil group on fb called Fat Babes of Tumblr and it’s comprised of stunning fat babes sorta kinda somewhat in the Los Angeles area. I post event details like time and location there so no creeps or meanies know exactly where we’ll be.
Last month we had our first meetup and this Saturday we’re having another at the beach. WOOOO YEAH fat beach day! Please join the group if you’re at all interested in beach day or future stuffs!

thebearoness said:

RED! muahahahahaha

Hahah WELL! I have a tiny hand full of people I would include into that best friend category. SO I’m not going to say which one goes with who and just put a bunch of random facts! MUAHAHAH YOURSELF!

1. I’ve kissed them ALL!

2. They’re all pretty artsy fartsy.

3. One dude and two ladies!

4. Coming in May, I will have been in my home(Disneyland) with all three of them!

5. They all live too damn far away. :’c