Interview with the BEAline designer Megan Bea

I met Megan Bea of the BEAline last Thursday at the Gather showroom party.  I had just gotten a drink when I noticed her jewelry on display and immediately pushed and shoved people out of my way to check it out as quickly as possible.  Upon reaching her set up, I quickly decided I wanted everything and actually sat my drink down (quite an uncommon thing for me to do) to have two hands free to check it all out.  I ended up buying this amazing spike ring, which I’ve been wearing religiously since.

Her incredible designs can be found here:

She was nice enough to take some time to do an interview, which is below! 

Interview with Megan Bea, designer of the BEAline:

Where are you from originally? What made you decide to come to LA?

I grew up in Lubbock, a town in the Texas panhandle. It was a wonderful place to grow up, but aside from friendly folks and wind it didn’t have much to offer. I took a year off after high school and after some ‘soul searching’ (aka, drinking and waitressing), I moved to Los Angeles to study jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. 

When did you know you wanted to become a designer?

I’m not sure there was ever a moment of epiphany for me, but from about the age of 17 I was getting sick of wishing for reasonably priced, shockingly cool jewelry. So I fiddled and dabbled in making my own, and eventually decided it wasn’t a bad way to spend all of my time.

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration comes from several outlets for me. My first collection, Repent, was based off of my longtime interest in religion. Growing up in isolated middle America gave me an interesting perspective of ‘the Lord’ that I couldn’t really ever get out of my head. Making jewelry was a great outlet for that energy. As for subsequent projects and collections, it can be just about anything. At the moment, my desk is a jumble of beads, hardware and chains that I’ve collected, and I’ve really enjoyed the organic nature of that sort of design.

How would you describe your personal style?

I tend to stick to the darker side. Gothic, rough, and totally androgynous is what I strive for. 

Who are your favorite designers?

As far as jewelry goes, I look up to designers like Julia deVille, Pamela Love and Dominic Jones. Otherwise, I would say Thierry Mugler, Rodarte and Alexander McQueen as major fashion houses. Typically anything that follows a dark aesthetic, even from time to time.

What is your favorite aspect of working in fashion?

I have to pick just one? If the answer is yes, it’s the chance to create something that consumers like me would wish to adorn themselves with. It’s such a wonderful feeling to see one of my own creations enjoyed by someone else. If the answer is no, I’d say the pure eye-candy of incredibly creative ideas, and meeting like minded individuals who are here to make waves in the way we consider donning our attire. 

What would you like to change about the fashion industry?

What an aching question. As much as I would love to see the abolishment of the way this industry is calculated and controlled by major players (cough, A.W.), the fashion industry consistently surprises me in ways I thought I never could be. I’m not sure a total overthrow is quite the way to go here. So I’ll keep my mouth shut on that one for now.