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this thewitchblog person sounds atrocious. on another note: i am curious about your inclusion of christmas in your collection of holidays. if i am not prying too much ,is it just because it's fun, culturally significant, or actually spiritually and ritually significant to you?

That person was atrocious. Haven’t seen them in awhile, and I don’t think anyone was gonna complain. I could probably remove that stuff from my blog now, though.

As for the inclusion of Christmas, it’s because I also work with the Guardians of Childhood and Christmas is certainly important there, but so is Easter. So I chose to include them, not necessarily for their Christian meanings, but because of the entities I work with associated with them. (At least, Easter should be on that list).

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Omg look at him, ryan, bisexual, tattoos and stuff and he's so funny and better than you and smart wow look at his tattoos wow ~like nothing i've ever seen~


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i'm lovin' your style, miss ashlee! i've been researching dimple piercings and yours are gorgeous. from what i understand, you are lucky! may i ask how you got them done? my local piercer, who i love and adore, doesn't do cheek piercings because elayne angel strongly advises against it. i have seen so many successful and unsuccessful ones. i want to give it a try. just need to know everything i need to do to take care of them!

awe well thanks for the kind words!!

as far as cheek piercings, i have lots to tell you and you have lots to learn! as far as me being lucky, this is correct. i am very lucky, their one of the harder piercings to heal. a friend of mine who’s a body piercer had hers done and has had hers pierced before as well. her and all her clients had negative reactions and had to take them out…

basically, all the dangers you have to look out for are that you’re not just piercings through skin, you’re piercing through alot of thick layers of muscle. abscesses are very common as well, its a sort of growth youll get around the piercing that will basically swell up, turn purple, and be full of pressured pus. i had a small abscess grow on my right one but thankfully it went away.   depending on the person, your body might just not want them in at all. so you’re body will reject, meaning theyll bleed frequently weeks after their pierced, theyll be painful, swollen, and really irritated. this is really common. as well as of course the risks of chipping and/or cracking teeth on them, this is highly possible within the first couple weeks of getting them because you’ll have them pierced with long bars (leaves room for swelling) and youre mouth wont be used to them so you will chomp down on them quite a bit (i did).

now you have 2 options. you can either get them pierced straight through your cheeks (which is how mine are) or you can get the  microdermal implants. the implants are alot safer and will most likely be what a piercer would prefer to do. the only problem with dermals, is you run the risk of them migrating, as well as they will 9 times out of ten leave scars. if you get dermals done, id recommend finding a piercer that does them with needle techniques NOT biopsy punches, punches remove skin which will usually cause more scaring, obviously.

thats about all i can think of at the moment to inform you with, there’s probably a few other things i coulc tell you but they’re slipping my mind at the moment.

now one more thing i’d like to STRESS to you ,is that i AM NOT a body piercer, so what im telling you if based on what i’ve been told by other piercers, as well personal experience.

if there is anything AT ALL that i didn’t clarify for you, or any questions that i didnt answer for you, please feel free to ask me im more then happy to help!! =)

You know those springy things on walls that keep doors from slamming into them?

My roommate’s cat just brushed past one and freaked out when she heard the noise it made.

If I had caught a picture, it would have made a great reaction image.

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crossing my fingers for NYU! any free days in your foreseeable future?

I’m expecting a response sometime this week since there was an issue on their end, though I should have heard something two weeks ago. : (

At the very least, I got into Emerson. I usually have classes M-F. but I’m free most afternoons T/Th/F. I also generally do nothing on the weekends besides loaf around and procrastinate on shit due the following week.

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wait -- did you -- is this... a different blog?

“Also, I definitely want help if you want to help! Or if you have things that you could contribute. I need to go collecting for acorns, branches, pinecones, pine needles, and things closer to the time.”

Yeah… I posted on the other one that I did. It was getting to messy to keep up in two communities where I couldn’t use a separate name for replying and sending asks in the second… So now I am this and I am part of both fandoms and paganism.

Yeah, just let me know when you want to go and gather things and I can help. We can probably find a bunch of pine cones in pretty good shape around campus and some of the parks. 

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hey, hon! i saw you reblogged that tutorial is posted (which i can't find the credit for anywhere!) and wanted to invite you to check out my tumblr or specifically my pinterest (linked on my tumblr) that has a ton more of awesome tutorials. thought you (and your followers) would enjoy them!

I surely will :D!

Check out her blog guys, she’s lovely and her tutorials are lovely :]

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scandalous! ☠

omg omg

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salut, eli! my name is joa, i'm 21, and i just wanted to send you message and can't stop myself because we have ridiculously similar interests and beliefs, i feel like, just from reading a bit. i'm new to tumblr so i'm not sure if this is out of whack. but yeah, my favorite band is brand new, i found you through my obsession with the hunger games, i'm a french and international relations major, and my boyfriend in film production. i also see myself as a very rational christian. nice to meet you!


No, you’re not out of whack at all, that’s crazy (and super awesome!) that we have so many random things in common! It’s nice to meet you too! :3