theaubs said: 

Is there any particular method to how you choose which facts you post? Are you purposefully shying away from cliched stuff?

Um, no, not really… I just think and see whether I come up with something that says something about me, maybe explains part of my personality, and that might be interesting. These particular things stem from the fact that I’ve been thinking about relationships, family life, and people a lot lately, so… I dunno. It just sort of gets through, but there’s plain boring stuff about my tastes, what kinds of books I read, what I watch on telly, etc., too. (What clichéd stuff do you mean?)

Couple months back with Isrek… Tried a different approach at painting, worked with the surounding and tried a new letter. Minus the head ache, shit was fun. Where you at you little snake bird?! #isrek #159 #aub #theaubs #hiroe