theauberginelamb replied to your post: Okay I’m gonna go bleach my hair. I’ll see you in…

Itll be fine! Just make sure you don’t let it go white. Get really light yellow. Keep checking it and youll be fine. If it feels gummy its melting. Ive melted tons of hair off and im not bald haha. And rinse with shampoo!

Ahh thank you! It’s my first time doing ANYTHING to my hair by myself and I’m kind of terrified haha

I do have way to much hair, so if half falls out it’s no big deal~~

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theauberginelamb said: I see your argument but I’ve benefited an incredible amount from some of my medications. I literally wouldn’t be able to function otherwise. So I have to agree and disagree to an extent. Fuck this new reply box is small. I call shenanagins.

Shenanagins indeed. I have no problems with anyone who’s life is improved through psychiatric medication. My issue is with the “better living through chemistry” culture that has developed and allowed organizations like the APA and the various pharmaceutical companies to operate unencumbered, and ultimately increase their bottom line. For every person like you, who uses their medication as directed, I would feel pretty safe in assuming that there are many others who abuse it, and even more still who were simply malingering in the first place. I mean why would anyone stop them? Everyone involved is benefiting. The psychiatrist makes money for every session he has with a patient. If that psychiatrist feels that his patients need medication as part of their treatment, the pharmaceutical companies provide. In the end the patient also benefits because they are getting the treatment they wanted from the very beginning.

I apologise for getting long winded and serious, I just haven’t talked about this shit for a while.

theauberginelamb replied to your post: Every time someone posts a picture of themself…

uh oh. I did that yesterday morning hahaha. it also involved sarcasm about being extremely productive, which I clearly wasn’t being.

oh no I didn’t mean you!
there are people on my dashboard who post ten thousand pictures of themselves a day
but they need to justify it everytime by saying they’re bored.

It’s the new way of captioning all your pictures with “I’m soooo ugly!!” I guess haha