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this is like the most 70s musical theatre thing ever

"Break" Time

Setting: A high school theater tech weekend.

Director:  All right!  We still have lots to do, but we need to eat lunch!  Actors, if you’re not doing anything, go ahead and eat!

A few minutes later.

Director:  OK, all the actors can go eat.  And I guess you guys who are painting can go ahead and take a break.

A couple more minutes

Director:  Great!  Everyone but (lighting designer), (sound designer), (stage manager) and (assistant stage manager), go get lunch!  You have 20 minutes!

A few more minutes

Director:  Oh, I guess you guys have to eat too.  Umm…go ahead and see if there’s any food left.  You have 5 minutes.

Stage Manager:  They’ve already let people get seconds.  There’s not going to be anything but very sad lettuce left.

LD: But we got so much done!  It was a very productive break.

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Behind-the-scenes: Digital Theatre captures The Crucible

Digital Theatre have recently captured live The Crucible starring Richard Armitage and directed by Yaël Farber at The Old Vic theatre in London. An announcement regarding cinema screenings will be announced soon!

In the meantime, we’re delighted to share with you these images of our co-founders Robert Delamere and Tom Shaw working with the cast on capturing The Crucible authentically on screen. You can browse the full Digital Theatre online catalogue of captured live productions here.

Here the mail I just received from Digital Theatre. Can’t wait to see “The Crucible”! Hope it will not be to long to have it!