With Great Power Comes The Great Oz

GUEST: We’re thinking of taking our 15 year old daughter to see the Spiderman musical. Can you help us with tickets?
CONCIERGE: Well, I’d love to, but Spiderman closed last year. Is there another show you’d be interested in?
GUEST: What’s good for a 15 year old girl?
CONCIERGE: Probably Wicked would be the best choice for her. That’s definitely the most popular show for teenage girls.
GUEST: Hm. I don’t know.
GUEST’S WIFE: It’s fine, George. We’ll just tell her it’s Spiderman but with witches.

For several years I’ve been quietly renting out costume pieces and other art and props for photographers, film makers, and other fellow creatives who need something tailored for a single event/shoot. I’m pleased to announce I now have an official page on my site for this service! If you are a creative sort in need of props or costuming for a project, or if you know folks in relevant fields who may be interested, all curious parties may head to http://www.thegreenwolf.com/costume-and-prop-rental/ for more information.

Please feel free to pass this on, and thank you!

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I'm not sure if you've answered this before but I'm going to be studying on the coast and will finally have an opportunity to make it out to shows but I know nothing about how to get affordable tickets. (Or least a little discounted) Any advice or tips?

TKTS (the big red steps) is the classic. Day-of tickets that are 40-60% off. Also, the Plays line is usually significantly shorter than the musicals. They also have an app where you can see which shows are listed that day and, if it’s closed, how often the show you want to see typically comes up for sale.

I recently started using TodayTix, which is a new app that lets you buy discounted Broadway tix (it looks to be about the same as the TKTS prices). BONUS: Sign up with my link and you get $20 off your first ticket purchase.

playwrightshorizons does a LIVE for FIVE Lotto that you can enter online for $5 tickets for select nights (usually during previews).

roundabouttheatre has HIPTIX, which is free to join and has $20-25 seats for all their shows if you are 18-35.

lincolncenter has LINCTIX, similar to HIPTIX but tickets are $35 each.

mcctheaterblog does $30 if you are under 30 with the code 3030 online or with ID in person.

elizabethactual said: Atlantic theater sells the last two rows for $20 for all of previews!

itsdlevy said: I’m a big fan of StudentRush.org and in particular their Will Call Club, which is free to join.

Broadway for Broke People is a great resource for Broadway tickets, with a guide to which shows do rush, lotto, SRO, etc.

Playbill also just did a guide to inexpensive ticket policies for most of the big Off Broadway companies, too.

Forbidden Tales

Three years ago we did Forbidden Broadway at my school and during the Les Mis sequence at the end of the show the actors would get bored, so there was one part where the main drape was closed and they all went on stage and acted like idiots during that time. Imagine my fright as ASM when one night they almost didnt all make it back off stage in time. 

Also, during “On My Phone” two of the actors choreographed a whole dance that they did in the wings at every show.

AND, for “Song’s too High” (Bring Him Home), for the high note at the end, one girl was supposed to sing it off stage, but by the last show everyone was hitting that note, including the boys.

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Belinsky: I’m losing my youth and my health and making enemies all over the shop when I could be surrounded by admirers who want nothing from me except to take away my independence—because I believe literature alone can, even now, redeem our honour, even now, in words alone, that have ducked and dodged their way past the censor, literature can be… become… can…

Chaadaev: You mean literature with a social purpose…?

Belinsky: No! Let social purpose hang itself unhindered! No—I mean, literature can replace, can actually become… Russia! The moment an artist has a social purpose he is merely a huckster, maybe talented but that’s not it, it won’t help us when every time we say “Russia” we have to grin and twitch like half-wits from the embarrassment—“Russia! Yes, I’m afraid so—you’ve got it—the backwoods—no history but barbarism, no law but autocracy, no glory but brute force, and all those contented serfs!”—we’re nothing to the world except an object lesson in what to avoid. But a great artist can change all that. I mean Pushkin up to, say, Boris Godunov, he’s finished now, and there’s others to come, I know they’re coming, and soon, here things are growing not by the year but by the hour. You see what I’m saying? When the word “Russia” makes you think of great writers first and foremost, the job will be done—you’ll be able to walk down the street in London or Paris and when someone asks you where you’re from, you can say, “Russia! I’m from Russia, you poor bastard, so what do you think of that?!”

The Coast of Utopia: Voyage, Tom Stoppard

Ever since I realized what I wanted to do with my life, I have become more emotional towards that.  This has been a thing since I came back to school and Fiddler closed.

I’m an emotional person as it is, but I’m more on the feelings side and I don’t really cry a lot which is weird.  My friends say I can be a cold heartless bitch… Oops.

I’m just really fucking passionate about theater and stage managing.  The hardest part about being a stage manager for me is that it’s a lonely position, and when you’re feeling lonely already from depression, the two sometimes don’t mix.  My feeling of loneliness has gotten better in the sense I try not to think of it that way, but it’s still a work in progress.

That’s my struggle of the day.

Now I wait an hour for my next 3 classes to happen and then I have a break and off to my night class and assist It’s a Wonderful Life Auditions tonight.  The semester looks promising and I just hope I kick ass.

Just keep reminding myself: I am enough.  I am so enough.  It’s unbelievable how enough I am.