I never post my own work… Until now. The only reason I’m posting it is because I’m selling fine 8”x10” prints, hand signed and numbered, of this custom Robin Williams sketch I did the night he died. The quote is from my favorite childhood film, Hook. PROCEEDS FROM PRINT SALES GO TO THE AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION (www.afsp.org). They are $20 each plus $5 for shipping in US or $10 international. Send serious purchase inquiries to theartoflondon@gmail.com with subject “Robin Print”. Thanks. #art #robinwilliams #prophetsandpoets #giveback #charity

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So I’m pretty excited about this… My newest video on my YouTube channel is pretty special. It documents the process of doing a tattoo from life. Instead of making the stencil from a photo, I drew the model from life and made the stencil and the tattoo from my drawing. With the help of @matthewdwittmer and his wife Holly. Check it out here ——> http://youtu.be/r1yMkx6aADs <——- or just find my YouTube channel, YouTube.com/TheArtOfLondon! Thanks for watching. Tattooing is sacred to me. It is ever changing and ever progressive. Let’s keep pushing the limits!

Alright guys, the Robin Williams PRE ORDER prints have been shipped! Thanks for making the charity so successful thus far! Thanks for your patience. I have a handful of extras now available on hand for $20 (plus $5 for US shipping or $10 for international shipping). Proceeds from the sales will be going to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (afsp.org) to help save lives. If you are interested in buying an 8”x10” high quality print that is hand signed and numbered 1-100, send an email to theartoflondon@gmail.com with the subject “Robin Charity Print”. Thanks for the support so far! Enjoy those prints! #restinpeacerobin #robinwilliams #suicideprevention #charity #giveback #payitforward

Hey Italy, I’m excited to announce my trip to do Florence this November. I’m looking to do some awesome single-session tattoos while I’m there. Custom illustrative work, fun portraiture, or some of my custom designs. Send ideas and any reference to theartoflondon@gmail.com with subject “Florence”. I’m so pumped to visit my favorite city in the world!