It was still something to get use too. Not having Tony there ever second of the day. Not hearing his voice when he called him for no reason. It wasn’t the first time Bruce Wayne had to deal with heart break, but it was different when the one who broke his heart was his best friend. 

He pulled his sunglasses out of his pocket as he started to leave the Tower. He had just gotten done with lunch Phil. At least Phil understood. He dumped into someone as he was leaving. “Sorry,” he muttered not even looking up. 

theartofheroism asked:

❖ [listen i can explain-]

Of course his thoughts are a mess, he’s kissing Steve of all
people and it should make absolutely zero sense but the
weirdest part is that it doesn’t. Well, he can definitely say
he’s finally managed to confuse even himself now.

“Do uh we- do we not talk about this or-? I mean
I’m fine with whatever you wanna do I just- I mean
we could but I- I’m gonna shut up before I manage
to say something even stupider.”