Nature Boy (@theartistofcardiff)

The cold air nipped at the ravens face, it hardly fazed him but to avoid any suspicion he tugged at the collar of his coat bringing the heavy clothing closer to the sides of is face, a small attempt at fighting out the heavy wind. His head hug low walking the streets of the city, bypassing any eye contact that may occur if he held his head high. Looking through his lashes he could see three men in black trent coats, sunglasses, and hats walking together side by side, seemingly looking for someone. Paranoia took over his mind swallowing hard he dipped into the closes doorway, the white washed walls showed large pieces of art catching Loki’s eye, distracting him from the true reason he had even looked for a quick hide out. Reality fought its way back into the tricksters mind forcing himself around a wall, looking over his shoulder to where the men passed.