my friend wanted a richass powerpoint, so i tried to deliver!! hopefully this covers the things you wanted dskjsdf. sorry it’s so cluttered and wordy aaAAAAAaaa i’ve never done one of these kinds before oop

pixiv artists: STAR / MCH / グラス

one general overview of richass from beginning to end coming right up uvu

sasukeblade said:

I need some new fun/funny and interesting people to follow. I do like Tales stuff but it'd be cool to get some other random stuff blogs. Anyone you want to rec? :D


Hmm.. most of the blogs I follow have Tales stuff on them… the rest are either Merlin or Sherlock blogs, so idk if you want dkjsdf

But despite most of these being Tales blogs, lots post funny stuff and interesting stuff, too! So I’m just going to give you a list of some of my favourite blogs in general, and you can pick n’ choose!

prllnce, peeson-jeager, ah-oh-ee-ah,silverracoon, leniennateemusdabes, whitebellsleuth, libird, talesofsaku, zelasswilder, tsutori, doctor-of-pastries, thederpknownasryu, wingzeldacustom, korreboo, volcanicprincess, keepin-it-regal, raeosunshine, hylianmajora, mamoeru, kagesora, mintychocomint,classic-schoolgirl-lion, and ther e are too many more but this is too many already I’M SORRY

Just got my huge pack of books from @snakesanddaggers . Thanks to Mike King and all my milk munny buddys. I will enjoy finally reading your books. Thanks to the people who have followed this little journey of mine, and I’ll be back with another one….real soon. (<—Name that youtube guy)
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Head on over to http://theargonautscomic.wordpress.com/2013/10/05/chapter-one-cover/ to read the comic in its final form. At least, the first 21 pages of it. Wordpress seems to be a better site for reading comics, so I set one up. Now you can click through page by page and actually go straight to the beginning without having to scroll for a billion miles.

The printed comic book will be out soon from Milk Money Books. ( http://www.milkmoneybooks.com/ )


Page 30. The last page!


I’ll be starting to post the pages on a wordpress site later on. Tumblr isn’t that great for reading long comics like this. I also changed some of the artwork on past pages, so I’ll be posting the new artwork there. Plus, there’s a prologue page to it all that I added. 

If anyone read this whole thing, tell me what you thought! It was a fun, challenging journey making this thing. I’ve caught a little glimpse at how hard cartoonists work.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of this comic, Milk Money Books (http://www.milkmoneybooks.com/) is going to be putting out this first issue sometime soon. There’s gonna be some cool extra stuff in the issue; I think it’s gonna be pretty fun.