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[A routine patrol for nightmares had landed Sol here - where ever the fuck here WAS, anyways - and it definitely made his skin crawl. It didn’t feel like a nightmare and yet - the entire dreamscape was dark, with writhing shadows and dark mist all around. The air was heavy, filled with this sense of utter wrong and even with conjuring a little fire, the light couldn’t even pierce the darkness.

Worst of all? He can feel someone watching him. Someone knows he’s here.

And Sol knows this shouldn’t be the case - people rarely remembered Dreamcatchers to begin with! But whatever’s watching him knows he’s here -

- and it almost feels like it’s been waiting for him too.]

Unwelcome Guests (@theamityparktrio)

[Northa’s domain consisted of many things, but perhaps the most expansive - and the most terrifying - was a room that led straight to the pocket dimension of darkness she enjoyed creating. Said darkness stretched on infinitely - however this particular room had its own specific purpose.

It held captives.

Captives mummified by vines, held in place by a Nakisakebe card. But there was no screaming, no sounds of agony or pain. No, these captives floated in the darkness, nothing but the sound of silence surrounding them. If one didn’t know better, they’d say it was a floating graveyard.

But that was absurd. After all, what would Northa want with DEAD people?

Somewhere in the darkness, Ayla Davis floated. The only thing that set her apart from the others was the faint glow of pink light that emitted from the crystal around her neck.

Pine was right. Ayla was in a place no one could ever reach her.

But Taimu was right too. The crystal was keeping her safe.

For without the necklace, she too would be like the other captives, trapped in endless nightmares and despair. And though the crystal wasn’t much, it was enough to shield her conscious mind from the eternal torment, allowing her to sleep peacefully and safely, even as the Nakisakebe card tapped into her unconscious mind and absorbed sorrow and despair from the girl’s many, many insecurities.

This had become routine. Ayla slept, completely unaware of the danger she was in - it was dreamless sleep, but it was better than nightmares - and Northa got exactly what she wanted.

But something new had found her. And it didn’t play by Northa’s rules.

All at once, Ayla is torn from her peaceful slumber. The few seconds is all it takes for her to catch up to speed - Inori kidnapping her, that mirror Ayla, Northa tearing away a piece of her, the card, the vines…

…she wants to scream, but her body’s locked up. Asleep yet awake, Ayla can only be horrifically aware of the situation she’s in, the fact this Nakisakebe card is rooting through her deepest fears and violating her mind…

…and then everything fades to black.

When she awakens again, she’s Luna now - the confirmation of her Dreamcatcher self only fortifies the fact that this is a dream. For a second, it makes her smile - she feels like she hasn’t seen her Dreamcatcher self in a while - but the happiness is fleeting.

This darkness is much different from Northa’s own - it’s more oppressive, more malevolent. Vengeful, if darkness could be that. And this strange new darkness…it’s completely disconnected from the Dreamplane too.

No, not completely. She wouldn’t be dreaming if it wasn’t the case.

…it’s more like someone - or something - made its way into her own dreamscape and took over. It unsettles her, again makes her feel like her mind’s been violated somehow.]


[Luna’s timid voice echoes against the all-encompassing darkness. Her shoulders hunch and she wrings her hands, unable to shake the feeling that she’s about to be greeted with something awful.]

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((Oh yes tossing around racist slurs will totally help blaze-mun suuuure.))


Like I can’t even dredge up the proper offended response because it’s so pathetic it just warps around to being hilarious. I just imagine Blaze-mun as some young kid - maybe about 12 or so - trying to dress all ~*gangsta*~ while spouting out cuss words every other word because it makes him seem all grown up and stuff.

It’s just silly!

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"All the best solutions are permanent." Sam shrugged her shoulders. "I'm Sam Manson by the way. I don't think we've met."

“Murasaki Amaya.

And now that you mention it, I guess that’s true, too. Permanent solutions solve the problem forever, temporary makes the problem resurface…So you’ve got a point.”

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"What's this? Someone is upset that you like something other boys? Hmph." Sam crossed her arms, eye twitching. "That's not very nice. Maybe I should DO something about that."

“Do something, miss?” *Amaya asked the unfamiliar girl* “Like what? Not that I don’t appreciate the back-up, of course!”