what a fucking day 

lighting hell, hours in the cold, people being unfair, another day of things going wrong and getting no work done

cried in front of the entire cast, and then they all came outside and bundled around me and I felt so much better about things and then the lights fucked up again BUT

the runthrough tonight was fucking brilliant 

this will be worth it

Birdman got it wrong: serious actors love playing superheroes

The torment of Michael Keaton’s washed-up thesp grossly exaggerates the gap between arthouse movies and Hollywood’s fantasy blockbusters

I blame Alec Guinness. The late Englishman is famously reputed to have labelled 1977‚Äôs Star Wars, which brought him elevated fame, fortune and an Oscar nomination, as ‚Äúfairytale nonsense‚ÄĚ. And so, right at the very beginning of Hollywood‚Äôs blockbuster era, the message to awards season voters was clear: the new wave of fantasy action epics were to be regarded as inferior, especially so as even those who starred in them thought they weren‚Äôt much cop.

The key character in Birdman, Riggan Thomson, might be seen as a latter day Guinness (though surely the Englishman never suffered so greatly). Former Batman Michael Keaton plays a washed-up former A-lister fighting against almost constant psychological torment, desperate to prove himself as a ‚Äúreal‚ÄĚ actor because his best-known role is that of the titular man-sized avian crime-fighter. His damaged daughter (played waifishly by Emma Stone) tries to persuade him that the Broadway play he is mounting is little more than a vanity project. But Riggan is so terrified at the prospect of finding himself returning to the role of Birdman (to the point that he hallucinates the character urging him back into what is admittedly a very silly suit) that he cannot see the truth.

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- Bonsoni
Zombie Cats from Mars

Early 2015 release planned for new horror starring Portlandia’s Ernest Adams

MWB3 ¬†Problems has laid out the galactic kitty-litter for its upcoming horror-comedy Zombie Cats from Mars. ¬†Directed by Montetr√© (Holed Up) and written by Ryan Cloutier, the ‚Äėcatastrophe‚Äô ‚Äď which came together thanks to a successful crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter ‚Äď is due for release early this year.

Portlandia’s Ernest Adams stars alongside Jonah Kersey, Stephanie Leet, Bransen Sands Koehler, Julie Marie Howard, and Edward Kopf in fun horror romp that’s part Gremlins, part Critters.
Since it’s a movie about cats, writer and producer Cloutier furnished the support roles with furrier thesps. Marci  Koski,  an  animal  behavior  specialist  and  volunteer  with  Furry  Friends,  supplied animal talent  for the film.

The ¬†story ¬†centers ¬†on ¬†Billy, ¬†an ¬†effeminate ¬†fan ¬†of ¬†vintage ¬†science fiction ¬†action thrillers. ¬†His ¬†only ¬†friend ¬†is ¬†Cameron, ¬†a ¬†nerdy ¬†film buff ¬†who ¬†tries ¬†to ¬†boost ¬†his confidence ¬†whenever ¬†he ¬†can. ¬† ¬†After seeing ¬†a ¬†UFO ¬†land, ¬†Billy ¬†retreats ¬†into ¬†his ¬†head, ¬†imagining ¬†that ¬†aliens ¬†are ¬†taking ¬†over ¬†the ¬†town. ¬†Cameron ¬†is ¬†skeptical, ¬†as ¬†is ¬†the ¬†rest ¬†of ¬†the ¬†town. ¬†Meanwhile, people are ¬†starting ¬†to ¬†die. ¬†First, ¬†the ¬†reclusive ¬†cat ¬†lady ¬†Percis ¬†is ¬†discovered ¬†mutilated ¬†by ¬†Lester, ¬†the ¬†church -¬≠‚Äźgoing ¬†husband ¬†of ¬†Carolyn, ¬†Percis‚Äôs depressed ¬†caretaker. ¬†Random ¬†deaths ¬†soon ¬†follow, ¬†first ¬†a ¬†jogger, ¬†and ¬†then ¬†a ¬†janitor ¬†at ¬†the ¬†Carbonics ¬†Warehouse. ¬†A ¬†pair ¬†of ¬†news ¬†reporters ¬†shares ¬†this ¬†information ¬†with ¬†the ¬†public ¬†while ¬†the ¬†Detective ¬†and ¬†his ¬†Chief ¬†try ¬†to ¬†solve ¬†the ¬†killings. ¬† ¬†Meanwhile, ¬†the ¬†killings ¬†continue. ¬†Billy, ¬†wrapped ¬†up ¬†in ¬†a ¬†world ¬†of ¬†fiction, ¬†discovers ¬†a ¬†story ¬†in ¬†which ¬†Martian ¬†Cats ¬†land ¬†on ¬†Earth ¬†and ¬†inflict ¬†horror ¬†upon ¬†the ¬†town. ¬†Confident that ¬†the killings ¬†are ¬†the ¬†result ¬†of ¬†the ¬†UFO ¬†delivering ¬†alien ¬†cats, ¬†he ¬†sets ¬†off ¬†on ¬†his ¬†own ¬†superhero ¬†mission ¬†to ¬†save ¬†the ¬†town.