Former NY State DEC Commissioner Al Appleton on Fracking in New York State. (Hint: He vehemently opposes it and says it will not happen.)

The1 Posts Winter Schedule

The1 Posts Winter Schedule @the1be1 #wfnk #musicforall

The Audio Pharmaceutical has released an updated schedule with an increase in Ohio Funk and P-Funk.  They’ve also reconfigured the Sunday lineup and weeknight evenings.

Stellar Fungk (formerly OH Funk):
 - Fri 7-10pm
- Sat 10pm-1am

The Mothership (all p-funk):
 - Mon 10pm-midnight
- Fri 10pm-midnight
- Sat 7-10pm

Love Cnx (mix of soul & slow stuff):
- Tues/Wed/Thurs 11pm-1am

And the new…

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New Music Tuesday - That Happened

New Music Tuesday – That Happened

Holiday schedule, haha — we added plenty of new music to this week. Check it:

ADDS FOR WEEK OF 11/24/14 –

1. Dave Brubeck Quartet – Three To Get Ready
2. Bob Brookmeyer & Lalo Schifrin – Samba Para Dos
3. B.B. King – The Thrill Is Gone
4. First Light – Musical Uprising
5. Funkadelic – Stuffs & Things
6. Gato Barbieri – It’s Over
7. Graham Central Station – Water
8. John…

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@reynaldo_the1 and I, my little big brother. I haven’t seen him in 10+ years and today we were finally reunited. No matter what we family till the death of us, love you bro