13 Rejab 1434 HJRH

I’ve been sick the whole of yesterday night and most of today but when I was in bed, feverish, all I could think about was my baby, The 114. I am grateful that I am now working on something I am passionate about, and believe strongly in. 

Today, we released the first of a few embroidered pieces that will In Sha Allah, lead us to the blessed month of Ramadhan. 

I am mighty proud. Alhamdulillah! 


26 Rejab 1434H

Already half-way through the year, and Rejab is flying by! Twenty Thirteen has been kind to me, Alhamdulillah. I’d like to think June as a good time to reflect back and to re-visit new year resolutions. The ones that we have been diligently doing, hurrah! But the ones we have not, still not too late to tie our laces and get out there and try again.

Our space for now is a delight, it is big so K and I don’t run into each other so often, having personal corners so that we both can focus and work. Having a schedule has been crucial for me to run day to day errands. I need to allocate time to cook (I’ve been enjoying my time in the kitchen lately, even I am impressed with my own enthusiasm in cooking), to work on The 114, chores, and most importantly, for that one sacred hour where it will just be me, silence and the Quran. 

My days (and sometimes the level of my kusyuk in my prayers) doesn’t quite seem to flow seamlessly if I don’t have my own time to read it. One of the greatest blessings after being a Muslim, is the ability to read, and comprehend the Quran. And to have it as a constant nourishment for our souls, Ma Sha Allah.

Today we finished one of my many favourite Ayahs, embroidered for The 114. Blessed.  

Friends, lets be more responsible with our words, be it spoken or written as it has a tremendous impact on the people around us. To think twice before we write or speak, because our words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.