Using only song names from 1 artist, cleverly answer these questions.Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat a song title!

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Pick your artist/band: exo

What is your gender?: My Lady
Describe yourself: Lucky
How do you feel?: Baby Don’t Cry
Describe where you currently live: Peter Pan
Now If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: The First Snow
Your favorite form of transportation?: Black Pearl
Your best friend is?: The Star
You and your best friends are?: Beautiful
If your life was a TV show, what would the title be?: 3.6.5.
What is life to you?: What If…
Your relationship?: What is Love
Your fear?: Hurt

That was fun XD thank you~

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      ❝ aunt catherine ——— I mean, your majesty. ❞

       the empress blushes at her slip. at least, she was able to stop herself from hugging the older woman. already, she can feel countess esterházy’s disapproval; the older woman’s eyes burning through the back of sisi’s skull. no doubt, she will receive another lecture later from the head of her household (who, in truth, is more like a governess than a lady-in-waiting). also, no doubt the archduchess shall hear of this slip up. 

       however, in the company of family, sisi finds it easier to let go of the shyness that grips her heart. conversation, normally so difficult for the young empress, came much more easily. 

       ❝ when the emperor told me of your visit, I was elated & prayed that you would arrive swiftly & safely. ❞

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The young empress lady Emily :0

u didnt say a number so i just picked a random one 

Favorite book genre?

she loves adventure novels. bonus points for pirates. EXTRA bonus points for witches super million extra points for queer witches

It hadn’t been too long since Ling Yao was declared dead to the people of Xing and May Chang made the new Empress. In fact she was the first Empress in a long, long time which meant already breaking with a lot of traditions. But those things meant nothing to the now 17 year old girl. Traditions meant nothing when taking into account the years of war among the many clans.

“That was stuffy…Xiao Mei, come here!”

The Empress called out to her friend as she rushed through the Royal Garden and the tiny panda came running immediately. To anyone watching them play it seemed like no time had passed at all but that wasn’t true. For example just before she was forced to put out through a very boring meeting with noblemen who refused to accept change. That and she couldn’t be with Xiao Mei all the time.


The young Empress rose her eyebrow as she heard footsteps nearby.