What can I say about Blink that hasn’t already been said a million times? It’s a masterpiece, with fantastic characters, an amazing script, beautiful cinematography and of course, the scariest monsters ever. Another Moffat Masterpiece.

But imagine is Sally Sparrow and Ten traveled together for a bit, how cool would that have been!


I was tagged for a selfie thingy by clotpolesonly (♥) and because I couldn’t decide on one or two to post, I went for 4. Yup, it’s a selfie spam. 

  • The first one is the newest, it’s from my 21st birthday in January.
  • The second is from last November when my hair was still longer.
  • The third is me being an idiot. (feat. my dearest the-very-dark-one)
  • And the last is me taking a selfie with a weeping angel in Cardiff in September. :D

Tagging… um, do you guys even mind me tagging you in things? I’m never sure.

Haha, you know, because I’m clever I’m gonna tag my Tumblr Awards winners:

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You don’t have to do it of course! :)


~The Nightmares Linger~