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Ciel fluff pls :3

Imagine walking with Ciel to grab some groceries for later tonight, only to stop in place. Ciel keeps walking for a bit until he realizes you aren’t beside him and turns around, raising an eyebrow. You shudder, squeeze your eyes shut….

and let out a squeaky sneeze.

Ciel stares at you for a bit, watching you curse and wipe your nose. When you look back up and start to walk towards him, you can see a blush illuminating his face. You frown, asking him what he was blushing about.

Ciel shuffles nervously and mutters something under his breath, and you huff, crossing your arms and glaring at him, demanding an explanation. He sighs, turning towards you and saying that he thought your sneeze was cute. 

You open your mouth to reply, but you sneeze instead, making him chuckle. You scowl and tell him to shut up before grabbing his hand and marching to the store.

Come Back When You Can - Chapter 4

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iam-reginamills Thank you. :) 

In the first week of his stay in the Storybrooke General Hospital, Robin finds out that there aren’t many things to do when you can’t walk on your own. But he is positive. And ambitious. Because, the moment Regina and Roland said goodbye and left on Sunday, he had nothing to do but lay on the bed, looking idly at the TV for hours and hours but not watching it even for a bit, so if there’s one thing he knows, it’s that he has to get out of that place and build himself a life with his son.

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Pretty Little Liars: 5x20 "A" Ending

This ending scene stood out to me quite a bit. A lot of the “A” ending scenes probably hold a lot of clues towards the ultimate “A” identity, and through analysing hopefully we find something. 

"A" enters Mike’s bedroom and looks through his gym bag for the "I’m with you" necklace the girls first found at the start of the episode. With no luck, "A" walks over to Mike’s gym set and lifts a dumbbell, then after placing it back, pulls a wrench out of his/her pocket. 

After re-watching the ending scene many times, keeping in mind that it is a male’s butt, could it be Toby? He would be in fit shape, he has been looking a little off lately, and all these interviews with Keegan talking about “Big A” maybe he’s the only one talking about it publicly because, he’s “A”.. maybe?

Earlier on in the episode, Jonny asks Spencer for a toolbox. He plans on breaking into the residence where his artwork is being kept. It’s quite strange he asks her for a toolbox, and “A” pulls a wrench out of there pocket. 

Why did “A” need the wrench? What have they got planned? It wasn’t the longest, most interesting, “A” ending scene, but I think “A”s identity will be revealed as a male, maybe he’s the beach hottie? Or Jason? The possibilites are endless. What do you think? 

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hey hey - sleepover saturday (: so tell us, about a funny story or maybe about a concert experience ?

Well I went to get my wisdom teeth out just last thursday, and it went smoothly and all and I woke up pretty fast but i just had to sit in the hospital bed outside of where the surgery was done to recover a bit more. I was feeling really loopy and weird and just kinda looking around when another guy, a teenage boy got rolled out and placed next to me. I watched him wake up and then he started to look a bit confused after a bit and he looked over at me and he could kinda talk so he was like “where am i” and i was like “where do you think you am” and he just went “am i in hell?” and i just kinda nodded for shits and giggles?? which was such a dick move but i was so drugged up and i thought i was so funny. He started panicking tho and he started yelling “what the fuck oh fuck oh fucking shit fuck im in fucking hell fuck fuck” over and over again really loudly and he just kept going and he was trying to sit up and move because he got so scared and they had to call in more nurses because shit was going crazy, and at the exact same time this girl on the other side of me starting puking her guts out and i was just so cracked up but i couldn’t laugh i was just like practically crying and i jerked my hand with the iv and started bleeding but i couldn’t stop laughing and the nurses were so pissed and it was wild

sleepover saturday?

SoC: Gen 10- Chapter 2 (P.3)

The second we were in the door, the four of us were running up the stairs to find my grandmother. We practically trampled her in the hallway, almost failing to stop in time, we halted just at her feet. Mom was totally into everything at the point and immediately asked her where we could find the folder. Our exuberance was a little baffling to her, but she knew exactly what we were talking about and where to get it.

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The two seemed inconspicuous enough. They had taken up a nice little spot on one of the bridges in town and were watching the water flow by underneath them, throwing sticks into the water to see who’s would reach the log stuck in place first. Somehow Caen always seemed to win, though Fara thought he was cheating somehow. She didn’t know how, but she’d figure it out eventually. 

They seemed content in their little contest when Caen looked up to see a Bretic woman pass by that caught his eye. He didn’t recognize her. She seemed to be a bit lost, in his opinion and he smiled before tapping his sister on her shoulder.

Fara looked up, brow raised, “What’s up, Cay?” The brother made several signs with his hands before pointing the woman who was almost out of line of sight. Fara grinned, “Easy pickin’s then?” She stood up before helping up her brother, “Let’s go give her a nice welcome, yeah?” 

Caen nodded and began to trot after the woman, Fara just a few feet behind. When they had started to catch up, Fara called ahead, “Oy! Oy Miss!” 


About the GQ interview

So months later after AVFM’s international men’s rights conference GQ finally decided to run it’s article about the men’s movement. All I can say is that I am impressed. Because of all media spin we faced, none of it has been as dishonest as this piece managed to be.

I wouldn’t have even mentioned it if not for the blatant dishonesty that I feel should be set right. So here’s what happened at those interviews involving the Honey Badgers and the parts of this that I witnessed firsthand.

I distinctly remember a middle aged man from GQ Magazine. He was a bit chubby and well dressed. He was very obviously used to finery, with an expensive watch and a pastel suit. He looked really out of place among the wave of t-shirts and sweats that most of us were wearing. Anyway, guy says he wants an interview and that he wants to take us out to lunch.

Already I had a weird feeling about the whole thing but we went along, hoping they would be honest, assuring us that they fact check. Months later they asked me about my statement on the transmittal of AIDs in Africa by a particular woman, but the way that it was worded in the e-mail they sent was a little weird so I didn’t get what he meant, because it had been 6 months since I’d had the discussion. But to clarify I was talking about this woman who infected 300+ men with AIDS for revenge.

Anyway after a short interview he takes us to lunch at a fancy Greek restaurant with a young man who seemed really shy and awkward. I believe he said he was studying physics. It was probably the second time I’d been to a fancy restaurant. Tablecloth, wine, the whole she-bang. The first being a graduation dinner my college paid for. It wasn’t until we got to talking with that young man and the reporter from GQ that I realized it was a trap. The young man we were talking to wanted to lower the age of consent to 12. From other subtle things he’d mentioned in conversation, I realized that we were likely speaking to an actual pedophile. 

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Not exactly opposed to the Uncle Grandpa and Steven Universe crossover but just a bit worried on how they’re gonna pull it off. I’m not worried about the story really since writers of both shows actually care about their shows. I just really hope they don’t make it look awkward and out of place like those Lilo and Stitch crossovers Disney Channel did a few years back.

I’m hoping they’ll bring the characters to either one of the show’s styles and into so-so’s world just like the Jimmy Timmy power hour did. Those crossovers were the ones I felt comfortable watching, even if the Timmy model’s face in Retroville did scare me a bit back then.

I love crossovers, I draw them myself. I just want to feel okay looking at them. So I’m actually quite interested in looking at this 

Ready - Kris Scenario
**SMUT WARNING** ——————

Y/N stared at him then bit her lip. She had been doing that the whole movie and he hadn’t noticed. Kris was too into whatever the film was about to even notice she was being more handsy than usual.

She had placed her hand on his upper thigh, she had kissed his neck, and even traced the patterns of his chest and stomach but all he did was watch the screen.

Frustrated she sat back on the couch and frowned, this was too much. It was her fault but Kris should’ve been looking out for the signs. How many times had he wanted to make love but she refused him telling him she wasn’t ready? Y/N thought he’d be more aware when the time came.

The time was now, and all he wanted to do was watch a stupid movie.
“Kris” she muttered he didn’t look away. “KRIS” she said louder. “What?” He muttered not tearing his eyes away from the screen. “I’m ready” she mumbled suddenly feeling shy. “Ok then go to sleep, I’ll finish the movie” he rubbed her arm softly as a farewell gesture.

Y/N rolled her eyes. He was making this less romantic than she thought. “No you idiot, I’m.. Ready” she tried again.

"Ready for what?” He said sounding impatient. “Never mind!” Y/N stood up and smacked him behind the head “goodnight” she muttered walking to the room. This was not how she expected tonight to go.

She laid down on the bed and groaned feeling her anger rise. Why was he so clueless sometimes? She suddenly heard running down the hallway. Y/N stood up walking towards the door before Kris barged in the room slamming the door open “you were right I am an idiot” he muttered quickly taking her and throwing her back on the bed.

Kris went to work clearly not needing another second to figure things out. He kissed her neck leaving lovebites down to her chest. His hands massaging her hips and thighs. Y/N let out a soft moan as he bit down on her bottom lip. She reached for the button of her jeans but he stopped her.

"No. I’ll do everything, you just enjoy" he muttered his breath mixing with hers. He quickly undid her jeans pulling them down and stripping her naked. "Getting to the point are we?" She asked her voice uneven. The nerves started to set on her as Kris removed his own clothing throwing it on the ground with the rest of her clothes, he bit his lip looking at her in pure lust.

"I’ve been waiting for this for a long time" he muttered carefully hovering over her body he traced his lips against her jawline and she gulped. Y/N started to feel the dreaded feeling. She was nervous, she felt her heart race and at that moment she wanted to run away. Kris seemed to have noticed, he brought his hand to her cheek cupping it and looked in her eyes.

"Are you sure?" He muttered. Of course she was sure, Y/N wasn’t confident. "I just don’t want to disappoint you" she laughed awkwardly. Kris grinned slowly biting her jaw softly "I think I’m the one who should be worrying about that" he moved himself between her legs forcing them to separate. "We’ll do it slow today" he assured her.

With that Kris slowly entered her causing her to grip his shoulders and gasp. It was painful, she wasn’t sure of his size until now. Y/N let out short gasps and Kris waited until she adjusted to him, kissing her chest softly. She slowly nodded telling him to continue and he grinned as he started thrusting into her slowly, pain quickly turned into pleasure as he kept his pace.

Y/N moaned burying her face in his neck feeling all her senses being filled with Kris. She felt him grip the pillow above her head and heard him grunt as he picked up the pace, her name spilled from his lips in deep coarse growls, he was losing his patience. He started thrusting into her harder causing some pain to spark up again. Y/N cried her nails digging into his back as she felt his whole body tense up, he went faster until both of their bodies rocked back and forth.

Her walls tightened and her cries became louder as she climaxed, her body shook and her back arched and Kris took the opportunity to slide his hand under it holding her against him continuing to thrust.her whole body feeling deliciously used by him as he selfishly pleased himself with it until he reached his own high. With a final groan he stopped and let go of her back.

Kris collapsed on top of her and she closed her eyes waiting for her breath to even. “You’re so vocal” he muttered. She laughed massaging the scars she had left on him “sorry.” He grinned and kissed her cheek. She wrapped her arms around his neck wanting to be in this position forever. “Was it worth waiting?”

Kris laughed kissing her “definitely”

The Casual Vacancy was just done so well… I missed Sukhvinder alot, she was a part that really intrigued me in the book, the hell of a life for a teenager and how hard it is when you are just that lonely. I missed the whole rowing plotline, I liked how it showed that there was possibility and meaning for Sukhvinder and Krystal’s friendship and how Krystal was really good at something and had a place somewhere. I was a complete mess by the time Krystal went to look for Robbie, I’m happy they took out Obbo’s rape and Robbie’s death because it really was just too much, I was sobbing and I don’t know how I could have watched it ALL. I loved Tessa Wall cracking it at Fats, it needed to happen and was a bit disappointed that Arf’s storyline wasn’t as important as it was in the book… There was so much focus on the adults, when in the book the story for me was so much about the kids and how their lives were impacted by the shit their parents put them through…

But really overall it was well done, you saw the importance of Sweetlove house and the message of the novel, culminating in a tragic ending.

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Can i get Nishinoya fluff? Please?


Nishinoya turned his head at the familiar voice, looking over his shoulder to see his partner jogging over to him with a smile on their face. Nishinoya returned the smile as the other wrapped their arms around his chest. Greeting them and returning the hug, they released him and began digging in their bag. 

"Wanna play a game with me?"

"Game? What are we playing?" Nishinoya raised a brow at his partner as they pulled out a box of their favourite flavour of pocky. He watched as they pulled out a stick of pocky, waving it as they spoke. 

"The pocky game." They stated, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Don’t tell me you don’t know what the pocky game is." They smirked, placing the end of the pocky between their lips, leaning forwards a bit to encourage Nishinoya to play.

Nishinoya chuckled, leaning forwards as he watched their partner look at him in anticipation. Instead of grasping the other end of the stick of pocky in his mouth, he simply grabbed it with his hand and pulled it out of his partner’s mouth. 

"Hey-" They tried to protest against Nishinoya for cheating but Nishinoya cut them off, pressing his lips against theirs. 

"If you wanted a kiss, you could just say so." Nishinoya grinned, taking a bite of the stick of pocky he stole before sauntering away and leaving his partner standing there, surprised and blushing darkly. 

✧ Umi

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Can I ask Admin Michelle to write a scenario where Jackson is caught cheating on you?

Your hand slowly turned the doorknob as you yawned and walked into the boys’ dance practice room, your hair gently flowing behind you.

"Hey, guys." You waved as you walked in and placed your bag on the ground. "Is practice not over yet?"

The famous members of GOT7 immediately turned to look at you in surprise, as if not expecting you to come so early. You watched with a cocked brow as your eyes scanned the room.

"Where’s Jackson?" You asked, clearly confused.

"He just went out to get a snack." Mark answered, a bit too quickly. "He’ll be back soon. You should wait here until he comes back."

You looked at him with a still unsure look plastered on your face, wondering why everyone was being so stiff and quiet. It was beginning to bother you…Because you knew something was wrong.

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dressed head to toe in synthetic armor, a design she’s been dying to try out, she watches the battle take place far below. and it’s almost as soon as she dares to breathe that the crunching of footsteps behind her catches her attention. she angles her head enough that she can see over her shoulder, to take in the warrior ( who doesn’t look like much of a warrior to begin with ). 

you don’t prod a sleeping monster and truthfully, everyone knows that War is a sleeping dragon waiting for the perfect time to strike. even if you’re feeling a little bit daring, you aren’t ready for the storm that rolls beneath the surface of thick and calloused skin. her hard, scaled exterior does nothing to conceal the even harder interior. they don’t say her heart is made of iron for nothing. fist closes tightly over the hilt of a bloody dagger, adrenaline in her veins.

and finally she turns to take in the intruder in full. expression softens, becoming a blank slate. she can feel the strangest hum of power beneath and it’s almost as though the earth is pulsating.

she realizes why this warrior looks so fragile mere seconds later. “witch.”


Your name is Bristol Bright. You’re a college student, but will hop on any chance to push your life in a new direction. So, when you got notice that a great uncle of yours had passed and had left his entire fortune, including mansion, to his next of kin (you being his only family left alive), you immediately hopped on the chance to be a rich douchebag for the rest of your life.

You drop out of college, sign some papers with your lawyer watching, and fly across the country to your dead uncle’s abode. It looks like the kind of mansion that a great uncle would hang out in: gigantic, rotting, and ancient, but who gives a shit. You’re fucking rich now. In the coming months, you spruce the place up a bit, get a lightning speed internet connection, order a bunch of obscure noise records, and host a fucking party in your basement.

It’s pretty sweet. You decide that you should open a record label because why the fuck not. Your life has become fucking sweet, but then you get an ominous knock at your door in the middle of the night. It’s your lawyer, looking as gloomy as ever, holding a pet carrier of all things. “Nice seeing you tonight, Bristol.” he says.

"What the fuck do you want, dude? Do you have any idea of what time it is? I’m tryna get some fucking sleep. I’ve got a party at six tomorrow!"

"I know, I know. You’re a very busy person. I’m just here to execute the final part of your uncle’s will?"

"I thought we were finished with that shit months ago."

"You didn’t read any of the paperwork when you signed it. Don’t worry, it’s no problem. I’ve gotten everything worked out for you. I’m a good lawyer, and I’m good to my clients. Your uncle was an avid collector of exotic pets from a certain region. All of those pets have passed, with the exception of one, his cat."

"So I have to take care of the fuckin’ cat? Fine. Hand it over."

"You don’t have to take care of anything. Your uncle only wished for you to be aware of the cat’s existence."

"Alright, I’m aware. I’m going to fuckin’ sleep."

"Not just yet. You must peer into the cat’s cage."

"What the fuck ever, dude."

You peer to the damn cat’s cage. Whatever’s in there doesn’t even look like a cat. Yeah, it has freaky glowing yellow eyes, but it doesn’t have the mass of a cat. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you don’t really care. Looking at the thing gives you the creeps. You back away.

"Alright, I did it. Goodnight."

"Goodnight and goodbye, Bristol. If you ever need my services again, you know what number to call."

"Whatever, dude."

You slam the door on your lawyer’s face, making sure to triple lock it. He creeps you out so much, you’re definitely shitcanning him for someone more normal. You can’t even go back to sleep after that shit.

What do you do:

>Call up some friends and see if there are any parties tonight

>Call up one of your artists, any artist, you love art and music

>Do drugs

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What are some of your favorite memories?

Well when I was a little younger than I am now, I was over at my dad’s place and we stayed up watching movies till about 1am and my dad wanted to take a smoke break so i asked if i could come with him, he was like “Come on with me then, sugar foot” so i followed him through the house and out the back door. He lit his cig and smoked for a bit as i was just sitting down on the grass, staring up at the stars. It was comfortably warm outside and i was just so relaxed. Then like my dad noticed i was looking hard at the stars, since i cant see very well i was squinting trying to see more of what was out there, and remembered he had recently bought a new app that shows you exactly where the constellations are- he pulled out his phone and smiled at me when he told me. i was so happy you wouldnt believe. So, he opened it and set it up while moving to sit on the grass with me, and the first one we looked for was my zodiac constellation, Taurus, and once we found it he pulled me into a hug hold and we laid there looking for others till i fell asleep.  

Another good memory I remember is when me and my dad sung Mad World together in the dark splattering goo from a few broken glow sticks all over his room making his room look really cool. He was also playing his guitar with the song. 

Opening Day |  | CLOSED

Alex wheeled the last of what was left of the old building out to the dumpster before looking at the open space that would soon be Elle’s bakery. He smiled as he watched Elle and the kids inside as they sorted out the paint and the tarps. 

He walked back in and hugged her, kissing her cheek. “Now all that’s left is a bit of TLC and elbow grease and this place will be as good as new. You’re gonna do great love.”  


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Jackie squeezed her way through the crowded stands. She found a place to squeeze in to watch the show. She just had to find out if the rumors about this freak show were true. She looked up suddenly when the audience cheered when the two ringleaders announced the next act, "The Golden Haired Menace!" Menace? What, was this guy a former convict?

Gideon bit his lip, running a hand along his dark red skin, before slipping on his shirt.
"Do better next time, and I won’t whip you, you useless…!
"-lden Haired Menace!"
He took a deep breath, placed his hat on, and walked through, closing his eyes as the spotlight glared.
Time to try again.

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2, 4, 6, 8! (who do we appreciate!)

2. Would you most likely be found at Ten Forward, Quark’s, or the mess hall?
I want to say Quark’s but it might be a bit too loud and busy for me in there. On the other hand, as a space station it always has lots of different people to-ing and fro-ing which means I could do my usual trick of sitting in an out of the way place and just observing people and it’d be really interesting. 

4.  Which non-Federation species would you like to be?
hold up [looks up list of non-Federation species] 
ngl, it’d be pretty sweet to be a Changeling. 

6. Favorite TNG quote?
I haven’t finished watching TNG so I’m really not sure! 

8. Favorite VOY quote?
Aaaaah I don’t know! Voyager has so many good thiiiiings. 
I’m just going to keep it simple and say this bit: 

The Doctor: You’re a woman, Seven.
Seven of Nine: Is that an observation or a diagnosis?

Always cracks me up. 

Thanks so much for asking! I have a couple more of these so I’ll get on them now. 

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✿ -he walked along a road, which eventually lead up to an elementary school. When he walked by, the kids were having their recess, so they were all outside having fun. He never saw such a thing before. So many kids having fun. He walked a bit closer, just staring in awe at the children, admiring them. How they easily smile, and play together. He sighed slightly continuing to watch the kids, to understanding how out of place he looks by doing so.-

     Jinah had just left her students go play in the playground after reading a book to them, they were so happy about the book that they ddint even wanted to leave the class they were in, but for real Jinah needed sometime away from the classroom to relax a bit. She noticed a person looking to her students, slowly the pre school teacher made her way to the person “excuse me, is everything okay?” Jinah asked the person, it was weird someone looking to them.