The Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge
Day 6: A Couple you love
- Daryl and Carol

These two… man. The scene in season 5 where they are finally reunited really pulled at my heart strings. I love these two so much. They’re not even an official couple, but let’s be honest, they are perfect together. C’mon Walking Dead people, just make them get together already!

Walking Dead 30 day Challenge

Day 1:

Favorite Male Character? Why?

Daryl Dixon He is one of the coolest characters in the show. He is really kickass with his crossbow and walker killing skills. I adore his loyalty to Rick (my second favorite male character). At first, I didn’t like his hot tempered, red neck personality but now, the show would be nothing without it. He has developed into a caring and essential part of the group. He is one of the only survivors with a sense of humor too. In conclusion, Daryl is really attractive and he’s my favorite character. 

Rick Grimes Rick is my favorite male character in the comic. He is the best leader the group can have. They may not always agree with his methods but they’re better off with him then Shane. He is one of the strongest characters (mentally). He has to hold the group together and fight for each and everyone of their survival whether they like him or not. 

The Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge

  1. Favourite Male Character? Why?

Daryl Dixon. :3 Why?

  • Hes a badass
  • He started out as a dick, then turned out to be a good person
  • His fucking poncho
  • He has a crossbow
  • I feel like his character has grown? (for lack of a better word) since the first season. He shows more and more compassion every week.
  • His poncho
  • I’m a proud Dixon Vixen
  • Hes a BAMF
  • He’s better than Merle
  • He didn’t turn into a jealous twaaat like Shane. 

The Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge
Day 2: Favorite Female Character 
- Carol Peletier 

Carol is strong. I admire her so much; she developed from a scared girl in an abusive relationship to a strong, independent, beautiful woman. She understands the world they live in, she understands that things are going to be hard and unfair. She’s had to make tough decisions and she’s lost a lot, including her daughter, and yet she carries on. Plus she’s pretty badass.


the walking dead 30 day challenge 

day 8) If you could have one person on the show as your partner during the zombie apocalypse, who would it be and why? 

It would have to be that sexy mother fucker up there. Well of course I am the Norman Reedus  blog. Daryl Dixon is a bad ass he makes tough decisions and is good about not letting his feelings get in the way of that. Though he doesn’t always show his emotions he loves his group and admires good people. I think we could get along he can get food find safe shelter and he “ain’t nobody’s bitch” . He can protect people he really does care I mean he almost died for the sake of Sophia he found her doll and it met so much to him it was so sweet he cares about people. Daryl is a survivor and hopefully I would be too with him.


Day 8: Favorite Scene

The Walking Dead constantly gives me feels that are heavily explosive and turns me into this sobbing blob of uncontrollable feelings. This scene, especially. It was so beautifully played, and after I saw it for the first time, I just huddled in a corner crying, muttering “Daryl, don’t cry it’s okay even though yourbrotherdied-j fa;ldjf a;ldkjf </3 D;” I watch this scene before going to sleep most nights because I want to sleep with Daryl feels. This scene is just so perfect, Norman’s the greatest actor I have seen yet.


Day 8: Favorite Scene

This scene just like makes me cry because of all the happiness. And then everyone’s faces watching Rick run up to his family makes it even better. They’re all like, Oh my gosh is this really happening? I mean, Lori and Carl thought he was dead and now he’s standing in front of them! Gosh this scene just gives me way too many emotions. Especially when I watch old episodes over again and know that half of those people are gonna die eventually :(