the two dudes that live in the room across from mine and usually listen to hardcore rap and hip hop are ROCKING THE FUCK OUT to those “ultimate rap battle” (that usually has fictional characters or historical figures) and rapping along to them I’m crying

Timeline 2's Dream Team: Mami, Madoka, and Homura 

"He’s known sadness, and it has made him kind."

Tom Hiddleston vs Benedict Cumberbatch: The Battle of All Battles

So my friend believe that Benedict Cumberbatch is more attractive than Tom Hiddleston. Even though they are both attractive I believe Tom Hiddleston is twice as more attractive than Benedict Cumberbatch . So I am going to end this battle in the most civilized way, through Tumblr

So reblog for Tom Hiddleston!!!

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Some cute lines I ran across in Stick of Truth. No spoilers.

We had to pose as Bebe’s boyfriend and Kenny got all jelly (our New Kid wore that bright red Lolita wig for the entire goddamn game. We were so beautiful).

I lose my shit whenever anyone uses this line. I was not expecting it from this source.

Jimmy is the meanest kid.


Butters, what the fuck.

Stan, what the fuck???

Kyle, what the fuck.

Okay, that was p. much exactly what I was expecting.