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What self diagnosed diseases do you have

Depression, schizorphrania, autism, aspurgers, polymophic-identity confusion disorder, OCD, PTSD, phobias(lots of them so mind your triggers please), patriarchy oppression disorder(to be fair, a lot of people have this except the highly privileged cis white able bodied male), hepatitis, transplant disorder, herpes, cancer, AIDS(yes you can get that without ever having sex, educate yourself), “Diabetes”(in quotations because it’s not really that, I just display symptoms that somewhat fit the description of the mythical illness known as diabetes that doctors use to shame fat women into changing who they are to fit their patriarchal worldviews) 


It’s my first year gardening. Ever. Here’s my side garden (peonies were here, tons of morning glories at the base of the trellis,fragrant geranium, marigolds, petunias, salvia, bee balm, sweet William, a lilac cutting and a hydrangea cutting that both are just sticks in the ground).
Yesterday I bought a planter and put some geraniums in, some lavender, strawberries, and transplanted a klanchoe.

I’m baaaaack.

After a short hiatus and total deletion of my last version of this blog, I decided to make a pilgrimage to my Tumblr home and reboot the whole damn thing. Miss me? Probably not , but like measles, I’m here again. (Too soon?)

For those of you who don’t know me, here’s a little bit of an introduction. ‘Siyo. The name is Schon (pronounced Shawn) and I’m a million different things at once. Tsalagi activist. College graduate. Punk wannabe. Bleeding heart. Stone cold warrior. Oklahoma native. Trail of Tears transplant. Ex-Frat guy. And ten dozen other faces I can’t think of right now.

Follow, if you feel the urge. If you do, keep up or at least pretend to speed walk. I got a whole new way of looking at life and this is where it’s gonna be stuck like cat box remnants.

Just To Hear Your Heart Beat

Chris Evans x reader oneshot
Request: could you write a chris evans oneshot and its fluff so its rated everyone. So could you write about him taking care of reader after reader gets out of heart surgery and he is protective
Re: absolutely, sweetie!!!
Genre: Friendship
Rated: Everyone
Warnings: fluff, heart surgery, a little angsty

A/n: this will most likely be in Chris’s point of view. Please read with precautions if this kind of stuff might bother you.

His fingers curled and then uncurled, his feet tapped against the hospital floor, his head was hung low. Chris was seated in front if the double doors with a sign above that stated the surgery hall. It had been an hour ago that you were admitted in for a heart transplant. It was 12:00am when he got the call that you were going into surgery and he had quickly changed into some appropriate clothing for the hospital. It was 100 miles away, but he got there at roughly 1:10am. He remembered how pale and sickly you looked, your skin sweating and laying limply. He remembered your family’s tears and your little brother hugginh Chris’s leg in fear. He remembered the doctor stating you needed a transplant. He remembered.
The doctor came in with a clipboard.
“Ms. (Y/l/n), I need to speak to you.”
“Please, just say it…”
She had stated sadly. Chris offered her a rub on the back, to which she thanked him silently for. The doctor sighed and said.
“Her dilated cardiomyopathy had gotten significantly critical. Her right ventricle is giving out. I’m afraid we need to get a transplant done quickly or your daughter will not make it.”
The room was quiet until Chris asked.
“How…how long will this procedure take?”
The doctor shrugged and replied.
“We’re thinking roughly two hours maybe. One being the minimum. We’re not sure.”
Chris snapped, a possesive feeling of his best friend overwhelming him.
“Well, find out! I don’t wanna sit here for four hours! I wanna see her as healthy as a health nut as soon as possible!”
Ms. (Y/l/n) put a hand on Chris’s shoulder, calming him a tad as she whispered.
“Chris, it’ll be ok.”
He slumped his shoulders and gazed at his best friend, offering her a small smile as she gave one back before passing out once more.
End flashback
So here he sat, awake as ever, worried as ever. A vibration caught his attention and he pulled out his phone.
Downey: hey, is she doing ok? =\
Chris frowned a bit but sent back.
CE: I don’t know. They wouldn’t let anyone back there, the bastards. I’m worried…
Downey: you want me to fly up there? I can get there in no time, Dorito.
CE: thanks, but it wont be necessary unless you want to.
Downey: OK. Just text if you need me, Chrissicle.
Chris smiled a little and heard a door open. He shot up as he saw the doctor and asked.
“Is she ok?!”
The doctor smiled.
“She’s going to be a little sore these next few days but she should be good to go home in a week.”
Chris laughed in relief and asked.
“When can we see her?”
The doctor just walked aside and Chris ran to the girl. There, in the room beside the elevator, was you. He smiled in happiness as you looked up at him, groggy. You smiled a bit.
“H-hi Chrissy.”
The nickname made his heart swell as he held your hand.
“Hey, honeybee. You feeling ok? Can I get you anything?”
You smiled at him and said.
“No, it’s ok. And yeah…im alive, that’s good.”
“(Y/n)…I was so worried about you.”
He stated. Tears welled up in his eyes and you laid a hand on his cheek, smiling softly.
“I’m not going anywhere, Chrissy. Not without you.”
He smiled and a nurse walked in, taking out a needle to inject three shots of morphine into you. When she grabbed your arm to swab the area the needle would pierce, you winced and Chris immediately said in a stern voice.
“Be careful with her!”
The nurse immediately replied.
“I’m so sorry! I just need to swab the area…”
“Chrissy, it’s ok…she didn’t mean it.”
He glared at the nurse until she got done and you giggled. He looked over at you and asked.
“What? What’s so funny, twerp?”
You grinned
“You’re so adorable when you’re protective.”
He grinned and shrugged.
“Someone’s gotta be your knight in shining armour.”
“Or my Captain America. I hate fairytales.”
He smiled genuinely.
“I’ll be your Captain America as long as your my Peggy Carter.”
You blushed as he kissed your hand and you nodded, snuggling into your blankets.
“As long as your the Captain to my America, I’m good.”
You both giggled and Chris kissed the top of your head, then cheek, saying.
“I’ll always be your savior, honeybee.”

this was such an adorable request! Please send in any request you have!!!

Trans Uterus

The recent CBS story regarding nine Swedish women who received uterus transplants undoubtedly caught the attention of transgender women throughout the world. Anyone, with even the slightest awareness of the advancement of medical science, understands that eventually there will be few things left in the realm of impossible. The idea that a transgender woman will one day be able to carry a child in her womb is no longer just an idea. It is a reality of the future.

Another story in the Dallas Voice is evidence to this fact as Sarah Luiz has positioned herself as a candidate to become the first transgender woman to potentially give birth. Anyone, with even the slightest awareness of society’s obsession with sex and gender, understands that the word controversy applies to this situation in the same way the word skirmish applies to World War II.

“There are two things that I will never experience as a female human being. I will never be a three-year-old girl shopping with my mom for a beautiful dress, spinning and twirling down the aisles of the store, perfectly engaged in absolutely nothing other than being a three-year-old girl. And I will never know what it feels like to carry a child in my womb… Neither of these things makes me less of a female human being. I am, I have always been, a female human being… I am 56 years old. I won’t be the first transgender woman to receive a uterus and experience pregnancy. But I will probably live to see it happen. And that makes me feel like I am spinning and twirling down the aisle, perfectly engaged in being nothing other than a three-year-old girl. How much more simple could it be?”

     -(excerpt from this article)

It’s an exciting time to be a trans womanDo you ever remember dreaming about having a little baby in your stomach? A lot of little trans girls dreams were crushed when they were told they couldn’t do that.

This is a lifechanging thing that’s going to bring to life those young girls dreams.

Cis women have given birth with a transplanted uterus, which I find the most promising, and fertile Ovarian transplants and lab-grown vaginas are no longer futuristic.

I personally am not going to go through this, I’ve always believed firmly in adoption or if my future partner wanted to carry it. But just the idea of it makes my heart flutter. Something I want to see is a trans woman who has dreamt of kids her entire life, find out she’s pregnant.

To me, that’s better than being a three year old girl dancing in the aisles, and I know it will change the lives of a lot of girls like us.



Organ Care System.

In an organ transplant surgery, timing is critical. Doctors drop organs into a plastic bag and put them on ice. But lungs soon stop breathing. Hearts stop beating. The organs essentially shut down and start to deteriorate. This means doctors have only about five to 10 hours to get the lung from the donor into the recipient. If the travel time is too long, the organ can’t be used and goes to waste. An Andover company known as TransMedics came up with world’s first commercial, portable, warm blood perfusion system that allows a new type of organ transplant, called a living organ transplant. This new technology, called an Organ Care System, is designed to maintain organs in a warm, functioning state outside of the body to optimize their health and allow continuous clinical evaluation. Hearts beat, lungs breathe, kidneys produce urine and livers produce bile. The device is currently not FDA approved but is undergoing clinical testing.