You’re my best friend, oops.//Closed with momoxtter

“we’ve been best friends for practically our whole lives but you’re a thousand times more popular than me so you dragged me to a big party and now we’re playing spin the bottle and you spin and it lands on me oh crap” au

Most people thought it was weird that Rin was so close to someone 2 years below him. But in truth, Rin had met Momo through his brother, who used to babysit him despite only being a year older than Rin himself. Because of this, the two had gotten to know each other rather well, and had even become good friends. Even as they got older, and Rin more popular in school, their bond never seemed to fade, and Rin always set himself to protect Momo.

As they got older, Rin was constantly invited to parties, and this time was no different. He walked over to Momo’s locker, leaning on the one beside it as the smaller dug through his locker. “Ne, Momo.” He held up and invite he had just recieved. “Says I can have a +1. You should come with me.”


Do we want to dub your Ace Attorney comic? Yes.

Do we appreciate comic suggestions? Yes.

Can we dub your Ace Attorney comic? If you want Dan to take a week or 2 off putting together Trials and Dual Destinies in which we’re already way behind on and subsequently get “Where’s the next episode” questions daily.

I guess I’m just asking for patience. I want to put out Ace Attorney as much as the next guy but it takes time and lots of effort on top of our regular lives. So please just be patient and considerate.

a word on sonic for real justice

The drama is hilarious, and it really is a reality TV show irl

Like seriously, this is great and I’m getting whiplash following all the crap that’s been going down between this group of minors. Honestly, the life of teenagers is pretty eventful and crazy because we live in our own bubbles all the time and have no real idea of how the world truly works. Of how everything is not about us, of how important relationships are, of how permanent our words can be.

In my opinion… the mods seem like freshmen in high school, or maybe 8th graders. Definitely young teenagers, seeing as their personalities are extreme, sometimes convoluted, and at times unstable, since they’re probably trying to find out who they are. I feel as if this explains why some of them are using labels that they probably don’t quite fully understand. I’m not trying to say that they’re not what they claim to be, but some of them are most likely experimenting and seeing what works for them. While this is healthy and encouraged, it does make it a little dangerous for them to be on tumblr, which takes those kinda of things very seriously, considering how delicate gender and sexuality are in the context of modern times.

I can’t take their blog seriously because I can’t take myself seriously. I’m a teenager, too, and I know how ridiculous I can be at times. I know that I am, more often than not, focused on the present, and that I don’t think too heavily about the future or the consequences of my actions. I’m sure the mods will look back at this five years down the road (if they haven’t deleted the blog by then) and laugh about how silly it all was. 

I’m already laughing about it now.

I mean, come on. Teenage angst. MTV should get in on this because this is the kind of raw drama that is just priceless.