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I think veganism and anarchism can't be separated. Speciesm is just another kind of discrimination, but the society tells you that is ok to kill and eat animals. Before they said "buying black people is ok" or "hitting your woman is ok". We can go further: animal killing and suffering are part of the capitalist system and is doing crazy shit with the enviroment, with a world that's not ours. All living creatures must be free. Well, that's what I think. What do you think about that?

Yes, I completely agree. Bob Torres in “Much as we live in an economic and social order that is structured to exploit people, we live in one that is structured to exploit animals. We’re encouraged to understand both are natural and inevitable, but neither are. Both exploitations have long and contentious histories as part of the development of our modern economic order.” (Making A Killing: The Political Economy of Animal Rights)

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I love when people show skinned animals and go “THIS IS WHERE YOUR FUR IS FROM”. Like…no shit, the fur coats don’t still have the bodies attached. It’s not like that skinned body is alive still, nor was it alive while it was being skinned. It was already dead. Like…I know you’re going for shock value but it’s dead. If it was on a fur farm (in the US at least), it died humanely.



fur doesn’t fall from the sky. and no one wearing fur believes it does

Also, side note: I find it HILARIOUS that there are people out there who will go buy fur clothes just to burn them or bury them in “respect” for the animal. Like…do you think the company cares that you burned the coat? NO. They’d probably laugh at you if they found out because they got money for the coat either way.

I think veganism is a product of first world countries. It’s a good product of it. But I think it comes primarily from being so far removed from our food that people get so shocked when they finally realize what it is. 

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Is Marmite vegan friendly? I have seen contradicting evidence...

Some people seem to be avoiding yeast and calling anything with yeast in it not vegan… I think that is where the confusion is coming from. In the UK at least, Marmite contains no animal products and is therefore vegan friendly. This is the same product marketed as “vegemite” in some other countries. It is even recommended by alot of people for vegans, due to being a good source of B12!

Veganism isn’t just about changing the foods you eat, it’s about changing the way you perceive nonhuman animals. It’s not simply omitting meat, dairy and eggs from your diet as much as it is about respecting each and every life, choosing justice, fairness and compassion over selfish desires that entail violence towards fellow sentient beings. Veganism is the ethical philosophy that strives towards the elimination of speciesism in yourself as well as the greater society. What you eat is only a small part of it.
—  The Thinking Vegan 

tbh I get really fucked up over people who are like “nooo don’t squish that spider all creatures deserve life uwu~” but eat animal products I mean like

where is your brain

what is it made out of

Pimplando Jones be like —

Pimp strong and prosper. 

So, um….

What do you guys really think about your castmate Orlando Jones?

But then Mrs. BAMF be like…

Well, you know. He’s sorta sweet I guess. But he’s also really weird. And he keeps trying to force us to look at stuff on Tumblr and Instagram and well… I think he might have psychological issues. We should probably stage an intervention.