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If a child has two vegan parents, is it neglect to only feed them vegan-friendly food? Cause my mom told me that kids need meat protein, and even though I've told her there are so many ways to get protein besides meat, she won't change her opinion... You seem to know a lot about this... May I please have your input?

No it is not when is done with information and dedication. Here is an extract from an article that shows some cases of vegan kids and how healthy they are! Take a look :)

Some women stop being vegan when they become pregnant, because either they or their doctors think a vegan cannot have a healthy pregnancy. On the contrary, as long as pregnant women, infants, and children are getting a reliable source of vitamin B12, they typically thrive on a vegan diet.

Mothers of the children below were vegan during pregnancy, and the kids have been vegan since birth.

For more information on healthy eating during pregnancy, see Pregnancy, Infants, & Children.

Vegan Kids since birth:

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Going Vegan obviously made you physically feel better, but how about mentally? And without even thinking about how going vegan physically affects the way you look, just because of generally feeling better mentally from going vegan did it help you love your body more? Like just feel more at ease with everything in general?

Going vegan made a huge difference on my mentality and HOW I feel. It feels amazing to live each day causing the least amount of harm possible to any other Earthlings. It feels amazing to live closely to the earth and to thrive off what Mother Nature provides us.
It feels amazing to know I’m not polluting my body/cells with negative/anxious energy from the flesh or by products of another animal.

Going vegan allowed my body to fully detox from built up toxins - which in turn gave me a whole new level of clear energy.

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Freelee apparently said that she doesn't get her period because she's on her vegan diet and that that's a good thing. I'm not really too sure on it but if she doesn't want kids, is it still healthy to not be having your period? Like are there other benefits to having your period or is it just that. I don't think that the vegan diet causes it, it must just be what she eats specifically and how she exercises. She said this halfway through last year so maybe her opinions changed idk.

You’re the second person to put this in my inbox and I just wanted to make it clear that talking about another YouTuber’s menstrual cycle is NOT something I’m interested in doing. I do not watch her videos, I don’t know her personally, I’m not interested in supporting her based on her treatment of others YouTubers. 

Her health, her body, her diet etc are all her business and her choices.

But just for the record there are plenty of women who don’t have periods, plenty of women who don’t have uterus’s and plenty of women who don’t even have vagina’s. It’s really no one’s business but the woman. 

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Why would you need to tag vegan posts? You love cows so it's common sense you would post vegan related content, I would think.

Some people, even vegans, don’t like seeing those posts, or they have issues with things like blood and gore. I’m one of those people who don’t like seeing anything bloody or gory because I’m incredibly hemophobic so I understand when people ask me to tag things, even simple vegan posts, and I try to tag as many things as I can.

I’m 30 years old and a vegan.

My sister is 28 and not a vegan - she thinks milk builds strong bones.

My bones are awesome. My doctor said they’re super strong, and my calcium level looks good.

My sister fell at work and shattered her shoulder, requiring 2 surgeries, 3 screws, and a rod. And months, possibly years of physical therapy.

The doctor told her she has the bones of a 90 year old.




Veganism isn’t just about changing the foods you eat, it’s about changing the way you perceive nonhuman animals. It’s not simply omitting meat, dairy and eggs from your diet as much as it is about respecting each and every life, choosing justice, fairness and compassion over selfish desires that entail violence towards fellow sentient beings. Veganism is the ethical philosophy that strives towards the elimination of speciesism in yourself as well as the greater society. What you eat is only a small part of it.
—  The Thinking Vegan 

tbh I get really fucked up over people who are like “nooo don’t squish that spider all creatures deserve life uwu~” but eat animal products I mean like

where is your brain

what is it made out of

Pimplando Jones be like —

Pimp strong and prosper. 

So, um….

What do you guys really think about your castmate Orlando Jones?

But then Mrs. BAMF be like…

Well, you know. He’s sorta sweet I guess. But he’s also really weird. And he keeps trying to force us to look at stuff on Tumblr and Instagram and well… I think he might have psychological issues. We should probably stage an intervention.