I recently became a vegetarian, and I am definitely still adjusting, but am pleased to say I have felt a lot better physically than I used to. I am forced to eat healthier due to the fact that I am in need of the nutrients I would normally get from meat, and I have a lighter feeling but more fulfilling amount of food going into my system.

I thought I would share though, for those of you considering becoming a vegetarian or vegan, that it is definitely not as easy as you would think. Vegans have it way harder than vegetarians, however being vegetarian it is still an adjustment. I never would’ve thought that I would have to buy one brand of Mac and cheese vs another because one brand has “non-animal enzymes” in it.(as shown in the picture above)

You have to be very careful with labels. Even if it’s something as simple as Mac and cheese, it could still contain animal byproducts.

Also please PLEASE make sure you supply your body with the proper nutrients it needs. Find your proteins in beans, seeds, and nuts. Also, if it’s necessary, buy omega 3 vitamin supplements. Fill yourself up with more raw foods (fruits and vegetables obviously).

But don’t be afraid to splurge :) even if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian. Go get yourself a cookie. You deserve a cookie.

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I eat fairly healthy and vegan I think and I work out occasionally. I weight so much and look so fat. I can't take it. What do I do?

• love yourself
• practice self love, it’s mean to say that about your body :(
• make steps towards a healthy lifestyle
• I highly recommend an abundant plant-based intake
• exercise 3-4 times a week (walking, jogging, strength or whatever you like) for at least 30mins
• stay hydrated
• get enough sleep
• honor yourself and your body
• try to de-stress

I’ll have lots of tips for health, self love, motivation + more in my eBook x

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how many calories do you get per day? do you think vegans can get away with eating more (calorie wise) and not gaining weight? just curious to hear your thoughts.

I usually eat around 2000, but lately I’ve been eating like 2500 or more haha just because I’ve been eating so much vegan junk, but I don’t normally do this. yup I do think vegans can get away with eating more because plant foods are so nutrient dense and fiber and water rich :) 2000 calories of plant foods is very different than 2000 calories of meat and dairy! 

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I think they mean veganism is a sign of privilege in the US and countries like it because fast processed food is cheaper to come across than a diet that stresses being organic and meat/animal product free. Veganism as it is in indigenous cultures (beans + rice + bread all day) is the opposite because it's the simplest things. In America, it's not expensive either to just eat the staples that exist in most countries, but the beliefs/idea of veganism in America is vastly different than elsewhere.

I see and yes I think the op should have phrased it like you did, veganism being a sign of privilege and not a privilege itself!

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I'm feeling very conflicted. I want to be vegan. I love animals and I don't want to contribute to their suffering. I'm a lifelong vegetarian and I've gone back and forth between vegan twice. It's just difficult in recovery for me to have such limited food options. And I'm going to college in the fall and I know it'll only make things worse. I'm just feeling so bad lately, with really severe food aversions and lack of appetite.

I think that this is something that you’ll need to decide for yourself. I know that there are many vegans who have found success in recovery through a vegan lifestyle and that it’s certainly possible to be vegan and recover from an ED. But I’ve never had a legitimate ED (though I’ve suffered from obsessive eating habits, it’s largely controllable and mostly triggered through stress) so I wouldn’t know what that is like nor what struggles would be involved.

A lot of people think that veganism is incredibly restricting and I suppose when you’re used to eating a diet that’s heavy in dairy/eggs then it could be. But I’ve found such an amazingly abundant amount of food through a vegan lifestyle. I’ve tried foods that I didn’t think I’d like because my old diet was so limiting. I revel in new things now. I love picking things off the menu that I’d never thought to try before. 

But you know yourself better than I know you, and you’ll know what’s best for you. Perhaps you could direct your concerns to recovering–vegan as they are both vegan and in recovery from an ED. They might be able to help you a little more with understanding what being vegan and recovering from an ED can offer. I’m sure they could also just reblog this and add their insight!

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more help. Being that I’ve never had an ED, I don’t want to give you any advice that might harm you or push you further into your ED. I want you to be safe!!

If anyone is a vegan and has recovered from or is recovering from an ED please “like” this post so that anon may hopefully see and perhaps get some better help :)


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Do you think that a vegan (vegetarian) diet and lifting can go hand in hand?

Yeah absolutely. I would say you would potentially get better results from the natural proteins in meat, but you can still grow to be very strong on a vegetarian diet. Check out Frank Medrano for proof!

Maybe someday they will, but not because you’ve pet them enough.

“There seems to be a consensus amongst vegans that the reason our friends, family members and society at large haven’t gone vegan is because of us. The chatter is we just haven’t been friendly enough, our tone is too harsh, judgmental, angry, we aren’t inclusive enough, we shouldn’t use the word vegan because it is off-putting, etc. We just haven’t bent over backwards enough to reward non-vegans for participating in Meatless Mondays, buying happy meat, giving up red meat, or for being kind enough to listen to our sad plea on behalf of nonhuman animals.

The reality is that people aren’t vegan because they benefit and enjoy participating in the exploitation of nonhumans. They enjoy a good steak, love their leather loafers, have fun at Sea World, betting on horse races, wearing makeup tested on animals, prefer to buy the purebred dog they always wanted.

I’m not talking about non-vegans who have not heard the vegan message or philosophy yet, but the people in our lives and the people whom we advocate to. They know – and don’t really care. They aren’t waiting for the perfect tone or more love-and-light from animal rights activists, they just don’t care. Maybe someday they will, but not because you’ve pet them enough.

It’s as if we have internalized the negative reactions from non-vegans and are now blaming ourselves – it’s our fault, our problem, our issue. We are internalizing a victim mentality. It doesn’t benefit anyone, human or nonhuman, to weaken our position, weaken our message, weaken ourselves.

Of course I am not advocating yelling, attacking or being an asshole to those around us. As gratifying as that may be sometimes, it’s not going to make new vegans. What I advocate is speaking the truth about how nonhumans are being exploited and brutalized, in a forthright, sincere, truthful, factual manner. We should be proud, confident and powerful in our delivery of the message. Taking the ethical position demands we not apologize for representing billions of nonhumans who are dying every day for pleasure, taste, and tradition.

We cannot allow non-vegans to define who we are – “angry,” “militant,” “reactionary,” “judgmental,” and so on. We cannot allow their desire to continue participating in the violence against animals to weaken who we are, to water down the message and philosophy of veganism. Most of their reactions and resistance are a desire to deny their participation, a desire to live a life unexamined, when it comes to nonhumans. Most of all, we don’t benefit from attacking fellow vegans because they aren’t love-and-light enough.”

[ TheThinkingVegan ]

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Veganism isn’t just about changing the foods you eat, it’s about changing the way you perceive nonhuman animals. It’s not simply omitting meat, dairy and eggs from your diet as much as it is about respecting each and every life, choosing justice, fairness and compassion over selfish desires that entail violence towards fellow sentient beings. Veganism is the ethical philosophy that strives towards the elimination of speciesism in yourself as well as the greater society. What you eat is only a small part of it.
—  The Thinking Vegan 

Don’t Forget The Fishes

When we talk about the billions of animals slaughtered every year, most of us [vegans included!] think of cows, pigs, chickens, and the like.  But fish and aquatic life are by far the [by the numbers] greatest victims with the least amount of advocacy.  The stats in this image are, mind you, in the MILLIONS- and JUST FOR THE U.S.  As I say in my video “Do Fish Feel Pain?”  On a global scale, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization estimates that we catch between 0.97-2.7 trillion wild fish every year.  In our zeal to defend the most innocent of this world, let us not forgive those who happen to swim rather than walk.  They too deserve protection.  Find out more at

“I was surprised to find myself enthralled by Game of Arms. Not only was it well shot, but the storylines were engaging and showed the humanity of the athletes. When the show featured Rob Bigwood as part of his New York arm wrestling team Arms Control, they didn’t shy away from Rob’s veganism, in fact they portrayed it very fairly. It also became clear to me that Rob was the real deal, an ethical vegan. Throughout the series, both Rob and the show continued to speak openly about veganism.”

Here’s the meaning of life: Do not participate in the oppression and exploitation of others, be they human or non-human. Dispel ignorance, in yourself and others. Never be silent when you witness injustice. Action is always superior to inaction. Save a bunch of animals. Learn. Share. Give. Help. Care. Wake up. Go vegan. Make vegans. Tread lightly on the planet. Do the right thing.
—  The Thinking Vegan