I don’t think I’ll ever be over the fact that Taylor trusted Karlie enough to let her be the first person to hear 1989. And the fact that she let her listen to it on a road trip only the two of them were on?! And this is within only 3 months of meeting and spending time talking with each other?! I mean, honestly, that’s some higher level spiritual or some deep soul connection right there. 

Unfortunately, Portman was increasingly difficult to deal with on set- some of the crew say she made several actresses playing her handmaidens, including Keira Knightley (age twelve in The Phantom Menace), cry in the previous prequels, allegedly for the crime of talking to her without permission.

Chris Taylor, How Star Wars Conquered the Universe (p 343)

I have this terrible itch under my skin and

here is what I want

I want -

I want it to be 70 degrees, maybe, sunny, yeah, maybe a cloud or two, but the best is blue sky all the way to the horizon.

I want -

a full tank of gas in my car and, I don’t know, a little money in my bank account. Not enough to get crazy, but just enough that I don’t feel scared, just enough that I feel safe. I ain’t gonna get greedy.

I’m gonna spin you and you’re gonna pick a direction and we’re gonna get lost, take a road or two we ain’t never taken before. Roll the windows down, turn the music up, maybe I’ll sing to you a little, even, verse chorus verse. We can talk if you wanna, laugh a little, or just watch the world go by in easy silence. Maybe all three. It don’t matter. 

What matters is the road, and the person you’re with, and did I ever tell you I had a first date like this once? It lasted a week. A week, can you imagine? A week, and a thousand miles, and I’ll never forget that date as long as I live. Sometimes when I think of shit I’ve done in my own life it seems so surreal, so far away I have to wonder if I’ve dreamed it.

This - this ain’t a date, or it doesn’t have to be, or we don’t have to give it a name, exactly, just let it be whatever it is, whatever we are to each other. Let’s don’t worry about that none. Instead, let’s drive till we get tired of it, drive till the sun creeps down over the horizon and it gets dark. Let’s drive to somewhere that the air smells different, the voices just a little left of familiar. 

Maybe we’ll see a mountain, maybe a lake, a desert, maybe a whole goddamn ocean, maybe just nothing but miles of flat earth and corn and soy fields. Stupid tourist traps, national parks, casinos. Lookout Mountain. The world’s biggest ball of twine or wheel of cheese. Buy some strawberries or figs from barefooted kids at a roadside stand, eat them with the juice dripping down our chins as we drive.

Let’s stop for a meal at some tiny cafe in some tiny town where everyone immediately knows us as outsiders. Let’s eat terrible snacks out of vending machines, cold sodas out of a cooler in the back. When we get tired we’ll just fall where we lie, get a cheap motel room in the middle of nowhere and curl together in beds too tired to sleep, laughing at each other in the dark, the sick yellow sodium lights from the parking lot breaking through the gap in the curtains as our only illumination. I don’t need to see you to know that I love you, anyways.

Let’s just - get lost for a day or two, in each other and in ourselves, in the roads and in the sky, yeah? Let’s just - go. Can we go? Please say we can go.


shameful study break selfies ft. sneeze from this cold I copped

3 Massive Issues That Prove The GOP Is Under Heavy Neo-Confederate Influence

3 Massive Issues That Prove The GOP Is Under Heavy Neo-Confederate Influence

We know, just from how they talk and what policies they support, that the Republican Party is the party of the Southern Strategy, the party of theocracy, and the party of old, rich, white men. They think white Christians are the most persecuted and oppressed group in America today. In fact, today’s GOP looks an awful lot like neo-Confederacy, which has (officially) been around since the Civil…

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  • i'm so glad i've had a great agility mentor who starts foundations right
  • students complain that they have to wrap cones for a month before they even see a jump..and then have many months to go before they're doing courses... but damn if they don't end up with awesome dogs

okay so I know I’ve been posting a lot about my roadtrip AU lately (and a few other AUs before that,that I have yet to post) but I’m coming up on the last two weeks of the semester which means I have essays and final exams and studying to do so you’re gonna have to be patient with me. I want to write them all as quick as I can but the ones I have planned are longer than my usual fics and I have a lot of school work so I’m sorry if I’m posting less frequently than I normally do, but what can ya do