One-two-three-four- Lou is always the troublemaker. Liam is appalled by Louis’s behavior (nothing is new.)

First thing I drew on the plane :’3

I am going to try to make a post about Fanime soon! I got some cool stuff from people <3 


…if you see what I mean.

Because Childermass is my favourite character in “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” book. And I seriously had my moment of crying with pure delight when I watched Enzo Cilenti bring him to life. Now, I’m afraid I’m only getting started with him. Beware.

P.S.: …and all I can say for now is SCUSAMI, MI ERO PERSO NEI TUOI OCCHI, okay?!))

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#AND THIS WAS PERFECT WITH THE NEW TIMEFRAME FLOATING AROUND #SERIOUSLY THO IT KINDA BUGS ME WHEN CREATORS GIVE UNREALISTIC TIME FRAMES #EVEN IF IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE SOMETHING YOU DONT THINK MUCH ABOUT #WE DO - - - ((can I hug you for these tags please? like it's my feelings exactly. esp with people saying how their stories are ruined and such trying to integrate the new timeline in it just makes me .-. ))

I’m a little sad with how many people have expressed agreement with my tags over this.  We have put so much into this community and world, we care so much about the little details we can guess about, we think so much about it and put so much effort into making things work.  We can only hope that Word of God does the same.

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Fun fact: Several dog breeds are especially known and bred for their eyebrows. MOST of these breeds are in the terrier class, known for being used as ratters and diggers, and the eyebrows act a barrier to keep dirt out of their eyes they way lashes do

another fun fact: dogs with eyebrows are HELLA CUTE

i think about nameless-killer‘s muse a lot

i just

my sem is (finally!) done, and so i got myself a copy of world of thedas vol 2, and i dont think i can finish reading all this in two months, but oH BOY I SKIMMED THROUGH IT, ITS SO NICE AND DETAILED AND AAAA