Since I’ve gained quite a few new followers since the last season, let me just go ahead and do this little reminder: 

As it says on my blog description, I am a fan of the TV show Hannibal. When the new season starts this summer, I will be reblogging gif sets and fan art of the show. I do not tend to reblog things heavy on the gore side (I tend to prefer the general artistry of the show), but I know that many people find the mere mention of the show to be too much. As such, I will always tag the show #nbc hannibal. 

I’ll reblog this as we get closer to the season 3 premiere date just so no one is caught by surprise.

Has anyone made a gif set comparing Meredith’s dream sequence from this week’s grey’s anatomy to Buffy’s dream sequence from the episode “the body”? I mean the one where Meredith opens the door to the cops and then for like a minute we think she’s in the hospital with Derek and everything’s ok, and then the scene from BtVS when Buffy’s imagining her mom waking up and them going to the hospital and everything being ok. And then at the end both of them just snap back to reality and they just look horrified.

Cause all throughout that grey’s scene, I just kept comparing it to the Buffy scene and I would LOVE to find a gif set of those two next to each other. I’d make it myself but I don’t actually know how… But I can’t be the only one who made the connection so is there one floating around out there?