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Imagine: Fenris curled up in front of the fireplace, wrapped in a blanket with a steaming cup of tea as he pours over the latest book Hawke has brought him to read. It is not a very advanced book, but he often stumbles across words he has trouble with. Hawke knows exactly when, because Fenris's nose scrunches and he presses the book more closely to his face. Hawke does not say anything until Fenris huffs in frustration, lowers the book, and locks puppy-dog eyes on him. Hope you feel better!

this definitely made me feel better, thank you! And just to add: Imagine Hawke climbing down from the armchair and curling up behind Fenris, legs and arms around him, Fenris’ shoulder tucked up under Hawke’s chin, gently helping Fenris to sound out the words by whispering the occasional hint in his ear.

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Hours before Magic Man’s headling show at Union Transfer last Monday, fans wait in line down Spring Garden Street, desperate for the venue doors to open. Backstage, bassist Gabe Goodman aims a Nerf gun at his bandmates, shooting them when they least expect it. Justine Bowe, the spunky, gentle–faced keyboardist, sips a steaming cup of green tea. Vocalist Alex Caplow starts on his first Yuengling of the night. Complete with several bags of tortilla chips, six–packs of beer and sarcasm, the green room at Union Transfer feels like a typical night in the living room of friend’s apartment. But when Magic Man walks on stage, they’re no longer just a group of friends in their mid–twenties. Night after night, crowds of screaming teens treat the five–piece like they’re the next Vampire Weekend.

A week or so later, I came home from class to find him sitting cross-legged in the middle of the living room, stacks of my notebooks spread around him. There was a cup of tea steaming on the floor next to him and, as he looked up, he gave me a big goofy smile, an awkward I didn’t expect you back so soon grin. The suitcase was open at his side. I was so surprised I could hardly speak. “What are you doing?”

“Reading,” he replied, as if he had been glancing through the New York Times Style Section.

“But I asked you not to read these,” I said, taking the notebook from his fingers and replacing it in the suitcase.

“Did you say that?” he said, a look of consternation crossing his features.

“You know I said that,” I responded, my frustration growing.

“Maybe you did,” he admitted. “But you didn’t actually mean it, did you? I love you. You would want me to know everything, right?”

True Romantic #6: Off Balance by Dani True.

He couldn’t sleep anymore. His eyes would usually stare at the ceiling and sleep wouldn’t come near without shades of nightmares embedding their ways into his dreams. It resulted in him charming his dorm, preventing other students from hearing him toss and turn. By the time he was up, he was usually drenched in his own sweat. And now the sun was brightening and Felix had mastered staying up all night, without really trying. 

Now he sad at the Great Hall, a cup of tea steaming in his hands. But he barely took a sip, he didn’t want to taste the warmth and even the idea of biting into toast didn’t seem tempting. If he was looked at by a passerbyer, it would seem like he was mourning, but Felix wasn’t mourning. He was suffering and everything around him felt as if it was crumbling and he wasn’t quite sure why. 


Long grueling workouts and restrictive diets suck. Instead of driving yourself crazy, sip something that fries flab for you.

Whether it be cuddling up on the couch or relaxing by the fire, there’s something about a steaming cup of tea that makes all of life’s simple things seem all the more relaxing. While tea is indeed soothing, it’s also unassumingly strong. Some brews can help you stop snacking while others can boost your calorie burn. However, others varieties are so mighty that they can even melt the flab right off your frame. Yes, we realize that may sound like an opening line for a cheesy weight loss pill advertisement, but you can’t argue with science. We’ve scoured the research journals to bring you the best fat-frying brews on supermarket shelves—so just sit back, start sipping and watch your fat melt away!


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We love white tea because it works in four ways to help you shed that pesky flab. According to a study published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, this brew blocks the formation of new fat cells while simultaneously boosting lipolysis, the body’s process of breaking down stored fats. Another group of researchers found that the tea is also a rich source of catechins, a type of antioxidant that triggers the release of fat from the cells and helps speed the liver’s ability to turn fat into energy. Who needs Spanx when you can just sip on this powerful brew? Speed up your slim down when you alternate sipping cups of white tea and these 5 Best Teas for Weight Loss.


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The stem, fruit and root bark of the barberry shrub contains berberine–a powerful, naturally occurring, fat-frying chemical. A study conducted by Chinese researchers revealed that berberine can prevent weight gain and the development of insulin resistance in rats consuming a high-fat diet. Previous studies have also found that consuming the plant can boost energy expenditure and help decrease the number of receptors on the surface of fat cells, making them less apt to absorb incoming sources of flubber. Sounds like a good reason to have an other cup of tea to us!


We like: Celestial Seasonings, Teavana
This red, naturally sweet tea made from the leaves of the Rooibos bush are powerful fat-melters. According to South African researchers, polyphenols and flavonoids found in the plant inhibits adipogenesis–the formation of new fat cells–by as much as 22 percent. The chemicals also help aid fat metabolism. Sip this brew to help burn that stubborn bit of chub clinging to your middle. Speaking of whittling your middle, reveal the washboard stomach you’ve been wishing for with these 11 Eating Habits That Will Uncover Your Abs.


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This fermented Chinese tea can literally shrink the size of your fat cells! To discover the brew’s fat-crusading powers Chinese researchers divided rats into five groups and fed them varying diets over a two month period. In addition to a control group, there was a group given a high-fat diet with no tea supplementation and three additional groups that were fed a high-fat diet with varying doses of pu-erh tea extract. The researchers found that the tea significantly lowered triglyceride concentrations (potentially dangerous fat found in the blood) and belly fat in the high-fat diet groups. Although sipping the tea could have slightly different outcomes in humans, we think these findings are promising enough that it’s still well worth your while to fix yourself a steaming hot cup. To look and feel your best in 24 hours flat, combine your pu-erh habit with our Ultimate One-Day Detox.

I’m a fan of my own solitary confinement. 

I’m at a fancy-looking coffee shop with a floor to ceiling mirrored-wall just right in front of me. There’s a certain corner where i’m most comfortable with, in my own little bubble without distraction, writing this piece.

A cup of hot steaming lemongrass peppermint tropical punch tea (what a long name for a tiny tea bag) at the side and a slice of chocolate cake just for me.

Unfortunately, I forgot my phone just as I remembered the first thing I got here. Will be editing videos and finishing thesis papers for tonight. Alone.

So much work for a sophomore college student. 



  ●⊱⋮-  ❝Oi! Old man, I’m coming in.❞ Temari announced walking
  into Sasori’s work shop. The blonde grin as she made her way
  towards the red-head. Her hand holding up a brown bag and a cup
  holder with two steaming cups. ❝A peace offering. Dango’s and
❞ The oldest Sabaku always made sure to bring him something
  if she was going to bug visit him.

The evening was getting rather late, and Sophia found herself in her brother’s library at the Whitesun manor. Having just returned from another magistrate meeting, she used these few hours alone to unwind with a cup of steaming peppermint tea and a small slice of pie from the kitchen.  Settling both down on the end table, with a book and blanket in hand, the fireplace lit and the warmth reaching out. She pours herself a glass of wine. After her nightly routine was finished at the Sunrunner estate, she had traveled to her own family estate by a simple teleportation spell. 

Her brother had written her again, and she always looked forward to updates about his travel to Draenor with their father. What had started out as a normal base of aiding the Blood Knights against the Iron Horde, had turned into a search for her father, who had gone missing in the first few months. He had not yet been able to return after his last visit. With the unsureness of the stableness of the portals there. 

With paper and pen in hand, she settled down in her father’s chair and curls her legs and feet closer, before tucking in the blanket around her. Warding off the chill of the room. 

“Dearest brother,

Your letter has reached me at last, and it lightens my heart to know that you are doing well and still remaining strong in your search for our father. You need not worry so much for myself and keep all of your focus there. I’m well enough here, after all I have Lady Sunrunner to keep me company. 

And I’m sure that once I find a mentor, who is willing to take me on as a apprentice, I am quite sure I shall be kept very busy with that as well. I know the reason why I was brought here, though I can not help but worry. There is to be a gala soon, to announce the engagement of Lord Bladerunner and Lady Sunrunner. 

I am truly happy for them both, and wish them nothing but years of happiness and joy in their marriage. My studies with alchemy is going quite well. And, there is some news I must share with you. It seems I might be traveling to Draenor myself with in a few weeks time. 

As always, I look forward to any letter from you. 

Your loving sister,


The letter would be sent out tomorrow, and she only hoped it would reach her brother soon. Pulling her legs closer, she grabs her book and sets it down on her lap, before picking up the glass of wine. Tonight, she would enjoy a few hours of reading by the fire place, before heading to bed. Relaxing to the soothing sounds of the flames crackling with in the fireplace. 

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Winter's Sun

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by Naruthien

The steam from the hot cup of tea standing on the table next to John curls seductively in the warm afternoon light of the winter sun, but John doesn’t pay it any heed. His eyes are fixed on the figure sleeping on the sofa.

Words: 723, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of Sun and Moon

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