Gryphons and Dragons are Gravity Falls canon, and already they fit like a glove around the monsterfalls au. Gonna kick the fun off early with our favorite sphinx getting into a cat fight.


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One of my best mates, Åvar decided to grace Poland with his presence. He was heading to Krakow, to visit his fiancee’s family, but stopped in Kielce to hang out with us a bit.
Me and Åvar are basically dynamic duo - we get together, and epic shit starts to happen. Never a dull moment with this guy.
We went out to the Sphinx, grabbed a beer, talked for a bit, and then he goes “All right dudes, where’s the nearest tattoo parlor”. I made a call to my brother’s friend, Monika, who runs a shop nearby the place we were at.
We went there and he got himself a little polish flag on his ribs. He chose the ribs, because everyone is hyping it as one of the most painful spots, so he wanted to test it out. Fucking immediately, a flashback of my brother calling me while getting his Lovecraft-inspired piece on his ribs, crying and screaming into the phone for my emotional support, haha.
So yeah, he got it. A small polish flag on his ribs. Obviously acted like a tough guy at the beginning, like it doesn’t hurt at all, and of course, it wouldn’t be me if i didn’t tease him all the way through.
The cocky grin quickly turned into a painful cringe near the end, started cursing in Norwegian super loud, i only recognized “Fæn”, and “Helvete”, and since we were all after a few beers, we were laughing so hard people from the outside were literally stopping to see what’s going on. Jacek invited some girls inside to watch the show, and at the end we all took a super cheesy selfie with those girls we didn’t even know and Åvar smiling through pain like an awkward bastard, giving a thumbs up while still laying on the chair, ha.
We said our goodbyes, he went on his way to Krakow, and now i really feel like going to Oslo to hang out with all the other people there. Maybe during summer time.

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White wine

Percy giggled and waved his glass slightly. “So there I was, the Sphinx all over me and I didn’t want anything to do with her, in sexual matters, anyway.”

Despite his high vocabulary, all of his words were very slurred. “But then she said for every little thing I do for you, I will answer one of your questions. So then I had to go into her cave. I lwoke up three days later with my clothes nowhere in sight, and my bag with nothing but a letter telling me about how she would like to teach me more next time.

Percy gave an exaggerated shudder. “I haven’t been back to that mountain since.” 

Gold Teeth and Fangs (Monsters Redux)the Sphinx

Nowadays, her golden paws are spiked boots and her wings are usually pressed tight under her leather jacket, but her smile is still enigmatic and dangerous as ever. She stalks up to men leering over girls in the clubs, catcalling them in the streets, or worse. She drags them away and throws them against a wall and growls a riddle at them. On occasion, they get it right, stammering the answer out through trembling lips, but the result is still the same: she tears into them with claws that are still as sharp as the day she was born. She was created to deal punishment, but she doesn’t serve the gods anymore, and now that punishment is on her own terms. When she’s done with the latest lowlife, she heads over to the Siren’s Den, where she downs a pint or two and tells puns that make the entire bar groan. She grins, her canines flashing, and revels in the freedom of her new life.