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Well Jimmy - you said to ask you anything... so although I doubt you'll tell me where this amazing abandoned house with the "pool" in front is, I'm going to ask anyway :) If it's in the way South West corner of VA, I couldn't go anyway, but I'm hopeful. I live in N. Va and I'm a middle school Math teacher with two sons. My oldest son and I love exploring abandoned places. We've never destroyed, defaced, or stolen from anything... Any chance you'll tell me? :/ leannedronet AT gmail com

You’re a teacher, you’ll find it.

LET’S TALK ABOUT  ice cream, pink-dyed-hair and Fernanda Hin Lin Ly,  the bubbly and Kawaii model of the moment, she debuted last year on Paris Fashion Week show with Louis Vuitton in a fresh runway where she came out to impress everyone no only because of her hair but her deep eyes, of course that’s the power of a haircut to stand out from above. Hailing from the sunny south-west suburbs of Sydney, Australia, the Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink-haired model is now signed to Viva London, she has been a hit and her recognition has risen but her bubbly and carefree personality just want to own a franchise of ice cream someday, her style is comfortable and feminine, and we simply adore her hair and all the colors she have tried. 

Hope to see you  soon!

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15 <3

15. Five most influential books over your lifetime.

Well, this is a very hard -but wonderful- question! (In no particular order)

1. La voz a ti debida, by Pedro Salinas, because I started appreciating poetry after reading it.

2. Harry Potter saga, by J.K. Rowling.

3. South Of The Border, West Of The Sun, by Haruki Murakami, because that was the first book I read by him and I fell in love with his prose and now he is probably my favourite author.

4. A Room Of One’s Own, by Virginia Woolf.

5. Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë, because it helps me cope with loneliness.

Thank you, lovely  ♥

Half Indian/Half Filipina and from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (also in Asia, specifically West Asia for those of you who don’t know/still think that the Middle East is its own continent…btw admin, I also think that ‘West Asia’ should be included in the tagging options for submission posts! Lets be sure not to leave our West Asians out, just a friendly suggestion!) 

I’m angry because I was working the polling booths on Election Day in Canada and my poll partner said to me “You don’t look Filipino. You got the best of them, the best of their features. They’re not a very pretty people.“ 

My response: “Well, it’s all about perspective, because frankly I don’t think white people are very attractive either" 

She was silenced for the rest of the hour. 

Stand up for yourselves, be lethal, be aggressive, be proud of who you are and your identity. 

Side note: I don’t believe that white people in general are ugly, and I don’t generally believe in putting down any one group based on their racial/physical characteristics, I don’t believe that any one racial/ethnic group is more pretty or more ugly than any other, however I do believe that sometimes giving assholes with ingrained and institutionalized racism a taste of their own medicine is indeed the answer at times. 

-  aka @larajaan

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Abandoned Warehouse | South Side Chicago 

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Ancient Worlds - BBC Two

Episode 2 “The Age of Iron”

The Lachish Relief, a series of stone panels which decorated the walls of the Assyrian king Sennacherib’s great palace at Nineveh. The reliefs narrate the story of the siege and capture of the city of Lachish, in Judah, in 701 BC.

The Lachish relief shows Sennacherib as an invincible king presiding over a perfect victory. Soldiers storm the town walls while a procession of prisoners are marched out of the town into exile, through the countryside, to be resettled elsewhere in the Assyrian Empire. Below them high officials and foreigners are being tortured and executed. The panel also depicts the looting of the city and the surviving men put to work in stone quarries (pictures n. 4, 5). Such scenes demonstrated the terrible consequences of rebelling against the Assyrian empire. 


The British Museum, London, UK

okay so tonight I was scrolling and i saw this post and me, being my obsessive and bored self, decided to look through the notes and find a few floridians, since i live in florida. but i couldnt stop at a few, no. i scrolled through all motherfucking 4,600-something notes and reblogged the post from eVERY FUCKING FLORIDIAN I FOUND.

i will tag them all now, but first lets give a huge thanks to phanburger for having this awesome, creative, fun and all around wonerful idea that ened up brining a whole fuckton of people together. thanks.

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okay wOAH that was a lot of people. we’re pretty scattered across Florida i think but Im p sure were scattered enough so that everyone could meet up with at least one other person

feel free to message me (and tell me if you want it to be private!!) to talk or arrange a meetup or whatever. were all in the same timezone! which might be incredibly terrible and im really sorry since its 3 am on a sunday night but hey its good bc time zones are confusing!! we dont have to deal with that shit!!

Im really sorry if I forgot you! if you want your name added or if I missed you or you havent seen the original post just say so and ill add you. also, if youre uncomfortable with your blog being on the list then ill take it off just tell me!

also lets just give a big round off applause to my followers who had to deal with me reblogging like ten million versions of the same post, you guys are troopers

also yeah this took about 2 ½ or 3 hours Im really fucking passionate okay