Aldabra banded snail (Rhachistia aldabra)

The Aldabra banded snail is a species of air-breathing land snail, a pulmonate gastropod mollusc in the family Cerastidae. The species lives on one atoll in the Seychelles Islands, Indian Ocean. The species was thought to have died out because of climate change. The belief of extinction was not correct. A number of specimens were discovered on August 23, 2014.

photo credits: Seychelles Islands foundation

Seychelles Islands Foundation

I found this the other day on youtube, Someone made this huge figure of snail mutsu like how awesome is that

Just a handful of designs ready to tattoo. I have a whole sketchbook I’ll bringing to the @eternalinkconventions #motorcitytattooexpo. Stop by the booth or email s13tattoo at gmail. #sketch #sketches #drawing #drawings #art #wip #tattoos #tattoo #ink #inked #eternalink #redemptiontattooaftercare #redemptiontattoocare #detroit #comvention #tattooconvention #tatgunjoe #Studio13Tattoo #midwest #diademuertos #girl #beauty #love #beautiful #skull #storm #marvel #snail #rose #newschool #neotraditional #pinup #illustrative #illustrated (at Studio 13 Tattoo)

So there’s definitely a snail apocalypse going on in Phil’s tank. I don’t know why, I haven’t put in any new plants or decorations, but as of now (even after I’ve removed many) all sides are covered with little poppy seed snail babies. Phil seems unbothered except in that I took out his floaty log because it was covered SOLID in snail babies and he’s mad about that.

Name - Christina Nicole
Location - Chicago IL, USA
Age - 20

A little about me (: - I like to travel, make art projects, and learn new things. I also love to read and watch movies. I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter. I have read the books, seen the movies, and studies the graphics and art that went into the making of the movies. My favourite movies are Miracle on Ice, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Finding Nemo. I am an artist. I go to an art college in Chicago and am studying for my BFA in Graphic Design. My ultimate goal is to become a graphic designer for movies and make props.

What I am looking for - I am working on a large scale art project. What I need are POSTCARDS from all 50 states and as many countries as possible! I’m not necessarily looking for a long term penpal, more of a one-time correspondence. If you would like me to send a postcard in return though I would be happy to do so. (:

My information - If you would like to participate or ask for more information you can message me at my tumblr or email me. and christinaweisensel @ gmail .com

Random facts! - My fingers are double jointed, I have memorized the entire opening quote to Love Actually, and I watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding every night while I fall asleep because it is the happiest movie to ever exist.

Salut, Hallo, Shalom, Ciào, Hola and Hello! I am Sarah Michelle, cis girl,19 from Los Angeles, California, USA. 

My interests: crafts, style, film, philosophy, any of the arts, yoga, learning  Music I like: Ed Sheeran, Bob Dylan, the 1975, the Beatles, Jake Bugg!!!Frank Sinatra & more

TV I like: American Horror Story, The Office (US), SHERLOCK, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, House Hunters International  General Dislikes: Meninism!  animal cruelty, the cost of education in USA, and onions (they are so gross omg)


I am willing to talk to anyone (my inbox is always open) but I am primarily looking for

  • Art Pals (someone to exchange art with, I am not good so you dont have to be either!) 
  • Culture Exchange, If you are from any European country, Middle Eastern, or India please let me know if you are interested in me! 
  • Package Pals, you can be from any part of the world as long as youre willing to send things from your country, I will do the same :)
  • Snail Mail, if youre not interested in any of the above but would still like to contact me we can simply write letters!  

My experience with penpals is small. I have one new penpal and I just sent out some polaroid photography for him, I also painted on the envelope I sent him :)

*Any age is welcome to contact me but for actual sending things through mail I just ask for 18+ just so you dont get into trouble with parents. I will talk to any sex.*

sarahmichellesc @ gmail .com


Justin Bieber follows me on twitter but I dont follow him back lol

Hi there!

I’m Kerry, I’m 21, female and I live in England.

I’ve been a pretty introverted person for most of my life but now it’s time to start talking to more people and trying to make friends from all over this world!

I like reading, watching movies, video games, learning languages (I’m currently learning to speak Polish, so if anyone would be able to help me with this, I’d be super-grateful.) sewing and chilling with my dog - she’s my baby. 

My dream in life is to teach English as a foreign language as well as to travel the world. There’s something wonderful about visiting somewhere you’ve never been before, especially if it’s very different from home.

I’d really like to be able to write long replies to emails (and maybe one day snail-mail because there’s something very charming about receiving a letter that’s traveled a long way to get to you.) I’m an easy person to get along with and I’ll chat about anything. Really, I’m looking for penpals of any age or gender. :)