The last half of the university rotation was pretty uneventful, with the exception of the seniors moving back home. 

I’ve moved them back in with their families for the moment, because none of their siblings are ready to inherit houses yet, and playing elderly couples for long periods of time is kind of boring. 

With the exception of Jasper and Virginia, they’ll all be getting their own houses eventually.


200+ Followers Gift!! OMG, I have 200 followers! You guys are awesome!! I hope you guys like it, I personally hate the dorms in UL, they’re so….lifeless. The rooms in this are furnished with the basics so you can decorate it however you wish (or however your Sim wishes!)

Cardew Hall - Do you want to live in dorm but hate having a roommate and/or using communal bathrooms but don’t have the money to rent an apartment or house? Then this is the dorm for you!! Houses 6 Sims with personal bathroom and a large living space.

Requirements: UL and LN 
You will also need MS91’s Niel Loft Stairs 

Download: MF//BOX

TOU: Do whatever you want, paint it fluorescent pink, strip it down, rebuild it, use it in your stories, whatever. All I ask is do not re upload it, put it in the exchange or claim it as your own.

If you have any questions, please ask or just drop by to say hi! ^_^

Let me know if you guys like it, or if there is anything in particular you want me to make. 

EDIT: I’ve been getting messages from people saying they are having trouble placing the lot. Just set it the lot type to “No Visitors Allowed” and place the lot, it automatically becomes a dorm afterwards. Please let me know if there are any other problems! 

ok but… uninverted or not tony is still willing to die for his planet??? he could have skipped town to some private island or smth to wait for the countdown but no he’s actually still ready to die for all the people he thinks he’s ‘better than’ and ‘aren’t advanced enough for his superior self’


Huge Steven Universe Fan ;)

So I was looking for some SU gifs and found these! And seriously was like, what-the-what?!

What ep is this from?! Or are these just animations of the original concepts? That is kind of what it looks like :o

Answered: It’s from the unaired pilot :p Thank you to all those to answered and to fellow SU fans! <3