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Like all my creations this house is built without custom content.
You can download it from my gallery, my Origin ID is Thurid666.


Casa Del Silvia

First of all I am sorry about the awful delay of this house! >< *bows in shame* I hate the cone of shame

Ahem yes… well… anyways.

This is a house made for my dear friend, sgisims ♥ For her second gen of Kei and Silvia. A cottage style house with 3 bedrooms, a nursery, utility and 1½ bathroom, open dining room with connected kitchen. And of course a cozy garden with a small terrace spot (as seen on picture 2).

Picture 5 is the dining room with open kitchen, and 6 is the living room.

I am not going to decorate it, as I don’t know what stuff you have and what you  don’t :3 So I will let you be creative ♥ 

If there is anything that needs to be fixed let me know and it shall be done~ If not, consider your lot as finished :3

This is a private download. 


Home Sweet Home

Lot size: 20x15

Status: Furnished

I realized too late that I’ve been here already for one year! And I thought on doing something special ^_^ I really had fun doing this lot, but it was also weird because is not my style at all. Anyway, I hope you guys like it and to be cruel enough to put your sim to live in a nasty place like this.


EPs required*: Late Night, Pets, Supernatural and Seasons.

*I used just 1 object of each, so it doesn’t really matter If you don’t have the ep.

CC included in package files.

NOT included:

Smoking Clutter
CD and cassette clutter
The cement garden

As always thanks to:


You can do whatever you want with it.

DOWNLOAD (.package* + CC)

*Place in Library folder


H A A S T E  L O F T 

Named after Haaste Eagle; indigenous to New Zealand, it was the largest eagle in the world up until its extinction. I originally built this house for Pounawea but once Roaring Heights came out, I decided to plop in down in the shadow if skyscrapers. Its a simple two story loft fit for a family of two. When I created it, I imagined a recently renovated, beat up shoe bicycle warehouse or something but once downloaded, feel free to create a story for yourself :) Enjoy!

L O T  I N F O

$73,068 | 20x15 | Unfurnished | Pounawea-Roaring Heights*

I built this loft in Pounawea but decorated it on a slightly larger lot in Roaring Heights. Also, I think that the price is that high because of the yellow Lamborghini in the driveway. This house will work on any flat lot in any world.

R E Q U I R E D  C O N T E N T

Expansion Packs: Late Night, University, Supernatural, Ambitions, Pets

Stuff Packs: None

CC: Custom content integral to this lots exterior and appearance is included in the download. Otherwise its a unfurnished. I also might have missed a pattern in there so if you don’t have it, you’ll need to re-cast the

I re-installed after building this lot since I was using waaaay too much CC. The lot itself is perfectly fine but only comes in sims3pack format. All CC attached is in proper format, organized within a folder and has been compressed. Credit goes out to corresponding CC Creators.

Thank you all for the support of my latest blog: Wants and Wishes and thank you for all the support! Hope you enjoy this lot.

D O W N L O A D from dropbox



I meant to get this up as a Christmas present but it ended up taking longer than that to finish, so we’ll just call it a Followers Gift! This is Lakeview High, a fully furnished and decorated high school with several classrooms, a big library with connected computer room, a cafeteria, bathrooms on every floor, and a theater for school plays and the like. It is the perfect backdrop for school scenes when writing stories and legacies, and I also placed a (removable) schoolhouse rabbithole rug in the basement so that it can actually function as a school if desired. :)

Most if not all of the decor and furnishings should be included as they were downloaded as sims3packs. As far as expansions go, I used a lot of objects from University (for obvious reasons) as well as some items from Showtime for the theater, Ambitions for the lockers, and one piano from Late Night. I believe those are the only expansions I used, but anything else you don’t have should just replace itself.

Enjoy, and if you use this at all for anything please tag wonderpetals as I’d really love to see it!

Download Lakeview High (Mediafire) (Dropbox)

***UPDATE: NEW FIXED VERSION. Download library file.
this library file version has been tested and is confirmed to work! please place the file in your library folder. required cc is the entire school set from ats3 and this schoolhouse rabbithole rug if you want it to function as a school. i apologize for the installation problems with the sims3pack version, and hope this will amend everything!


Safe Place

Lot size: 25x20

Status: Furnished

I present you the home sweet home big brother, because they look alike and it’s bigger (?)…yes…probably the biggest lot I made… just because it have two floors.

It’s my last lot of the year hehe so I really hope you like it!! :) 


EPs required: All of them except supernatural

CC included in package files. ExceptThis & this!

Thanks to:

ATS3AngelaAwesimsBlueHopperCyclonesueD55DOTLunaEverlastingGardenMangoMutske; SimplystylingSIMcrediblePocciPysznyWondymoon

You can do whatever you want with it. 

DOWNLOAD (.package* & .sims3pack + CC)

*Place in Library folder


214 Savvy Hill Ln…A small bachelor/bachelorette house for the single Sim who prefers to keep it that way. To view more photos of the house, click here. I have included an unfurnished version of the house in the compressed file too if you prefer to not download a bunch of CC, however, the CC that is included in the unfurnished version is only what was used to build it. A list of CC that was used is also included in the compressed file. If there is any problems with it, please send me a message and I will be happy to fix it for you. Hope you enjoy! :)

Lot Information

  • $85,790 - Furnished; $25,724 - Unfurnished
  • 20x20 lot size
  • CC included
  • One bedroom
  • One bathroom
  • Large kitchen w/dining area
  • Fireplace
  • Plenty of windows
  • Large front porch
  • Small fenced-in backyard
  • One parking spot

What’s Requied

  • WA, Ambitions, Generations, Late Night, Pets, Seasons, University, and Showtime


Mediafire | Box


Hello! This is my christmas gift for you guys, it’s no much but I really hope you enjoy it (・∀・)

Woodside (1br, 1ba)

Recommended EPs/SPs:

  • Pets
  • University

Store Content:

T.O.U: Please don’t re-upload.

  • DOWNLOAD (Download available in sims3pack.)

200+ Followers Gift!! OMG, I have 200 followers! You guys are awesome!! I hope you guys like it, I personally hate the dorms in UL, they’re so….lifeless. The rooms in this are furnished with the basics so you can decorate it however you wish (or however your Sim wishes!)

Cardew Hall - Do you want to live in dorm but hate having a roommate and/or using communal bathrooms but don’t have the money to rent an apartment or house? Then this is the dorm for you!! Houses 6 Sims with personal bathroom and a large living space.

Requirements: UL and LN 
You will also need MS91’s Niel Loft Stairs 

Download: MF//BOX

TOU: Do whatever you want, paint it fluorescent pink, strip it down, rebuild it, use it in your stories, whatever. All I ask is do not re upload it, put it in the exchange or claim it as your own.

If you have any questions, please ask or just drop by to say hi! ^_^

Let me know if you guys like it, or if there is anything in particular you want me to make. 

EDIT: I’ve been getting messages from people saying they are having trouble placing the lot. Just set it the lot type to “No Visitors Allowed” and place the lot, it automatically becomes a dorm afterwards. Please let me know if there are any other problems! 


For the second part of my lot dump, here’s Seastrand Springs I originally made for Aurora Skies. It’s unfurnished, and it has 3 bedrooms + a nursery. It also has 3 very large rooms which could be split up into smaller rooms if you want. It has a massive wrap-around pond with fog emitters to make it look like hot springs, and a really cool pool with a bar, bridge and waterfalls.

Lot Information

  • Size: 50x50
  • Furnishing: Unfurnished
  • Floorplans: x

Required Content

  • EPs: WA, AMB, LN, PETS, IP
  • SPs: None
  • Patch Level: 1.67
  • Custom Content: Included

Terms of Use

DOWNLOAD | .package

Install into your Library folder. Please feel free to tag me in your pictures etc. I love seeing what you guys do with my lots! More information is also available in the readme file.


I present you one of the little cottages I’ve made for Oakshore. 



Hi everyone! I’m back … sort of.

Here’s the London Townhouse Furnished version.

The Sims3Pack comes with all the CC. I wasn’t able to list the Custom Content links cause my game keeps crashing, but if any of you need a link to a particular object, you can message me and I’ll get to you as soon as I can. The CC list concerning the building (without furniture) is here.

Sorry I couldn’t list all of those talented and amazing creators that made this posible. I’ll try to fix my game soon.

Hope you like it and that it’s worth the long wait.

» Download Here «


Rancho del Sol Sunflower Farm

After I had pretty much finished placing all those damn flowers, I realized that I had made them all south-facing. Sunflowers (like many flowers) turn their heads towards the sun and follow it as it moves across the sky, so sunflowers are therefore east- and west-facing.

So here is a biologically inaccurate sunflower farm. Yaaaay!

Download info:

  • EPs/SPs required: none!
  • CC required: Sunflowers and Sunflowers 2 at Simming in Magnificent Style
  • Store stuff required: objects from Riverview
  • Designed for 2500 Pinochle Point in Sleepy Meadow (originally a residential lot, so you will have to change its categorization in Edit Town before placing this lot there).
  • Includes both a Sims3Pack and a .package file version of the lot with install instructions for each
  • Built with game version 1.50

Lot features:

  • 40 x 40 community lot, small park
  • Seed and butterfly spawners


  • In the pictures, you can kind of see some decorative plants beneath the sign that are not in the final download. They are Buckets of Flowers and Farm Fresh Flowers from the store’s Stones Throw Greenhouse set, but since I have the decrapped versions I removed them from the final version to avoid any issues. 
  • The trees are not placed on the lot, but are placed next to the lot in Edit Town mode. 

// Download


[   Goshawk’s track    -蒼鷹之軌號-   ]   by Sophia.S.W

This is a fantasy airship, and the most important thing is ….it can fly!(but only on the sea lol)

❀Lot size:22X17 (huge houseboat)

❀Land type:Residential (houseboat)

❀cc:many(the download included OMSP resizer & packages CC)

❀Ep:WA,A,SN,S,UL,IP (IP is necessary)


❀included: 4 floor(1-4F) 1 cockpit 1 restroom 1kitchen 1dining room 2bedrooms 1bathroom 1living room 1deck

Please Notice:

  • If you want to enter the airship, you should use “ctrl+shift+C” and enter”testingcheatsenabled true" and teleport your sims to the airship.

Sorry about that, but houseboat is too small so that I can’t build a elevator in it.

  • You must have OMSP. If you not,some decorations will deform.


❀❀❀MF❀❀❀ ❀❀❀baidu❀❀❀

If you have any questions,Just send me a message :) 

thank you for downloading<3


These two lots, like my Townhomes, were made for Arcady Bay. Both are completely bare inside and are basically shells. Do what you want with them!

Lot Information

  • Sizes: 16x33 + 25x25
  • Furnishing: Both Unfurnished/Shells

Required Content

  • EPs: WA, AMB, SN
  • SPs: None
  • Patch Level: 1.67
  • Custom Content: Included



Install into your Library folder. Please feel free to tag me in your pictures etc. I love seeing what you guys do with my lots! More information is also available in the readme file.