• Shawn:Sweetheart, you can trust me, okay? I lied. I lied about being psychic. And that probably accounts for thousands of lies that I've told you since we've worked together. And the worst part is nobody believed in me more than you. You always had my back when no one else would. I feel so horrible about that.
  • Juliet:I need you to understand - you're on the hook until you make it so that I don't have to lie for you anymore. It's very simple. You have to tell the chief.
  • Shawn:No Jules, that's not going to happen. That's not going to happen because if I do that, then all of this goes away, all of it, and with it goes the good. All the lives that I have saved, the lives that I've improved. This is what I have, Jules. This is how I do good.

Candidate wows at gala

SMOOTH MOVES: new mayoral candidate Shawn Spencer and SBPD Detective Juliet O'Hara trigger romance rumors with dance floor moves


New candidate Shawn Spencer and his love interest, Detective Juliet O'Hara, wowed the crowd and at last night’s fundraiser.

In spite of a small dust up with the mayor the couple managed to bring a bit of romance back into the campaign. Spencer and O'Hara were spectacular on the dance floor, leading to speculations that the two may be hearing wedding bells soon.

A spokesperson for the SBPD had no comment on any possible romantic relationship between the two.

Spencer and O'Hara wowed the crowd and last night’s fundraiser. In spite of a small