I maxed out my Salvation Army loyalty card (I knooooow they’re literally Hitler, save your breath) and I got a free £5 to spend, so I bought this baby. It’s sooooooo tight and difficult to get into as it has no zip, but once on it fits my body perfectly and omg I feel so sexy. 😍

since christmas is coming up i think you guys need a reminder about the salvation army

the salvation army is a piece of shit racist transphobic sexist classist ableist cult and here’s a lovely little well-sourced article to prove it so please don’t donate or volunteer there because they do so much harm to so many people !!


It was such a huge honor. I love what [The Salvation Army] stands for, I love to be a part of giving back and I think that’s something that kids my age maybe don’t do as much as they could. So, it’s a great opportunity to do that and right away I knew I wanted to spend my day doing this so it’s a great thing to do.

The Salvation Army needs to retreat and get its act together. Either they are a pro-gay organization that supports equality or they believe that homosexuality is a sickness that can be cured. Even the greatest PR pros in the world won’t be able to square this circle.

needle replied to your post: Tumblr is great & all…

I can only imagine. I have some photos from months ago that still get reblogged and it vaguely annoys me… But nasty responses I haven’t experienced myself. I still thank you for being the eloquent voice of reason re: the SA bigots. Please stay!

Oh, no worries, I’m not actually going any where, I’m just rather miffed I keep logging in & I see more notifications about that than actual posts on my dash. I’m grateful that people are finding out & it’s going to help create even a modicum of change, but for every 25 or 50 likes or positive reblogs, the negative ones always seem to catch my attention & make me feel kinda shitty. I keep trying to tell myself not to take it personally, but my words & my opinion are being attacked (or so it feels like) by people who don’t know the entirety of my position/opinion/intention. That just gets a bit frustrating.

I keep asking myself, if I knew this would be the outcome, would I have scrapped the post altogether? I think I would, because I think it’s an issue that needs some addressing, so I wanted to speak out about it.


I didn’t quite know what to expect, it was a cool thing to be able to give back in different ways. Volunteering with The Salvation Army is a great thing because you can use your strength to do it but there’s also an endless amount of other opportunities and other ways of volunteering and It all comes down to the same thing, helping others. It was a special thing to be a part of.