lots of news!!!

so i think its officially safe for me to reveal i am now a member of Frederator Studios! 

(if you dont know who frederator studios are they are the animation company in charge of favorites such as fairly oddparents, adventure time, bravest warriors, and bee and puppycat) My youtube will now have A LOT more animation, speed paints, how tos, and lots more fun from your truly. My animations, art, and myself may be also posted around the Frederator Studios official youtube and cartoon hangover. Its going to be a lot more work but im sure i can handle it, im very excited, this is a big step forward in my artist career and im cant wait to make stuff for you guys!! Basin Vale will still continue and i will still post my sill homestuck and other fandom doodles :-) (maybe not as much but you get it). in other news i would like you just take this time to thank you guys.! I hit 50,000 followers recently!!!!

 im just so overjoyed and thankful! you guys are so supportive and loving and i honestly dont think i’d even be here on this earth if it weren’t for you guys!!!! im honestly 100% grateful. i will continue to try and make you as proud as i can and try my best! i love you guys so much each and everyone of you are very special and important to me, and im glad to call you guys my friends!!!<33

i will be hosting a giveaway soon to thank you guys! (as soon as i get everything together its kinda like a giftbasket im just adding stuff to it hahah)

The next Emison scene (Hopefully 601)

You know Ali will be released ASAP, because Tanner saw Mona alive. The police would want her help to find the liars. So, she along with other guys will work in full force to find them. And now I’m imagining the scene where they do find the liars, all of the guys will run towards their girls and Alison will stand there all weary eyed looking at the other three couples for a couple of seconds and then when she locks eyes with Emily, she throws all her doubts out of the window and would practically run to hurl herself into her girl’s arms murmuring words of comfort while holding her tight.

And we all will die!

This is to give a voice to the otherwise silent New Zealand Government and subsequent Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse. They have been stubbornly quiet about the terrible conditions in Australia’s offshore detention centres, which is home to thousands of refugees. This month, a UN report cited conditions on Nauru and Manus Island as contravening the Conventions on Torture. No-one deserves to be subjected to these conditions, especially after they’ve been forced to flee their homes. #WeAreBetterThanThat #WagePeaceNZ