my last, sparkling melanin selfie for #Blackout Day!

it’s really incredible how in just 24 hours, I’ve loved myself and my skin so much more. and in 24 hours, never have I ever smiled so hard and felt so great seeing other black people love and share each other’s beautiful faces <3 no lie, I really did cry about it a few times today because it makes me so happy

honestly i don´t have many friends left due to my depression, yet one of my friends whom i´ve known for about 8 years now, just offered to come by tomorrow and bring some muffins and just try to cheer me up a little. like, it´s people like her who we really need in this world, people who understand and don´t leave you just because you happen to have depression/anxiety/whatever.

i really won´t be sad about leaving school and all the people there in a few months, yet there are a few gems that i´ve come to know in those last years and i can honestly say they´ve made my life a better one

Don’t give your Valentine flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Instead, give them a shirt of Mithril, to protect them in an upcoming war and later on protect their sole heir.

"You have stolen my heart…."


An Unexpected Journey - Appendices: Dean O’ Gorman’s Audition for Fili.