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What are the animatronincs and the guards hobbies? :) And hi!~

Freddy = Singing

Bonnie = Playing Guitar, Magic trick

Chica = Drawing Picture

Foxy = Play the piano

Golden Freddy = ???

Toy Freddy = Singing

Toy Bonnie = Playing Guitar

Toy Chica = Cooking

Mangle = Stalking, Drawing Picture

BB = Give a balloon for children

Puppet = ???

Mike = Listening to music

Jeremy = Interest in Reading

Phone Guy = Fishing

Fritz = Keeping a pet

Purpe guy = ???

Title: Facade (Chapter Ten)
Pairing: Miles Kane/Alex Turner
Rating: Mature
Summary: Miles is a famous musician on the brink of releasing his sophomore album, Alex is a successful author working on his second novel. They agree to fake a relationship for publicity despite the fact that they can’t stand each other.
Word count total: 32287

Word count for this chapter: 4239

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[Chapter Ten - Read on Ao3]

FNAF 3: Sequel or Prequel?

I recently saw the FNAF 3 trailer, and I am STOKED for this game! But, the question arises yet again of whether this game is a sequel or a prequel, and I guess it’s time for me to throw my two cents in. (I will be using the game’s trailer and description as well as information figured out by Game Theory’s video to place FNAF 3 in the timeline. None of the evidence I am using is fabricated.)

Let’s start out with the basic “Where are the possible places this game could be?” Well, we have before Fredbear’s Diner, between the Diner and the first pizzeria, between the first pizzeria and FNAF 2, between FNAF 2 and FNAF 1, and after FNAF 1. FNAF 3 can’t be before Fredbear’s Diner as it was the events in the Diner that started everything.

It is, however, possible that it takes place either after the Diner or after the first Pizzeria, but that is highly unlikely. (Keep in mind that the subject it this game is a horror attraction based off the Pizzeria and takes place 30 years after the Pizzeria closed down. Why is it unlikely? Well, as you can see in one of the official pictures, there is a box in your office containing the masks of the toy animatronics from the second Pizzeria.

Now, some people might think they’re meant to be prototypes, but in the description of the trailer it says the creators of Fazbear’s Fright: the Horror Attraction went “to great lengths to find anything that might have survived decades of neglect and ruin.” It also says that they found “empty shells, a hand, a hook, and an old paper-plate doll.” We can see that alongside the masks, there is also Foxy’s hook in the box.

Could this be the box of relics salvaged from older locations? Based on the evidence, yes. Because of that, any time before the second game is ruled out.

FNAF 3 also can’t take place between the second and third pizzerias, as the space in between them simply isn’t big enough. As calculated in Game Theory’s video. FNAF 2 takes place in 1987 and FNAF 1 takes place in 1993. As only six years have gone by, this doesn’t leave enough space for the 30 years that passed after the last Pizzeria closed and Fazbear’s Fright opened.

Now, there is actually a lot of proof that FNAF 3 is a sequel to FNAF 1. The problem of time is solved, as there are no more (known) Pizzerias after the third one. Also, if you look at the camera maps for FNAF 1 and 3, you’ll find that a lot of the camera positions (not necessarily the building itself) are very similar to each other.

That would make sense, as the horror attraction is meant to replicate the Pizzeria, and would most likely do so with the most recent one. Going along with the “meant to look old” theory, the System Restart Menu shown in one of the pictures seems to be designed to look like the graphics found in older computers, but I doesn’t exactly compare. It looks newer.

But what about the new animatronic, the one shown in the trailer? Some may speculate it’s Golden Freddy, but when looking at it’s ears and eyes, one can tell it is most definitely most him. Instead, it looks like a golden version of Bonnie the Bunny in a state of intense disrepair. (Image enhanced)

Where did it come from? Well, it is possible that it came from the first Pizzeria, which we know was left to rot from Phone Guy’s first message in FNAF 2. Not only that, but there will most likely be more new animatronics in addition to Golden Bonnie. Could they possibly be more golden animatronics, siblings of Golden Freddy left to rot at the original location? Will other characters like the Puppet come back into play? Does the game take place in an actual Pizzeria or in a building fabricated to imitate one? These are questions that won’t be answered until the game itself comes out.

Still, when you look at everything we’ve been given, it is most likely that this game is a sequel.