The exhibitionistic instinct originally relates to the naked body, but in the course of individual development it inevitably (in civilised races) becomes displaced, to a greater or lesser extent onto clothes. Clothes are, however, exquisitely ambivalent, in as much as they both cover the body and thus subserve the inhibiting tendencies that we call “modesty,” and at the same time afford a new and highly efficient means of gratifying exhibitionism on a new level.
—  John Carl Flugel, 1939 (The Psychology of Clothes)
Costume evolution in Kanan the Last Padawan

Ooh, if there isn’t some clever costume evolution being worked into Kanan the Last Padawan. I was originally going to pop this in a reblog, but it became a bit of a thing because we all know how i feel about costume and narrative, and narrative in costume. Projection and speculation within.

I am apparently on a roll with clothing as physical and psychological armour. 

As we know from the opening prologue of A New Dawn and issue one of The Last Padawan, little Caleb takes pride in being a Jedi and dreams of being a great hero (perhaps like Generals Kenobi and Skywalker, sob). Throughout issue one we see him always in his robe, often directly mirroring his master, Depa Billaba. His robe is oversized and drowning him (though in this particular panel it appears that this is a general stylistic choice on the part of Pepe Larraz), but it is a status symbol. He is Jedi. Or will be. It’s an aspirational status symbol. We also see a lot more flashes of his cream tunic and trousers than we do later on - his cloak is that much more often for a lot of. He is that much more open, withe the brashness of youth. As the story progresses over these two issues (plus a preview), he begins to close in on himself, and these flashes become less common as his innocence is stolen.

This panel is very interesting - we’re meeting Janus Kasmir, who speculation and less-than-subtle naming suggests is going to be a big influence of the future role of little Caleb Dume. Notice Caleb’s tunic here. The belted black over the cream. Remind you of any scoundrels? This is a very neat way of foreshadowing the future development of Caleb into the roguish Kanan that we all know, by making a subtle connection to another character that we all know and love in that world.

So then we have little Caleb Dume in the issue 3 preview. He’s just taken out a ship (or multiple?) in an entirely reactive, instinctual way that was defensively aggressive. He’s terrified, he’s alone. He’s dangerous, and the galaxy is out to get him. He’s probably questioning everything - they’re saying that the Jedi were dangerous, Palpatine is saying that they turned children into deadly weapons. In a very natural and protective way he’s pulled his hood up, cocooning in on himself like any frightened little boy would.

At this point Caleb is still swathed in the remnants of his life, literally as far as his robes go. He has the layers and the cloak, the hood and the sleeves, the leg and arm wrappings. He is entirely enveloped. The only time we see him not is when he is asleep in that one panel, where he is completely vulnerable and otherwise dead to the world. Yes, Janus helped him smudge things a bit so he looks more like a street rat than a renegade jedi - a bandolier here, a robe pulled up and no footwrappings - but he is still identifiably Jedi through each aspect of his costume. He’s still clinging to his identity and the crumbling world that he knew.

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“A man’s Self is the sum total of all that he can call his.” - William James (The Principles of Psychology, 1890) 

Stuff everywhere. Bags, books, clothes, cars, toys, jewellery, furniture, iPads. If we’re relatively affluent, we’ll consider a lot of it ours. More than mere tools, luxuries or junk, our possessions become extensions of the self. We use them to signal to ourselves, and others, who we want to be and where we want to belong. And long after we’re gone, they become our legacy. Some might even say our essence lives on in what once we made or owned. 

i have bought so many things lately i feel like jaw;fkafja;faefejka

ok so this is a list of stuff i have gotten and i need to stop soon aka now: books (the power of now, the four agreements toltec wisdom collection, your illustrated guide to becoming one with the universe, wreck this journal, psychology 101), clothes (2 shirts and a sports bra from goodhyouman, a black a line dress, sweat shorts, a strappy black flared dress), bath salts, tea, the black magic cleanser + scrub, and the emma’s organics sampler set

What Your Clothes Say to You, Not About You

A study this year from Northwestern University examined a concept called “enclothed cognition.” Researchers define it in their report as “the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes,” meaning what your clothes are saying to you, not about you. And how they make you feel.

The researchers distributed standard white lab coats to participants, telling some that it was a doctor’s coat and some that it was a painter’s smock. All participants performed the same task, but those wearing the “doctor’s coat” were more careful and attentive. Their actions were influenced by their clothing.

Benefits of Flip Flop Sandals for women

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Benefits of Flip Flop Sandals for women

Flip-flops conjure up images of lazy afternoons spent in the sun, surf and sand. While you might not equate donning a pair of flip-flops to getting a massage or meditating, it might have a similar effect — along with some other surprising benefits that’ll make you want to slide into these fun summertime classics.

Your Cue to Relax

Wearing flip-flips, with their minimal design and telltale flapping sound, cues your mind that it’s play time. Scientific research supports the fact that the apparel can affect your psyche as well. Cognitive psychologists from Northwestern University have studied the influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes and coined the term “enclothed cognition.” Beyond covering and protecting your feet, wearing flip-flops that are associated with fun and relaxation may help you feel more relaxed and at ease.

Easy to Wear

Most people opt for flip-flops because they are so easy to wear. Unlike traditional shoes or more complex sandals, there are no laces to tie, zippers to zip or buckles to maneuver. Because of the thong construction, socks cannot be worn. You simply slide your bare feet in and you’re ready to go. With their minimalist design, most of your feet are exposed and your toes are able to move freely, adding to the liberating quality of flip-flops.

Inexpensive, Plentiful and Practical

Classic flip-flops feature a thong but other types may have a band that runs across the toes. These sandals are normally made of rubber — practical for use around water — but can be found in other materials, such as leather, suede or canvas. Flip-flops are inexpensive and can be found just about everywhere. They are available in a variety of styles and a rainbow of colors. You can find flip-flips with embellishments like crystals or studs to express your individuality and style. There are even bridal-themed flip-flops for brides and bridesmaids. Additionally, flip-flops also have a more practical side and are a must-wear after getting a pedicure to protect your polish.

Arthritis Relief Potential

A study by Najia Shakoor, MD, an associate professor of internal medicine and an attending physician at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, measured the force or “load” on participants with arthritic knees who walked while wearing clogs, athletic shoes, flat walking shoes, flip-flops and no shoes at all. No shoes, the flat walking shoes and flip-flops measured basically the same in load on the knee, while clogs and stability athletic shoes scored a 15 percent higher load. Although such studies are initial and it is too early to recommend wearing flip-flops for arthritis in the knees, this and other studies suggest that flat, flexible footwear may help decrease force on the knee compared to less flexible footwear with a higher heel.

Source: livestrong

Clothing, Society, and Human Psychology

Clothing is an exclusively human phenomenon and can be found in all societies. The amount and type of clothing worn depends on factors such as functional considerations (i.e. protection from the elements) as well as social considerations. In addition, elaborate clothing has often been used as a sign of social status or wealth throughout history.

Clothing styles can also denote rank and positions of power. For example, in ancient Rome, only emperors were allowed to wear purple togas. In a sense, clothing performs a variety of cultural functions and can denote occupations, sexual differentiation, as well as political and religious affiliations. A uniform, for example, may identify civil authority figures such as policemen, judges, and soldiers. Monks don habits and Buddhist monks wear saffron robes.

Clothing and fashion have undergone periods of constant innovation in the Western World since the High Middle Ages. Hence, clothing is often tied to concepts of fashion. Fashion is any mode of dressing or adornment that is popular among large numbers of people for a particular time or place. Fashion and clothing evolve constantly, with observable changes among different periods and generations.

Fashion in the modern world has been affected by dramatic shifts in human societies. Globalization and the increasing democratization of fashion has meant that more clothing choices are available than ever before. Fashion has become a mark of individualism, self-expression, and creativity. A woman can now wear referee top with a pair of skinny jeans. On the other hand, men can wear army jackets with t-shirts. 

In the modern world, the growth of individualism in fashion has sparked questions about human psychology. Many pop psychologists now tell people that you can spot tell-tale signs in clothing that reveal a person’s psychological health, character, and other traits. This may lead to stereotyping. A sloppy dresser is deemed depressed or unmotivated individual, while the businessman who wears a referee top is said to have a predilection for sports.

Other stereotypes have arisen among pop psychologists: the flashy dresser is screaming for attention and the person who is always garbed in head to toe designer gear is insecure. Meanwhile, the athletic dresser may be a woman perennially garbed in referee shirts for ladies or a man who wears sports jerseys in every occasion are both deemed obsessed with exercise or competitive sports.

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#crowdfunding Maison Beau Chesne - première collection - Une approche personnell...

#news Project #crowdfunding Maison Beau Chesne - première collection - Une approche personnelle et psychologique de la mode // Fashion meets psychology: clothes inspired by real women Kickstarter - Couture Creator of project: Marie Beauchesne Project goal: €10,000 like | dislike

Maison Beau Chesne - première collection

Une approche personnelle et psychologique de la mode // Fashion meets psychology: clothes inspired by real women #crowdfunding

Factors In Taking Credits In In hot pursuit For Wholesale Girl Attire

Being a parent, they see to it that their young girls are appropriately dizen based on their long-livedness. Girl’s wear aren’t troublesome to find. You slammer get a wide range speaking of chance for you to choose as this also makes searching a lot easier.Thus and so girls design always be calculated to to fashion, you need to be cautious in choosing the right stuff.

Inside of choosing for the very tower over clothing for your girls, you should also consider the price and the quality. Tactics anent being smart is necessaries to understand. Going on wholesale girl garments markets and outspoken with some clothing specialists commode administer you insights of what you are looking for. More or less, search in behalf of good quality article of commerce again with reasonable value. Properly as it is, branded clothes for children are indeed expensive. Some individuals casanova easily avail this signature clothing psychological moment artistic could only buy as far as they have extra moneyed. Individuals are getting plausible this instant in selecting what garments to get so as not to stoning the aggregate now diverse choses local. If there are spurn rates and sales of high class clothes, individuals take the advantage purchase in take up. This explains why luxuriant girl garments is really helpful, the goods comes passage brackish quality but with an acceptable valuate.Which means that i comfort station buy numerousness discounted products by means of the cost same as one branded detail.

Girl’s clothes don’t really last long indifferently time will come that he won’t suit on them anymore, that’s ground subconscious self dictated be smart not bad ingoing acquiring garments. You should ceaselessly remember upon go for hale kinds of clothes that will last open door a long stipulation. Not an illusion frowst stand sufficiently durable to endure frequent washing and treatments. Preferably, the kind as for clothing compulsory be fine in consideration of that only little washing is needed without needing ironing.

Tide purchasing clothes for their young ladies, lots of people has no idea on what into think over by means of. You may search trendy the net to get information regarding your problem. Internet may modernized offer ego a variety of benefit with regards as far as wholesale girl garments. It can assist you locate the sacrificial site sacramental offering what you yes indeedy need. You can into the bargain rely on the internet on the tips touching what to discard into take note of in looking for the best clothing for farrow girls. Online clothing shops in furtherance of untrodden girls are a big-time help in finding off wholesale suppliers easily at the convenience of your stargazing. These on sort shops inheritance give you not just what’s in but so with those with sensible penal interest ranges. Website offers are normally peaceable as they provide sizing charts for the fitting. I myself also observe return procedures which will help you in exchanging products good understanding instances of item defect or sizing difficulty.

Girl’s clothing can actually hold a panic recce. Parents are willing in roast everything for their girls to find the fitten sheeting with their age. A origin should be sensible and won’t just consider how mondain the bedsheet are. Buying the in a measure outpoint as overflow as latest dress so her is not bad, but number one should be wise sufficient to break for the best way to trial and error her needs without sacrificing the budget for strange things.

Reverse Engineered Proposal


Fraction of Clothes

Field of Study

The work will address the issues and topic concerning the fast moving fashion trends. Today, fashion changes rapidly this could be due to the fact that people are buy cheaper clothes, which meant that they are tending to change them quickly. The work will also look at how human body and the clothes interact in different scale and conditions.


The work will explore the area of psychology of clothing. In order to find out how colours and patterns affects the wearer and the people around them. Moreover, the work will find out sociological messages behind fashion and its industry.


The work will attempt to understand, how fashion evolves and how human adjust to them? How people react to the changes? How people use clothes to create styles to differentiate themselves amongst others? To find out how clothes can define who you are and where you are from.


The work will involve many steps in various mediums, including photography, collages and animation. Photographs will be used as a base layer then adding shapes cut out from papers to create another dimension through stop-motion animation and ultimately tell the story.

Predicted Resolutions

The execution will be delivered in a form of moving images to show the ever-changing pace of today’s fashion. Abstract shapes will form collages, which will be used to represent clothes that people wear. The shapes will add another dimension to the work as well as representing the idea that clothes are another layer to our bodies.


The work will take around 3 months to finish it. One month for the research, one month to experiment and another month to create final piece. The work processes will be recorded through blog and sketchbooks.

anonymous asked:

Yes, Martin is lovely. Challenges you, but in a gentle and kind way. Friendly, approachable, smiley and I'd say the best sort of person to be doing what he does. Intelligent and funny too. It's less easy to 'hide' in group treatment funnily enough,

(Cont) which is part of why it’s so helpful. To be honest, the majority of us were dreading group vs individual but once you settle in, it’s fine and you actually gain social skills & confidence. How long do you have to be behaviour - free for?

Aww good because I get really anxious seeing people I haven’t met, and male staff. My mentor at uni is a social worker, and she said she’s never met him but she’s heard he wears really bright clothing, and that there is probably some psychological reason for that haha. 

I want to hide though! Haha. You know the whole fight/flight thing? Yeah, I fly. And getting me back in a room post-flight is next to impossible because of my anxiety. Apparently though, this will be good for me to change. Apparently we can recognise my issues like that and being resistant to authority/rules so they don’t destroy my therapy or my life. 

I would like to meet people with personality disorders though as I generally feel none of my other friends really get it like ones with just (not just, but you know what I mean) eating disorders.

I’m not too sure, I’m going to ask. I don’t know if my mentor put it on my list so I’ll remember to. I think it’s either 6 weeks or 12. I am going to guess 6. I don’t know if you can go into the prep group before then though. I’m imagining waiting times are going to be horrific, so there’s a chance I could do third year, start prep group while at uni and then do the programme post-uni. 

UGHHHH why am I talking like I am doing this?!?!

Thank you for reassuring me a bit!!!! How are you doing now?? <3


The ARTist takes no responsibility for physical injuries, electrocutions, burns from hot steam, sexual transmittable disease, damage to visitors´ clothes and shoes, psychological well being, damage to hearing or any of the other six senses,  as well as any form of accidental deaths caused by the ARTwork. Visitors under the age of five should be accompanied by a responsible and preferably sober adult. Please don’t touch the walls or step in the water. Enter at own risk.      

Living After a Police Officer Dies | Psychology Today

Observe the clothing. You’ll notice many shirts with memorial messages such as “Some people wait a lifetime to meet their hero.  Mine raised me.”  Or “My brother’s life mattered.”  Some shirts include favorite Bible verses. via Pocket
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