According to Guardian columnist Oliver Burkeman, loud music leads to “a momentary loss of self-control, thus enhancing the likelihood of impulse purchase.” Music marketers know this well — they even have a name for it: “disrupt-then-reframe.”

Marketers and management uses this physiological tactic to send customers into sensory overload. Think of a dark Abercrombie & Fitch store, where the beat of a house track thumps in your ears while your nostrils are overloaded with chain’s sharp, distinctive musk (which bypasses your conscious mind to encourage impulsive decisions). 

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The exhibitionistic instinct originally relates to the naked body, but in the course of individual development it inevitably (in civilised races) becomes displaced, to a greater or lesser extent onto clothes. Clothes are, however, exquisitely ambivalent, in as much as they both cover the body and thus subserve the inhibiting tendencies that we call “modesty,” and at the same time afford a new and highly efficient means of gratifying exhibitionism on a new level.
—  John Carl Flugel, 1939 (The Psychology of Clothes)


It’s hard to get into exercising. Today I basically spun around my living room half-hardheartedly pretending to follow along to my Zumba DVD… At least it was active?? Tomorrow I’m supposed to do 55 minutes of Dancing With the Stars. Goodness help me. 

On the bright side - tonight I get to pick up my Psychology clothes :D!

Fan fiction - a window into the soul?

I once wrote that my fan fiction was probably a more accurate and contemporaneous reflection of how I felt about a show  even more so than my write-ups and pic spams. 

Sometimes when I read fan fiction, particularly multiple stories by the same author, I find myself wondering if I’m accidentally getting a peak into the author’s naked psyche … I’m not just talking about glimpsing sexual fantasies or weird quirks … I’m talking about when you read the fic and you think: “Holy crap, am I looking at your soul?  Abandonment issues … separation anxiety ..?”

I don’t even want to think about what weird psycho analysis could be derived from my fics…  Maybe this is why I try to stick with canon … it’s my way of wearing psychological clothes :P

So my psych clothes came in and they’re awesome :D. I’m a particularly huge fan of my new Phineas Gage t-shirt, which means I had an intense need to take approximately 1 billion selfies, which I narrowed down to 6 for this blog ;P If you don’t know anything about Phineas Gage, you should Google him, but the basic story is that he was a railway foreman who got a metal rod through the head and lived, but his entire personality was changed because of the brain damage. This makes him of huge interest to Psychologists especially and makes this shirt the most badass nerd shirt of all time. Gah, I feel so adorable XD.