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Are you 13-19, with a penchant for all things arts and literature? The Plum Collection is a bimonthly free zine that aims to showcase teenagers’ unique artistic culture. Just click here and send us your best poem, story, commentary, advice, drawing, painting, photograph or anything else you may have created, and we’ll consider it for our zine. Reblog to spread the word!

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by @4boys1momlacquer “Silver Soldiers by @auroralacquers
Is a part of the Sugar Plum Fantasy collection.

This is described as a smokey silver ultra holo.
I applied 2 easy coats followed by a quick dry top coat.
My Opinion:
Love this polish.It has a beautiful sparkle when in the right lighting.It applied with no issues.

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An inside look at the musical zeitgeist of issue number two…by yours truly.

Issue I (Autumn) Repost

We apologise for the belatedness of this issue. Both of us have been very busy with school, sleep, and (sometimes, although not often) social or extracurricular responsibilities. We tried to stay as true to the aims of Plum as possible, which is why this issue emphasises quality over quantity.

Our next issue is scheduled for release around late December/early January. If you’re interested in being part of a movement by youth, for youth, please send us your poetry, prose, photography, political commentaries, essays, or other art here or here. 

This issue has not been an easy one to make, yet we still owe its existence to our amazing contributors. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to further inquire into their artistic body of work!