Collection’s Highlight: Women’s Bodice 

I love photographing silk, its shows up so well and the rich wealth of color comes out perfectly. Plum, purple, violet, call it what you will, its just lovely!

Women’s Bodice, Date Unknown, Silk, Cotton, L:12.5 in. The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York, Gift of Mrs. H. F. Huntington, N0272.1944. 

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NIKE : City Collection

Nike has unveiled six new vibrant designs of the Air Max 1 Ultra, The City Collection. The shoe design itself has been seen before,although these knew colour combinations have been influences by the six distinctstyle capitals of the world – New York, Paris, London, Milan, Shanghai and Tokyo. Interestingly though, there are only 3 different graphic designs, inspired by the representative florals of each city, with two colour combinations of each.
Nike assures us that although the graphic designs are the same for two different cities, the colour schemes of each allow each shoe to stand alone – and they aren’t wrong.


This graphic is a floral combination of Roses (NY) and Lilies (Paris).
New Yorks state flower is the Rose while Paris is often symbolised through the Fleu-de-lis which is a stylised Lily. 

New York is represented by an achromatic (black/white/grey) colour scheme which Nike says is fitting of the modern city landscape and New York’s taste for achromatic fashion.

As an exact contrast to the New York colour theme, Paris has been given a pink and blue pastel Rococo scheme. This blushing combination represents the Parisian lifestyle by exuding muted floral tones.


The Tokyo and London graphic consists of Roses and Cherry Blossoms. Cherry Blossoms represent Tokyo as it is a common symbol in the Japanese culture, and London is represented through the Rose, which may be indicative of the Tudor rose, the traditional heraldic emblem of England. 

Tokyo is represented through a monochromatic indigo scheme which could represent the traditional Japanese dying method used since ancient times. 

London is embodied through a red and purple scheme reflecting the Gothic architecture throughout the city. I find it interesting though that in Gothic art history red represented Christ while purple represented sin – and for that reason this could be my favorite design.


Plum Blossoms and Lilies are featured again in the last design for Milan and Shanghai. The Lily traditionally serves as a religious flower in Italy, and the Plum Blossom may be referring to the Plum Blossom festival held in Shanghai each year. 

Milan evokes the Italian Renaissance with a mustard bronze tone, also surrounded by red and blue – other prominent colours from the renaissance.

Shanghai is inundated with red hues in a monochromatic scheme. This could be a link to China’s role in colour technology through the renaissance, bringing the first red pigments to the rest of the world in the form of Vermilion or Chinese Red.

These designs will be released to the world on March 8, International Woman’s Day, so keep your eyes peeled. 


It's not Adventure Time, it's… threeA × Pendleton Ward's "Bravest Warriors: Beth & Chris" collectible figures!

NEW POST: Joining the previously revealed “Plum the Merewif” collectible figure from threeA, it appears there will be at least two more officially licensed interpretations from Pendleton Ward's Bravest Warriors cartoon: Elizabeth “Beth” Tezuka & Christopher “Chris” Kirkman. It certainly seems logical that Wallow & Daniel “Danny” Vasquez will also be produced, so keep your eyes peeled for teasers of their 1/6th scale, 12-inch tall collectible figures!

My Lip Crayon Collection

My Lip Crayon Collection

I love to see what other beauty bloggers have in their Muji Storage or just how they store their makeup in general. I am that person who can watch makeup collections on YouTube for hours. I don’t have a huge collection because I just don’t have the space to store it and I like to give products to friends & family that I don’t often use or that don’t work for me. So I thought over the next few…

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