2 months to move out

For the past 4 years I’ve been living in Arizona. I hate it here. My depression, Anxiety, and suicidal thoughts have gotten worse since my time here and the amount of support for my transitioning from FtM is little to none. I also can’t get the service dog I need for my Autism until I move out. I’m not sure how many more days I can make it here so I’m leaving back to my home state, Washington.

I have 2 months to raise enough money for moving expenses and food. I estimate I need about $500-1,000 but my job hunting isn’t going very well. Until I can find a part-time job to get a little income, I need as much help as possible.

Please Commission this broke artist so I can finally go home.

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Chaplin"For The Ages" turned 4 today!

When I started this blog on May 27th 2011, I had no idea where it would take me.   I have enjoyed working on my blog everyday, I calculated it to 1461 :).

I appreciate everyone that follows Chaplin for the Ages.  

I hope in the past 4 years, I have gotten others to want to take a look at this magnificent artist and remarkable human being.  

In the end for me it’s all about Chaplin

An Icon, a Legend and “For the Ages”



Dear Tumblr,

My name is Ant Roman and I make Geeky cakes- it’s what I do! For the past 4 years, I’ve been working from my home making cakes, cookies and cupcakes for all kinds of fandoms & fans. The internet tends to think Nerdache Cakes is a team of people who bake, make cakes and share it all- but it’s just me. I’ve whipped up geek treats for places like Funko, Seventeen Magazine, The Today Show, Frederator, Nintendo World and tons more. But I can no longer work from the space I do now, and I don’t want to stop doing what I love.

So I’m asking for your help. I started a Kickstarter to open a nerdy bakery + cafe- a real place you can stop by and get (and be shipped) tasty treats! But we only have 8 days left, and are over $70K away from our funding goal. 

Please, Reblog and pledge! Just $1 can make a huge difference. You’ll also get awesome rewards like shirts, cookies, Nerdache Boxes and lots more. 

This bakery is 4+ years of my life doing what I love, for the people I love. I know Tumblr can help me make my geeky dream come true, and help me build this fandom bakery. Any bit helps, and I greatly appreciate it.

Support the Nerdache Cakes’ Geeky Bakery Here.

why do 1D fans get so pressed when Little Mix fans make //bitter// comments about 1D. Little Mix have been constantly bombarded with 1D fans irrelevant and bitter and extra comments for the past 3-4 years but one Little Mix fan says Little Mix puts on a better show than 1D and it’s the end of the world? Lmao okay.

anonymous asked:

just so you know 3 most listened radio stations in malaysia played no control. hitz fm, fly fm, and hot fm. Malaysia, the country that never get a tour date for the past 4 years

I hope y’all get a tour date soon!!

Why are there like 3 movies being made in the past 4 years about Steve Jobs. Are they all going to team up in an escalating build towards a Steve Jobs Cinematic iUniverse

On May 16th I celebrated my 4-year tumblr anniversary. Tumblr has been an incredible experience that has given me some of my dearest friends and even allowed me to adventure out to meet my Kit. It’s given me an outlet to be myself and explore my Disney side. Hehe. I’ve been very thankful to have met many people from tumblr, and they have changed my life for the better. I owe all of the people I follow and my followers the world. I cannot thank you all enough for providing my tumblr with lots of entertainment and laughs for the past 4 years. Thank you. 

The names that are bolded are people whom I’ve had the opportunity to meet in person and get to know. I love them dearly. The names that are italicized are people whom I adore and would love to meet in person. The people that have asterisks are people whom I am currently good friends with. The name that is bolded, italicized and has an asterisk is someone that I love whole-heartedly and can’t wait to marry someday. 

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Thank you all for making tumblr such an adventure everyday. 


FYI- As part of my 4 year celebration I’ll also be posting a giveaway soon so stay tuned for that :) 


graduated from art college today! it’s so surreal coming home to an empty apartment - since i start work monday - and take down all my school schedules and put away notebooks… and knowing i’ll never have to do these things again. like never having to order required $300 textbooks or register for classes. and not having to rush to class after oversleeping and missing the bus shuttle. and not see my friends or professors everyday…

but that’s part of life. i’m so thankful for all the memories and opportunities. i feel incredibly lucky. college has been very long chapter that just concluded. and now another has finally begun.

You know I probably wouldn’t believe in Larry if it wasn’t for the fact that they look at each other like there is no one else in the world; “they GENUINELY SERIOUSLY think that we’re in a relationship”; the fact that they used to have a major habit of not being able to keep their hands of each other; the sign language; the lyric changes; the whispering; their extremely interesting way of whispering’; “BOYFRIEND”; complimentary matching tattoos; “it is what it is”; Louis’ obsession with Harry’s curls; Louis jumping into Harry’s arms when they had onLY JUST MET!; Harry moving in with Louis when he was only 16 and Louis was 19 and the millions of fond stares and glances that they have exchanged over the past 4 years…

So yeah, apart from that I wouldn’t even bother believing Larry Stylinson is real….

10 years ago I was diagnosed with lupus, an incurable disease that fights one’s body. To most, I may seem like a healthy 24 year old however that’s not the case. Before 2011 I did a decent job at hiding my illness which I believe might have angered the lupus deities because the past 4 years have felt like a never ending roller coaster. 2014 ended badly and 2015 began just as bad, but now I’m in remission and for the first time in YEARS I haven’t had to withdraw from classes due to a relapse. I may not be the most moving or inspiring person but I’ve learned to appreciate all my good days, which is something I didn’t do before 2011. Although I was sick prior to that year (just not as bad, only a few bad days here and there), I realized I was taking my health for granted, something I will never do again. — Lupus is more common than you think and effects everyone differently, learn the symptoms, you can save someone’s life. “From the bitterness of disease, man learns the sweetness of health”