It’s 6:04 and I just got home from the Bright Eyes show. We drove about 4.5 hours south to St. Louis for it. I tried to document most of it with my camera, and am uploading it all right now. We got there right on time, were incredibly close to the stage, and basically the entire night was perfect. I got to see one of my favorite men ever perform songs from the heart that related to and touched every single soul in the building, and all with my other favorite man, Jesse. 

I texted Gloria and David updates and photos and called Dave during Lover I Don’t Have to Love. It was fantastic… just as good as the last one a few months ago, but not comparable. 

We split up the driving time in half and were not looking for to it. He drove from St. Louis almost to Columbia, until he swore that he was starting to hallucinate, so I took over. We stopped at Quick Trip and bought some advil and some sort of caffeine pills. I took them, he didn’t, and now I can’t sleep. 

I think I’m going to play with Final Cut and try to piece together some of the footage of our mini “road trip” today. 

Goodnight/good morning tumblr.