Senses Only Divide Us

Ten/Rose. Adult. ~8k.
Summary: When the Doctor is rendered temporarily blind and deaf by a hostile sect of aliens, Rose discovers the only way to comfort him is through touch.
Warnings: violence/blood (brief but painful)
Notes: WOW, this has been a journey. It was at least partially inspired by the daredevil/matt murdock madness on my dash, and then fleshed out with some really dark twists of my own :P The violence warning is more of a precaution - it does hurt and there’s a bit of blood but it’s not too bad. Though definitely not for the faint of heart. I really enjoyed writing this A LOT (even though I starting hating it as I read through and edited) and I played with a lot of themes that I’ve never dealt with before that hopefully help me grow as a writer. Hope you guys enjoy it!
Teaspoon | AO3

It’s pitch black. The kind of darkness that suffocates, that turns the air in the room to a cloud of ink he struggles to breathe. A blindfold pressing against his eyes until he can’t tell whether his lids are opened or closed.

His throat burns as the cold, thick air rips in and out of his lungs, but the noise doesn’t reach his ears. He feels the vibrations of his vocal cords beneath his neck as he expels the air harder, and he can almost taste the sound on his tongue. The volume of the outburst should be unbearable now, but still he hears nothing. The silence hovering in the darkness closes over his ears and weaves around his entire body, constricts and smothers him.

His hazy, jumbled thoughts only exacerbate the disorientation. No memory of how he got here. Time sense tells him a large chunk of a day has gone missing, starting from about ten seconds ago.

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We were out for a family dinner tonight and my brother goes “I reckon Taylor Swift is a stuck up rich bitch like she can’t be that rich and famous and not be completely full of herself” so I threw my fried rice at him

I’m getting a feeling that at this point they wouldn’t give us (romantic) Bellarke just out of spite.

smargo64 tagged me to do this thing that’s been going around. Thank you lovely! That was interesting, drawing myself hah.

I honestly can’t come up with many who hasn’t already been tagged, but believeinbritboys fayestardust dariemkova datjonah is some talented people I’d love to see do this (If you don’t wanna it’s okay x)

                               ❛ Human beings in a mob,
                                 What’s a mob to a king ?
                                 What’s a king to a god ?
                       What’s a god to a non-believer ?