A little peace and quiet.

I’m in one of those ‘consequences be damned” moods, which is a fine mood to be in when no one is around and a socially pernicious mood to have while literally anyone is around. Now, it’s a loose cannon firing into the void of the internet where someone is always around. Sorry not sorry for the friendly fire.

Anyway, open wide, defenders of feelings. I’ve got gasoline for the fire in your bellies, and it smells a lot like you shutting up.

We cannot and should not live according to how we feel. The hubris of that assumption is bewildering and I refuse to empathize with people who choose to regurgitate nonsense because it makes them feel better. You’re a human being, and you are outfitted with the most aggressively underused tool in creation. Stop believing the cancerous idiom, ‘follow your heart,’ and start directing your brain. Your feelings are, in fact, so useless when concerned with matters of moral authority that they may as well be a paid off jury. You’ll only ever see or find what you’re looking for even if its wrong. If the deck is stacked against you, and you’re the genius who laid the cards, that speaks volumes about your ability to play the game.

Also, please be skeptical of everything and everyone, including and most especially people on tumblr. Ask lots of questions, and actually let people answer them, and then find out if they were telling the truth. Build a foundation in your mind of the irrefutable, or you’ll end up with a brain full of sand – every event is another wave of emotional babble coming to reshape you for the worse. And can you imagine opening your mouth after filling your head with crap? That wackjob, Gandhi, once said, “Speak only if it improves upon the silence.” He’s at least right about that. You’ll have to pay for your words one way or another. And your new found progressive awareness doesn’t absolve you of your transgressions; it SHOULD highlight them, if anything, but instead it seems to be acting more as a spotlight for anyone but yourself. Start questioning until you reach a foundation, so you can start building something solid, something true and honest. Because as it stands right now, I see a lot of rickety houses ready to come tumblr-ing down.

Lastly, and most importantly of all, forgive people. For your sake. As Marianne Williamson said, “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison yourself and waiting for the other person to die.” I think she missed the part about you being a piece of human garbage who has somehow managed to make innumerable mistakes in a limited of years. I don’t need to be a mathematician to know that puts you in the negative. So, come down from your throne and join the party, doofus. You’re one of us. Just take a second to shut up and listen without the intent to answer. You might actually be able to help someone heal if you would just stop coughing on them.

It’s funny because a lot of people will say, we want you as Damien Sandow, well, Damien Sandow is the guy that goes out there and gives everything he has into a performance. Whether that is dressed up as Macho Mandow, or Magneto in a terrible looking hoodie, whoever it is, that’s who Damien Sandow is. I love being able to address people like that, I’d love to do it again. But, in the meantime…Sandow is the guy who goes out there and no matter what the circumstance is, whether I’m standing outside or sitting on a chair, I am going to give everything I have. Whether you boo me, cheer me, heckle, either way, any time you see my name on the marquis, regardless of who is on the card or where I am, just know you’re going to get absolutely everything that I have. That is who Damien Sandow is.
—  Damien Sandow on his RAW promo, and performing as different characters. (Worcester Magazine)

i hate that ‘my mother saved me from getting a sherlock tattoo’ post so so so so so so much. like. this fandom literally changed my life. this story is so important to me. i have met so many fantastic people here. i met my best friend here. i wrote something really significant (in length at least, ha) because these characters inspired me so much. this has been a huge, huge part of my life. like. okay maybe fandom isn’t your thing anymore. that’s totally fine. spend your time and energy on something that is meaningful to you. but don’t fucking sneer at the idea of fandom being that important to anyone ever.

“Will you just give him [Robert] a break? I know how he comes across, and today was a prime example of him at his worst but … deep down, he’s actually alright, and he’s a pretty awesome brother but nobody gets to see because he doesn’t let people in.”

I love how Victoria sees the good in Robert, despite knowing what a little piece of work he is, and how much he screws things up, she sees that goodness in him. She sees all the stuff that is right in him, whilst still accepting his flaws. 

Obviously, she won’t be pleased with how he’s gonna set Adam up, and it’ll take a toll on her, but it’d be so nice to see Robert pacify and console his sister, show that caring nature he has that we’ve seen him display to Aaron towards Victoria when she needs him, especially after what he does. Not necessarily “worm his way back into her good books”, because he has nothing to prove to Victoria, but because it’s a direct way for him to connect back to his family again. 

And Vic can’t stay mad at him for long, she loves him too much. And she’ll see Robert’s intentions behind why he did what he did, though it’s … a pretty low thing to do, but she’ll see that he was only doing it because he cares for his sister, and maybe … MAYBE, a harsh telling off from Vic, whilst it may not make much of a difference, because lets face it, this is Robert, but maybe, because Robert directly hurts Vic by setting Adam up, maybe that COULD just make him see that not everything needs to dealt in the manner he deals things with. 

And if Aaron learns about this setting up Adam thing, Aaron’s gonna be even more livid with Robert. So yeah, in a way, this is Robert’s chance to make things up, patch things up, PROPERLY with the people he really cares  about and loves, because no doubt, Aaron (even though he’ll be pissed), once he sees how Robert was looking out for Vic, will understand why Robert may have done what he did. And no doubt, Robert will be mad at Aaron for hiding the Adam cheating thing from him, so yeah, in a way, this is a pretty good chance/outlet for them both to clear the air, however small/big the impact it may have between them.

And then there’s the “small” matter of when the affair comes out, and how Robert’s gonna need his support system with him through it all.

anonymous asked:

What is your god tier title?

Using this test, I scored equally as Bard of Mind, Knight of Mind, Knight of Doom, and Knight of Blood. I waffle between calling myself Knight of Doom/Blood mostly. If you’re curious how to find your god tier that test is my favorite resource and is on the How To Homestuck post– but this struck me as a “Hey Uragani–” type question! If I was wrong, throw me a new more specific ask!


“dont do it,

its so cliche”

i whisper to myself as i’ve already begun drawing