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white top

dark jeans

black coat

gold necklace // silver necklace

black shoulder bag

cat eye sunglasses

I know it’s way past the time for coats but I can’t find but think this outfit looks really cute and who knows, maybe I should buy this outfit now before it gets more expensive since its in demand.

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- A.S.

This picture isnt mine. I only take credit for the caption. 


she walks in starlight in another world

spanx-me asked:

Please don't delete your tumblr, you honestly create so much positivity and self love for so many girls out here and not only that I would miss your captions and personality so much. Anyone hating on you is prime examples of why we need women like you, they think you can't be thick and fit, being sexual is shameful, were to the point now where women are so close to gaining true social equality, being able to show our bodies and embrace them w/o being hated on. Gotham (tumblr) needs you devyn

Thankyou I need to print this out for whenever I’m feeling down😍 we need more positive people like you girly you are so uplifting.

lawthehybrid1027 asked:

Are you ever going to update the subtle and overt Korrasami tags if so I think we can all agree that the scene of Asami fleeing the Misty Palm Inn similar to Katara and Aang in Ba Sae Sing is the overt moment that alerted a lot of people to incoming Korrasami.

Oh yeah, I really should do more of those…I meant to do this scene for the subtle tag:

I want to add captions, but there’s a couple moments. Korra is only looking at Asami, and there’s also a moment where Asami head-nods. There’s other stuf

You’re spot-on about the Misty Palms moment, which has to be the moment I fully admitted to myself that I was a shipper. Come to think of it, Korrasami/Kaatang parallels could almost be another tag in and of itself. But you know, with tags like #makoperator and #multiplying tenzin I seem to have gotten a bit…sidetracked.

After taylorswift liked my post here, I posted a screenshot on Facebook and jokingly added the caption “So Taylor liked my post, I think we can get married now” And today at this family gathering one of my uncles came up to me and he was like “So am I invited to your wedding with Taylor?” and this made me so incredibly happy because he is like fully accepting my sexuality. I could cry right there. If only my parents could finally accept it. Please.


[TRANS] 20150315 Section TV

0:40 -

MC : Actually, there is an actor who shares more kiss scene with you than PMY

JCW : ?? Ah… That Guy..

<Thrill Me CLIP>

1:00 -

JCW : I think I did a lot of it, and it’s even to the level of deep kiss

caption (eyes that lost focus)

JCW : It’s a 3 months performance, so I think there are a lot of kiss scenes (forced laugh) 

MC : ah~ you can only laugh about it now

<next topic>


I don’t plan to translate this, but it seems like a lot of people are confuse and curious with this part of talk because of hundreds of article are talking about this lol. Hope this will clear up everything.

Ooi: Being pushed down by Kitakami-san like this… Is this a dream? Surely this is no delusion, right? Ah, I don’t like this. Now that I think about it I haven’t had a bath ever since coming back. What do I do? How unfortunate. Hah, but Kitakami-san hasn’t had time to get a bath either. I want to breathe in her scent. I want to lick off her sweat. Haah, haah, Kitakami-san, haah, haah. What do I do? I can’t open my eyes.

Kitakami: I only intended this as a prank, but…

Caption: They had a lot of sex afterward.


Update: porn blog reblogging my breastfeeding picture.

I wrote to tumblr support and said that I feel that having a young child on a blog with this content (and the caption he added) was borderline paedophila and I really hope tumblr didn’t support the sexualisation of infants.
Tumblr removed the photo from their blog.
Thank god !

I won’t be posting any more breastfeeding pictures unless I can find a way to make them unable to be reblogged. I just can’t believe men sometimes, like just because they think breasts are great it means that they only exist for the sole purpose of exciting men? Fuck off, I’m just trying to feed my baby. I can’t believe a picture representing my breastfeeding journey was boiled down to ‘nursing tits’, so thanks for that you fucknut. I hope you stub your toe first thing in the morning AND burn your tongue on a delicious lunch you won’t be able to taste.

femministe asked:

This guy on facebook posted this link with a picture from thelibertarianrepublic website with the caption "fuck you if you think this way". The story is titled School Textbook Asserts Only White Males Can be Racist of Sexist. Personally, that isn't what I think this picture is stating. I saw this picture before and it made sense to me, now I'm a little confused as a feminist and a humanist as to what I should think. May I have a little insight, please?

I think that thelibertarianrepublic posts a lot of strange and sexist stuff on Facebook, and my best advice would be to unfollow them. Many people, including myself, do not believe that POC and women can really be sexist or racist. Racism and Sexism are built on  systems of oppression regarding race and gender and the people who are being oppressed are not capable of being sexists or racist because they do not stand to gain anything from this. There are many people who disagree with this and that’s fine. The reality is that white males are sexist and racists, that doesn’t mean that they are the only people period that can be racist or sexist, that just wouldn’t make sense. Thanks for the question!

-The Daily Feminist 

Our generation

A guy fucks many girls, he’s cool. A girl fucks with too many guys and we call her a slut. We judge each other without not even looking what is behind? Why do we even judge? Relationships last two weeks. We send nudes to each other and think it will stay hiden. Oh well, two days later your naked body is on IG with Caption: what a slut. True friendship never lasts. We send each other to hell for no specific reason. At the end you find out, the only person you can rely and trust, is yourself. And tbh? I’d rather be hated for who I am, then to be loved for what I’m not.

So I am twelve minutes into The Flash pilot and I am browsing Tumblr on my phone which is not a great sign.

Barry Allen is a genius nerd who has Sherlock-style investigative captions. He has a female best friend who thinks the words “quantum theory is lightyears ahead of anything they’re doing at CERN” is grounds for a “speak English” response and can’t tell Barry has a huge honking crush on her.

Child Barry lamented not being able to run fast and adult Barry is chronically late. That’s it, I’m putting a blanket ban on dramatic irony in superhero media.

Also Barry’s mom died in a mysterious accident because The CW only has one moderately successful show and feels the need to pick at its zombified corpse. (I mean, that might be from the comics, but the only two words that put me to sleep faster than “Barry Allen” are “Hal Jordan”, so.)

The accident that gives him his powers is about to happen but before it does it is SUPER-IMPORTANT we see he’s got a conspiracy-theory corkboard with an article about his mom’s death on it so that we know why his brother is about to show up and whisk him away in a vintage car to look for their missing dad.

This is a challenge for anyone who has quizUp
If you think you can beat me in How I Met Your Mother trivia then add me.
The terms are simple. If you lose, you post a screenshot and caption it “Caldwell is the ultimate HIMYM fan and I bow down before him”
If I lose, I post a similar screenshot with your name.
These are the terms!
Good luck.

I would also like to say this is my only notable achievement and I will defend this title WITH MY GODDAMN LIFE

Jackson Wang Blackface

Okay, I will admit that Jackson is one of by biases and I was truly shocked at what was posted on his Instagram. Although I would like to believe it was not an offensive statement, I would not know, since I personally do not know him. When I first looked at the picture I did not see anything offensive, just a fan edit of a dirty faced Jackson. I can now see the big uproar and why he immediately took it down. I was also not surprised when he apologized for the misunderstanding multiple times, calming the crowd.

In my personal opinion, if Jackson was posting that picture for the purpose of being offensive, his caption could have been directed or indicating blackface. But my understanding is that he only reposted a fan edit, not knowing it would be distasteful.

Because he apologized for the incident I think it has made people realize that he is genuinely sorry and the picture was not meant to be offensive.

I only ask for people to realize his sincere apology and stop the hate. God only knows how terrible and disappointed in himself that he must feel. It was a mistake and he corrected it, educating himself for it to not happen again. Everyone makes tons mistakes, but I feel it’s wrong to call out every single one a celebrity makes, just because it’s easy for us to find fuel to light the fire.

Please just stop…
It worries me, and tons of others, how he might be dealing with it.

- peace✌️
bangtaners (please feel free to elaborate)


Deaf Gay Man’s Powerful Story of Coming Out To His Family and Overcoming Isolation 

In a powerful coming out story for I’m From Driftwood, Richard Mesich explains the isolation he felt thinking he was the only deaf gay man in the world.

Richard shares what it was like coming out to his mother and how his gay uncles brought him to a gay bar for the first time on his 21st birthday.

Closed Captioning can be turned on by clicking the bottom right CC button.