You are the ONCELER FANDOM, and you tend to be mistakenly interpreted as an INSANE FREAK, as depicted above. On the contrary, you are probably the MOST PEACEFUL FANDOM and are very PASSIVE AND CONSIDERATE, taking more interest in MAKING OTHERS HAPPY than anything else. You have a deep-rooted love for NATURE, as well as a strange CONNECTION with it. The other FANDOMS see you as a nuisance, but you’re going to PROVE THEM ALL WRONG. You never go anywhere without a BAG OF MARSHMALLOWS or your trusty THNEEDKIND, which was previously AXEKIND, but you prefer not to talk about that. Not after the ACCIDENT. You may or may not be FLUSHED for POKEMON FANDOM. You reside in the LAND OF TRUFFULA AND SPIRITS, and take joy in TENDING TO THE WILDLIFE. You are always coming up with new ideas, but are usually IGNORED OR LOOK DOWN UPON by everyone else. Though it seems most everyone loathed you for your OVERLY DRAMATIC AND EXTREMELY OPTIMISTIC PERSONALITY, you hope to start anew and prove yourself not to be the OBNOXIOUS LOSER they perceived you as. Even if things start out rough, you’re determined to spread as much HAPPINESS AND FRIENDSHIP as you can.