Goodmorning - Calum Hood
The first thing you noticed when you woke up that morning was the stripe of sunlight peeking into the room, the next thing was a sleeping Calum in front of you, his arm wrapped around your waist lazily, mouth lightly opened, a peaceful look on his face.

The two of you had fallen asleep while cuddling last night, the week had been spent at home since you had been on your period. It had been 6 days of good movies, cuddles and a load of hot chocolate shared between you and your boyfriend.

You have no idea how long you had been watching him before his eyes fluttered open slowly, his gaze meeting yours. There were no words shared beetween the both of you, you just stared at each other for a while as Calum pulled you even closer, your forehead resting against his bare chest, you immediately took in his familiar scent.

A small, tired smile played with your lips as you thought back to all the previous mornings you had spent exactly like this, and how you could never get tired of them, ever.

The drak-haired boy placed a kiss on top of your head, making you kiss one of his collarbones in response.

"Calum?", you whispered, feeling like you were still half-asleep.


"I love you."

"I love you too, princess." His voice was raspy and deep and you absolutely adored it. There was no need to look up at him for you to know that he was smiling at that moment.

"Wait… are you still on your period?", he asked, making you chuckle a little, but also leaving you a little confused.

"No, I’m not…", you said, placing another small kiss on his collarbone.

"Good", he said, and with an energy you would’ve never been able to bring up at this time of the day he pushed your hips backwards, rolled you over and lay on top of you.

For a second you smiled at the sight of his puppy eyes gazing at you, before he suddenly attacked your neck with soft, but hungry kisses. As he moved to the other side of your neck, you felt his morning wood on your thigh, only covered by the material of his boxers, and grinned a little.

You sat up while Calum pulled your pyjama-shirt over your head, leaving you in just your panties, then he reattached his plump lips to your neck, slowly kissing down to the valley of your breasts. At first you felt goosebumps all over your body, but the further down his mouth wandered, the more you noticed how much you wanted him.

His kisses were soft and lovingly, and you tried to enjoy them, but when Calum kissed the inside of your thigh, his mouth dangerously close to where you needed him, you couldn’t help but whimper a little in frustration. His eyes shot up at you, watching your reaction carefully as he ran one single finger up and down your folds painfully slowly. You could feel his hot breath on your clit, but he kept using just one finger, getting you wetter and more desperate by the second.

"Cal, please stop teasing me", you whimpered quietly, but as soon as the words had left your mouth, he pulled away his finger, only to replace it with his lips licking a stripe up your folds.

He took you by surprise when he started sucking your clit harshly all of a sudden, your hips bucking at the indescribable feeling. Normally, Calum was one to tease you until you were begging for him and longer, but today it seemed like he wanted to pleasure you and give you what you wanted.

A low chuckle, that sent vibrations through your body, fell off his lips when he heard you moan softly, not being able to keep still beneath him. His tongue was playing with your clit while his large hands held your hips, stroking them soothingly as your back arched off the mattress a little.

When you felt yourself getting closer and closer, your hands went to Calum’s hair, pulling softly, signaling him your high was nearing, but before you could orgasm, he pulled his mouth away, making you let out a shaky breath.

As slowly as before, his lips made their way back upwards on your body, giving your hipbones and boobs some special attention. Then he kissed your lips, one of his hands stroking your cheek almost carefully. Pulling away, his face lingered an inch apart from yours, lips nearly touching. “Damn, I love you”, he whispered, while your hands went to pull down his boxers impatiently, making him laugh a little.

Your legs were wrapped around his hips, trying to get as close to him as possible while he entered you. First, his thrusts were gentle and careful, but when you pressed your heels against his back, they got quicker and harder, hitting your g-spot more often.

Calum’s neck was buried into the crook of your shoulder, his hands intertwined with yours, as grunts left his mouth from time to time. As much as you loved dominant and cocky Cal, you had to admit you liked his needy side just as much.

Your chests were pressed against each other as you whimpered at the feeling of his member inside of you. Slowly but surely your orgasm approached you again as you bucked up your hips, creating more friction, Calum letting out a loud grunt.

You could tell he was close as well as his thrusts got sloppier. “Come, princess”, he moaned into your neck, quickening his thrusts one last time as he twitched inside of you, your high following seconds later.

The air was filled with your unsteady breaths while the two of you tried to recover a little. You whimpered a little when he pulled out slowly, still hovering over you.

"Now, pancakes? what’d you think?", he requested, a smile on his lips as he kissed your nose sweetly. Before you had replied he got up, not bothering to put on any clothes.

"Can we have hot chocolate too?", you asked curiously, a laugh coming from Calum.

"I thought your period is over?"

"Yeah, but that doesn’t stop my love for hot chocolate!", you demanded, grabbing Cal’s shirt and some panties, pulling it on and running after your still laughing boyfriend. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N: I reposted this one from my main blog since I don’t write on there anymore and I thought some of you might enjoy this x

let me teach you


Note: Idk if this is what you wanted but I hope you like it either way! x

Summary: You’re a bit scared giving Michael your first blowjob but he’s willing to guide you.

words: 544

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Brandon couldn’t keep a straight face in the end XD

anonymous asked:

how can i tell a libra male i'm in love with him? i'm a cap female btw x

"I like you a lot LIKE A LOT and if you like me too then I would appreciate if you stroked my face with your mouth thanks” good luck


i love you. do you understand? y e s .

look at this little shit's face

what is going on with this fucking blasé look and that fucking queen wave like yes, hello people. just a normal evening for us ha ha. well, no. you hair is fucking blue. we were thinking you were gonna die with the blonde and now iTS BLUE

but i see your stupid little smile ISEE IT

he’s like i’ll pretend like nothing changed and laugh inside while i watch you all freak out

yes, yes very good